Appreciation for Shuffle Mode

I listen to my iPod pretty frequently.  That is no lie.  I think my favorite feature is the shuffle mode.  I always get excited for what little gem of music it might find that's gotten lost in my iTunes library.  Tonight while working out my ears were happy to hear the song "Stars Know Your Name" by Melissa Myers.
If you aren't familiar with her stuff, she has one of the best voices I've ever heard and is one of the sweetest people around.  I know it might be silly to be blogging about a song coming on my shuffle mode on my iPod but's the little things :)  So anyway...first thing...go to Melissa's myspace page and listen to the song...her voice is like butter and you'll never want to turn it off and secondly...turn your iPod on shuffle mode and see what lovely surprise you might get.  

Happy listening.