Cancel All Your Plans

I want you to cancel all your plans.

Okay, not really. But the holidays can be a time where you make a million grand plans in your mind and you arrive with expectations GALORE and sometimes those grand plans get ruined...and you end up bawling your eyes out in the bathroom. (Been there, done that. True story.)

So, I have 2 ideas that I want to share with you for a radically marvelous holiday week — both of these things we are practicing and have helped us both so much.

  • Drop all your expectations. That’s right. I read this somewhere: “Expectation is the root of all heartache,” and I about lost all my cool because that was 100% me. I was flying through every day with high expectations and I found myself constantly disappointed.

At first, I thought that not having expectations would leave me in this constant womp-womp state, but I decided that I would allow myself to keep one expectation, and one that would not leave me disappointed. The one expectation I keep is that I will enjoy myself. Why is that so easy for me to keep? Because I can control that! Can I control what Aunt Sally says to me? NOPE. Can I control if no one wants to take the perfectly posed family photo? NOPE. Can I control if Uncle Ed cuts me off every single time I talk? NOPE. But what I can control is my attitude and my feelings. I can choose to enter the day by setting the only expectation I can manage: I will enjoy myself today. That’s pretty much most of what I can control, myself and my attitude.

  • Decide that you are not going to change anyone’s opinions about anything. Decide you will just listen. Really listen. Not argue your points. Not tell everyone why they are wrong. Not why “your side” is better. Just listen. Be present. Remind yourself of your above commitment to enjoy yourself. Part of that is not getting yourself wrapped up in conversations that are going to be tense. You are not Joan of Arc, no need to ride into battle. Allow yourself to just BE. Sometimes we think that by not speaking up or arguing a different viewpoint, it’s signifying that we agree with that person. Not true at all. You can listen and still hold differing opinions without needing to argue them right then and there.

So there you have it, two rules to live by this Thanksgiving, if you so choose. I will do my best to do this, and whatever happens, know that I can enjoy myself. I really believe this method works.

If you need an extra reminder on changing your attitude, we gotchu. Click here.

Oh, and one more thing...the whole point of this holiday, to be honest...BE THANKFUL. Even in all of our struggles, hardships, and disappointments, we have so much to be thankful for, and I never want to miss that.

We are thankful for YOU, for your support, and for navigating this crazy life with each of you reading this. Here’s to a great Thanksgiving!

Much love,


PS. Here are a few appetizers + a cocktail we are making tomorrow!

Cranberry Brie Bites

Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Maple Old Fashioned

What are you whipping up?

Kicking off #31DaysofBlogging With A Free Gift!

Hey party people, it’s December 1st. Which means today is day number 1 for 31 days of blogging. Yeahhhh. We are excited and are so glad that you’re here and reading this right now. 

We are going to be blogging about all sorts of random, fun stuff this month, but we wanted to start out this blogging spree with A FREE GIFT! Holidays can be stressful and exhausting, so our gift to you is to help you rest and sleep. 

We have a whole album of lullabies that will help you sleep and hopefully bring peace to your home this holiday season (and well, every season after that too.)

It's been tried and tested AND we offer a money back guarantee. Just kidding, it's free so there is no money involved. 

Ok, that's all. This blogging season is going to be funnnnnnn.

Here's the link to grab the whole album for FREE!


If you already have the album, pass it along to a friend!

Love and sugar-buzzes,



A Regular Day #31Days2016

Heyo, friends. 

We landed back on our feet here in Nashville after a dream-like week at the beach. Oh yeah, we promised we wouldn't write about that anymore! :)

Today was back to the norm and it felt good to be back. We had a writing meeting aka "Co-write" with a super cool dude on the East side of Nash today. We wrote what we think turned out to be a pretty cool song...we can't wait to share our new songs with you (check out our Insta-story to see Kate working today.) If we could, we'd send them all to you right now, but alas...patience is a virtue we are working on learning. We're hoping to put out our best stuff yet when we release our next music. 

Last night we had a dinner for our friend Gail who fought cancer last year, but recently got a cancer-free result from the docs. THAT'S WORTH CELEBRATING, AMIRIGHT? If you've followed us for a while, you know that we've lost some really important people in our lives to when someone we love fights it and beats it..??? WE CELEBRATE. 

This is a season to celebrate. To drink champagne. To give gifts. To accept gifts given to you. It's a season full of anticipation and expectation. Even on a regular-old-day...there is excitement in the air. We hope you are feeling that too. 

Here are some more of your super awesome pics...we are loving these, you guys! Thanks for filling our lives with so much GOODNESS. Hope you had an amazing day. TTY TMW. 

Much love, J&K

Super smilesssssssss with Miss Britt (from the Netherlands/now the US south) Such a sweet soul.

Super smilesssssssss with Miss Britt (from the Netherlands/now the US south) Such a sweet soul.

Remember our UK friends that we met in Nashville and then came to our show in the UK on the #jkUKtour? This is them in Nashville. LOVE.

Remember our UK friends that we met in Nashville and then came to our show in the UK on the #jkUKtour? This is them in Nashville. LOVE.

B&W for the win. This was in Nashville after out Tin Pan South round. 

B&W for the win. This was in Nashville after out Tin Pan South round. 

This girl Nettey in LA! She's the greatest. And this was at a Coffee Bean so WIN, WIN!

This girl Nettey in LA! She's the greatest. And this was at a Coffee Bean so WIN, WIN!

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza (Day #7)

Yesterday was maybe one of the most fun days ever!! We started the day in the freezing cold (28 degrees) with friends to run the Ugly Sweater 5k. It was at Centennial Park & once we got running we warmed up and it was SO FUN. The ugly sweaters were awesome and made the run very entertaining. Plus, we got these SUPER sweet hats for the 'em :) photo 1

photo 2


photo 2-1

photo 5-1

photo 1-1


photo 4-1


Then in the evening we hosted an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party! So fun! We had a photo-booth & had a plethora of polaroids!

photo 3

photo 3-2photo 1-2photo 2-2

photo 4-2photo 4photo 5


We think this will have to be an annual event!

Parties where you dress up are just more fun.




(PS. Sorry this blog wasn't posted yesterday...we were too busy ugly sweater-ing it up!)

Holiday Hoopla (31 Days of Blogging Begins!)

Every year December rolls around and we do our annual 31 Days of Blogging *cue the theme music* Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! We will be blogging here every day this month so bookmark it, people ( and share this wonderful month with us :) We've been decorating for the holidays and have been in full Christmas go time mode! Ahh--it's the best time of year!!! We think Pinterest has changed holidays forever. Here are some hysterical and awesome and hysterically awesome things we found on Pinterest for the upcoming Christmas season:

1beeb6a57a4e6e5448756e38a5f406e6Melted snowman cookies? Come on....ridiculously cute but we fear if we made these they would look a wee bit different.

ee2aae9785584d0e0c73b06bb717f72cAny excuse for a cute, fruity cocktail is a win/win. Love a Cranberry mojito idea!

694d27f6130ef6bd754a4d7170506b07What a cute way to package things! So fun!


What? Haha. What does this even mean?




Yes. Bigger no.

6c77ec4b282385c734ca4764b01280d1This is why Pinterest is awesome...cause of gems like these. Hahaa....

Bring on the Holiday cheer....

And 30 more days of blogging!

LOVE and candy cane goodness,




10 Things...

10 Things We Do Around Christmas Time More Than The Rest Of The Year...

1. Eat more dessert. Way more.

2. Play more board games with friends and family.

3. Read by the fire and maybe even doze off.

4. Think about God, faith, spiritual things in a more in depth way.

5. Drink more wine.

6. Go to more movies.

7. See more kindness all around.

8. Send and receive more group text messages and/or emails.

9. Go to bed at an embarrassingly early hour.

10. Enjoy the people you don't get to see enough.