hello giggles

Just a whole bunch of excitement...

So, we've had an unbelievably pretty awesome exciting past week.


We got word that our "Heart Of Stone" album has made it to Pandora....woohooo!!!! We have our very own "Jill and Kate" channel...your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to go find our station & listen to it and celebrate with us! YAY!

photo 2

Our last Song On The 17th was inspired by "Nick + Jess" from the TV show New Girl. An hour after we posted it, someone tweeted it to Zooey & she retweeted it and told us she loved it. Stop it right now. The absolute best part was seeing all of our hardcore j&k family out there freaking out with us...cause that's what we were doing...


Then it just got better...Zooey has a blog with two other ladies called HelloGiggles.com & Blair (who's an awesome blogger/contributor) blogged about our song. Double freak out. We were actually in Kohls when we saw this tweet and immediately had a mini-dance party in the women's section. Hahaha....amazingly awesome.UKTOUR

Then we got to announce that we are going back to England to do our very own #jkUKtour... WE COULD JUST DIE. This is a dream for us and we cannot wait to sing and play and laugh together.


We played a writer's round on Friday night with Matt Giraud, Alan Bennett and Chris Rodgers...it was SO MUCH FUN (thanks Carolyn for the pic!) Maybe one of our most favorite Nashville experiences to date. We were all crowded up on a tiny stage and Jill's mic kept falling over, but nothing could stop us from having a freaking great time. Plus, Shay Mooney, half of Dan + Shay, got up and played a song at the end and that was great because we have been following them for a bit and always laugh that they are the boy version of us...nice to meet in real life ;)


As most of you know, we are super involved with Houses of Hope Africa and helped coordinate their #amonthforhope campaign. The shirts that people ordered were delivered and they are amazing. Super cute and SUPER soft. Plus, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR that people paid for these t-shirts is going straight to helping these amazing kids in Southern Africa. If you ordered a shirt, be expecting it soon!

Ya'll...can you see why we are a little bit on iCloud 900 because of all the fun things going on? Ahhhh... YES.

And it's Monday and we have an exciting announcement TODAY...

What could it be?