Contributing to the Bully.

I have so many thoughts in my head right now--sometimes when this happens I get overwhelmed and can't get anything written down for a few days until I have the energy to get all my thoughts down...this is a conversation I've been having with myself & some close friends and I wanted to share...so here it goes: All of this buzz of "anti-bullying" and "being kind" is fabulous. I fully support people and their efforts to try and reach out to others to let them know that if they are in a bad place that it does get better and help is out there. But, here is the problem I have with celebrities and non-celebrities alike preaching the message of "not bullying"--a lot of these same people are supporting bullying. Here's how I came to this conclusion.

The other day I was in a room with a person who has a popular television show and the purpose of the show is to make fun of people...under the guise of "comedy" of course--but nope--it's actually just making fun of people--bullying. Then it got me thinking about other online outlets...bloggers and "gossip sites" that do nothing but bully people--most of the time the victims are celebrities, but still, they are people just the same and are getting bullied like everyone else. So, how do we as consumers and the general public continue to support these types of media outlets and expect a change?

It's clear that our culture learns from media and the entertainment industry. (That's super sad to me but whatevs...one battle at a time :)). If skinny jeans and eighties head bands are sported by the young hollywood celebs, it trickles down to our schools and our homes no matter where you reside...it finds you. The entertainment industry sets the precedent (good or bad) for how we live and what we find socially acceptable. If we want bullying to stop in our schools and on our streets, we need to look to people in the media to raise the bar and stop making fun of people online and on their TV shows.

Kids see a blogger post an embarrassing picture or video of someone, it gets millions of views on YouTube, that blogger receives recognition/money/fame and I believe that example is what causes kids to post videos of their peers and that's what causes kids to jump off bridges. It's not a separate cycle--it's all linked together--so this is my challenge: BOYCOTT websites or TV talk shows that make fun of people--change the channel or refuse to go to the website...these people stay in business because of ratings or "hits" to their site and we are contributing every time we visit or watch.

Don't get me wrong--I am guilty of it too--I've visited these sites and watched these shows but a while back I decided to make a conscious effort to stop. Because when you think about it, you might not be "bullying" someone yourself but by going to these sites you are contributing to the cycle of bringing someone else down. Encourage other people not to visit these sites, and find something else to do. Read a book, buy someone a cup of coffee, paint, clean out your closet, write a song, eat some candy--there are so many other things to do than read about the faux-pas of another person that you don't even know. Being kind these days does not only mean being kind to your peers at school, your family, etc. but it also now implies that we need to have a greater kindness for humanity in general. Do not support the bullying in any form or fashion.

"...LOVE is kind..." 1 Cor. 13:4