hair ties

Jill's thoughts for the day.

Good friends are the best. One of our best friends, Meghan, who we went to college with, is here visiting us for the weekend. We always have a blast...and she's a bigger Red Sox fan than anyone i know (except my brother) so we will have fun watching the games this weekend. (Won last night! woohoo!) I recently got into the show Army Wives and i love it. 

I just read somewhere that we will spend 43 billion dollars on our pets this year. Well, i don't have a pet, so by "we" i mean everyone who does. Really? That's a little ridiculous to me, but who am i to judge? 

Hair ties don't last very long. I go through them way too quickly. I guess there are probably bigger problems than that though. haha. 

Being selfless is hard. Being selfish is easy. I'm trying harder to do the hard thing. It's hard. But it's good.

Funfetti cookies are the best. You buy the Funfetti cake box and the Funfetti frosting. The cookie recipe is on the side of the box. They are dangerously good. 

I wish i had "Rockband." It looks so fun and i've never played. I have Guitar Hero, but i'm itching to try playing the drums. I'll let you in on a little information. I secretly dream of being a drummer. 

Enjoy the weekend. I plan on it.