hair color

It started with a bird & ended with a hammer.

Random musings from a girl woken too early this morning. The sun was just coming up. I was sound asleep. Then it started. This bird outside my window started sending out a beacon-siren of shrill awakening annoyance. At first in my sleepy state I thought it was a was that loud and that consistent. Then I woke up a bit more and realized a dog could not make that sound. Because unlike birds, I actually like dogs and nothing I liked could make that wretched of a screeching sound. It was a bird. I already don't like birds. They scare me. They're erratic. They have sharp beaks. Their wings make a horrifying sound when they flap back and forth quickly. Anyway...I'm not a fan.

Back to this horrible bird this morning. The sound this bird was making was like it was sending out a beacon for a blind bird out the bird had to be so consistent because that's the only way the blind bird would ever find his way home.

Or maybe this bird was in labor. I've never given birth but I hear it's pretty horrible. This bird was obviously experiencing something horrible. Maybe there's a new baby bird out there? Wait, birds lay eggs. Maybe it was laying eggs? Who knows.

Or maybe the bird was just eff-ing cold cause in Tennessee is not supposed to be this cold. I'm cold right now as I type. And I'm wrapped in a blanket with warm fuzzy socks and slippers on. Poor bird, he/she was probably just cold. Don't think I'm getting sympathetic on the bird.

After what can only be described as an eternity, I decide to check the time...6:50am. At this point I wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. But no, that's when my neighbor decided to hammer something...on a wall we share. Isn't that special? Hammering before 7am...weeeee. 7am? Perfect time for home improvement.

Haha. I laid in bed willing myself back to sleep. Nada. Nothing.

I was awake.

So, now I'm here. Just awake and stuff. It's the weekend. Got any plans?

So, Biebs got arrested. Yikes. Makes me sad. Say what you will, but I think he's an incredibly talented kid. Having met him & his just makes me sad for him/them. A reminder to me that things aren't always as they appear. I'll leave you with that on that subject.

I'm still cold. My friend said something funny the other day...she was commenting on all the funny terms we've come up with recently for winter. Polar vortex. Snow-maggedon. Snow-pocalypse. I'm totally guilty. Why is it more fun to dramatize the cold? It's called winter.

I know by the title some of you thought this was going to be a horrible birdy-snuff-blog. that I killed a bird with a hammer...come on y'all...I'm not that person.

The last few days I've been struck again by how grateful I am that I connect with music. Sounds silly....but some people just don't get music. They don't need it. They don't connect with any part of it. And that's awesome for them...I just am glad that God made me to connect to life in that way. Music is life. So excited about music in 2014.

If you're still reading this, I'm impressed. I'm rambling and cannot be stopped. I love to talk/type. It's a wonder folks hand me a microphone sometimes. I'll just talk all the live-long day. NO wonder I love blogging...

I've really been missing Will lately. I'd say at least once a day my instinct is to run something by idea...a song...a new recording...a stupid joke...and it's so hard that he's not here. I cry sometimes...mostly when I hear music. Cause Will connected to music too...the way I do. I'll be driving listening to something and just lose it. I miss him.

Kinda brought things down there. Anyway...

I got a new app that seems pretty fun. It's called Spark & it's free right friend Jason showed it to can make & edit these awesome little videos...

Been thinking about doing this to my hair:

photo 1

photo 2

What do you think? PS. Thanks Khloe-Khloe for the hairspiration. I just made that word up. Haha....I'm so funny. But color...what do ya think?

Excited to hang out with friends this weekend. People are where it's at, people. Find people. Make them your people. Be real. Be you. Having the ability to be your authentic self--to be truly known is so important.

Okay--my coffee cup is empty and it's time for a refill. I'm gonna have Jill proof this to make sure I didn't rant toooooo much. And she's a good speller and grammar nerd.

Have a fab Friday.