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Still Small Voice - Day 4 #31DaysOfBlogging

You guys. We are already four days into the month guys…are you having fun yet? We are LOVING sharing these blogs with you and are so happy that you guys are here for it.

Side note: When did the phrase “HERE FOR IT” get so popular? This was definitely a 2018 thing, right? Either way…we are HERE FOR IT. Hahaha…see what we did there?

Anyway, we wanted to share one of the biggest things we’ve learned on the walkabout this past year. It’s this:

Your gut feeling is hardly ever wrong, and it’s probably trying to tell you something.

Tuning into our gut feeling is something that we’ve really worked hard at over the last few years. It’s that still small voice that informs your decisions, and what we’ve been learning is that the only way to grow and tune into that gut feeling more is to do two things:

Get quiet and start listening.

The gut feeling can often be referred to as a “still small voice” inside of us. It can be found on both small and large scales. Maybe it’s something small like, “Take the long way home tonight,” or, “Cross the street now, the person approaching you on your side of the sidewalk is giving you a weird feeling.” And sometimes it’s bigger things. “Don’t get into business with this person,” or “You need to breakup with him.” But either way, in the small and big things, we’ve really tried to get better at listening to that intuitive voice inside of us. Getting into quiet spaces, without our phones, without distraction has been super helpful in growing the ability to hear the voice.

After you hear it, you need to be able to trust it…which brings us to our next point:

Act on it and be okay with not having a “logical” reason for your decision.

Once you start tuning into your gut feeling and your still small voice gets clearer, you’ll need to start taking action when you hear it. Don’t be surprised if your rational mind starts telling you that you need a logical reason or “proof” to act on it.  That’s natural. And here’s the deal. You just need to start trusting it. Sometimes you will get it wrong, and that’s a-okay, but the more you exercise this, the more often you will get it right and start to really know yourself.

We talked about some other ways of how to grow your intuitive voice and gut feeling here — we hope that it helps you in your journey to be fully tuned into that voice.

We also wrote a song about it — it’s called “Soft Voice” and here’s a video of us sitting in our living room playing it.

We believe in you.

You have a gut feeling.

It’s that still small voice.

Find it. Trust it.

See you tomorrow.