So, you’ve written down your goals. You’re not comparing, not competing and you’re taking baby steps. NICE WORK SO FAR.

Today we want to tell you about: ACTION items!!!

We heard recently that you need to look at your calendar and see if your calendar is reflecting the goals that you’re setting...because if your calendar is not reflecting it, that probably means that it’s not going to happen.

So, remember baby steps from yesterday? We meet again. Write down 2 (baby step) things that you can do this week to work towards that goal. You don’t have to schedule your whole month. Just look at this next week and add some actionable items that will help you meet your goals or whatever you wrote down.

See, it’s easy to be all talk and dreams and ideas and color-coordinated lists, but when it actually comes to doing it -- actually taking action -- that’s where we can get tripped up.

If your goal is to work out twice a week -- schedule it now. Find the time now. Schedule it. Say what you’re going to do. Example: I am going to walk on Thursday morning before work for 30 minutes, and on Saturday morning I’m taking the spin class at 10am. DONE.

If your goal is to write more, schedule it. Block out the time. If you don’t, you won’t. Because wishing and hoping that you will accomplish something is VERY different than actually DOING it.

So, today…write down those action items. It’s Thursday, so, look at next week. Just do 2 little things. You will be SO PROUD when you’ve accomplished them, and you will be two steps closer to achieving what you wrote down!

If you feel like sharing, tell us in the comments below what you’re tackling!

Much love and ALWAYS cheering you on…



3 Steps For Making 2019 Your Fav Year Yet

So, you read yesterday’s blog and you wrote your thing down, right? You’ve written down at least ONE thing that you want to accomplish in 2019. If you are still feeling lackluster-y, here are our 3 best tips/tricks/pieces of advice for keeping your sanity.

Step 1:

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s journey. Do not go poking around and seeing what other people’s goals are. Your goals/dreams/vision are for YOU, not for your roommate Sally or for your Aunt Susan to judge or evaluate. Take confidence in your OWN journey. As our friend Chip said in this podcast: “Enjoy the drama of your own story.” Be obsessed with you — forget everyone else for the moment. Keep your eyes fixed on what you wrote down.

Step 2:

Don’t compete with anyone else’s accomplishments. Your goal might take you 6 months or a year, and someone else’s might take 2 weeks. No good comes from comparing successes — however, you know what always turns out REALLY well? When you cheer someone else on. If you cheer your friends/peers/strangers on, you will NEVER lack friends. True story. Remember, no comparing and no competing. Be obsessed with your own journey.

Step 3:

Baby steps. Have you seen the movie “What About Bob?” If you haven’t, please watch it immediately. It will make you laugh and then you will also get the “baby steps” reference. But the idea is to set small goals — to help you achieve the greater goal. Whatever you wrote down, you can absolutely accomplish, you just need to be smart about how you go about tackling it.

Need help making those practical steps? We’ve gotcha covered.

Tomorrow. Same time, same place?


Heart Goals - Day 26 #31DaysOfBlogging

We hate to alarm anyone, but….

There are ONLY 5 days left until 2019.

Say what? That’s incredible.

One of the most helpful things we’ve learned about starting a new year is how to set goals and how to get organized. One of our real-life BFF’s and business heroes, Whitney English, has this amazing plan to start you off on the right foot.

Here we are in Napa (Whitney is on the left, our other awesome friend Jess on the right!)

Here we are in Napa (Whitney is on the left, our other awesome friend Jess on the right!)

It’s a workbook called Heart Goals and it’s been such a helpful tool to us…we wanted to share it with you. Go check it out!

We talk to Whitney about the Heart Goals in this episode of Girls Just Pod To Have Fun, as well as lots of other fun things like who we would get celebrity pedicures with, donuts, and other generally fun life topics.


We are so lucky to have such incredible, inspiring friends. We know you will love Whitney and Heart Goals as much as we do!



Getting It Done


Is anyone else tired of procrastinating? This kid. ME! Right here. I've got so many things on my to-do list, and I do get a few crossed off here and there...but really, it's the easy ones that I cross off first. Things I don't really mind doing.

Then there's always those lingering items...for instance, here are some worth mentioning:

  • Tax preparation. Receipts, emails with our business managers, personal taxes. the whole shabang. 
  • Returning items to Kohls and American Eagle and TJMaxx. Why God, why?
  • Returning a gift my sister sent to me from Amazon. (I already had it. Bless her.)
  • Cleaning out my makeup bag. This should be fun, but I need to do a major declutter and throw a lot out and I just don't throw out old makeup well. I want to hang on and think of all the wonderful places we could go together...but it's old and smells funky and I should just throw it out. While I'm at it...I should clean all my makeup brushes. Add it to the freakin' list!
  • Clean makeup brushes.
  • Call the NY Tollway and beg forgiveness for a $5 toll that has a $100 penalty on it because they mailed it to our Nash address and we've been traveling for the last 3 months so we didn't get it. WAHHHHHHHHHH. Please be kind NY Toll person that I talk to. 
  • Write a paragraph for a work thing.
  • Reply to unread emails x 100000000000000 (infinity.)

But, I've decided that these things are eating up my brain space with a constant feeling of always having to cross something off my list. SO I AM DOING IT ALL THIS WEEK. Please keep me accountable. I want to use my free time to write, create, and dream...and right now my brain is on LOCK-FREAKIN'-DOWN. You know when people say: set some goals! And you're like, YEAH RIGHT. I can't even think about goals because I have so many things on my perpetual to-do list! It's eating up our brains. Hahaha. Or at least mine. I am crossing those nagging items off this. DOING IT. 

Anyone with me? It's GSD week. (get s%*t done)

What are you getting done this week?


PS: One thing we DID NOT procrastinate on this week was recording our podcast, and this one is a doozie! THE DATING DIARIES! Just like it sounds. Listen to all of our Girls Just Pod To Have Fun episodes here!

Play By Kid's Rules.

Let’s talk about kids for a sec. (No, neither of us are expecting, but thanks for playing. ) 

Being a kid is grand. For many reasons, but let’s just talk about one. Imagination and unreal expectations. That’s what’s so awesome about being a kid—the possibilities are endless, because no one has gotten into your head telling you what is or is not possible. 

Let’s revert back to that childlike state for a moment, shall we? What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? What calls would you make? What adventure would you start on? 

Before you start making a list of all of the reasons why you CAN’T, or why it wouldn’t work because of excuse number 746…pause that, and start letting yourself brainstorm for a bit. What, when you think about doing it, makes your heart beat faster? What do you go to bed thinking about? What have you thought about that makes you start a sentence with “I wish…”

Here’s what’s crazy. The only thing that’s stopping you from doing that list of things you just made is YOU. It’s true. Your body is going to believe whatever your brain tells it over and over again. And, here’s another awesome thing. Failure isn’t failure. If you try one of the things on your list and it doesn’t work out or it ends, guess what? Failure is just moving you towards the future—you fail forward, as one person wiser than us once said. 

Yasssss. Fail forward. Get moving. Possibilities are endless. 

So we say: GO FOR IT. Will it be scary? Yes. Will it be a lot of work? Yes (because all of the great things in life generally are.) Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 

What are you going for today? 

Here's what we are going for: this crazy music dream. Getting our music on the radio. Playing sold-out stadiums. Winning Grammy's. 

You've got this.


PS. Have you sent us your address for a Christmas card delivery? askjillandkate@gmail.com before 12/8!


Take It Back (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

Well hello last day of 2015…how is everyone feeling?

2015 has been a crazy year. One of the best things to come out of this year for us both personally and professionally has been learning/feeling/carrying the word perseverance.

Perseverance is defined as:  “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

As we reflect on 2015, there were many dark days, nights and weeks. Nights so dark that the haunting, dark voices spoke loudly calling us to give up, that it was “too hard” or that is was just “not in the cards for us.” Yes, they were hard, BUT two things made a difference:


People + Hope.


Friends and community came alongside us to gather up the broken pieces and to tell us we will be whole again. Hope that came from on high that reminds us that we have a purpose.

It’s funny because we really should think of 2015 as an awful year...but we don’t. There were so many gifts to receive and lessons to be learned in the dark times. Out initial reaction is to want to be out of them, but when we were knee deep in them, we decided to try and learn. And learn we did. We learned so much about ourselves, God, friends, the music industry...that we are looking back at 2015 as one of the best years. The gifts of learning are truly so great that the hard times pale in comparison. Would we want to live it again? No. But, did we learn more than we ever thought possible? Yes.

So, as we head into 2016 we are urging you to embrace this theme with us: TAKE IT BACK. If you lost something in 2015, take it back in 2016.


Take back your confidence.

Take back your gratitude.

Take back your joy.

Take back your dreams.

Take back your wonder.

Take back the control you have over your own mind.

Take back adventure.

Take back loving yourself.

Take back positivity.

Take back valuing others.

Take back your family.

Take back friendships.

Take back your health.


What have you taken from yourself? What have you let others take from you? What has been taken from you without you even noticing?

That’s the gift of a new year--a blank canvas of endless possibilites. Do you know exactly what December 31st, 2016 will look like? No. None of us can know that. But we have this gift of life and this year, we can give a gift to ourselves...we can TAKE IT BACK.

We could give you a list of goals/dreams/ideas that we have for us individually and for “Jill and Kate” but we’re not going to right now...we’ll share more details as the year unfolds. But, since we are all in this together, we wanted to tell you about TAKING IT BACK so that you’ll join us! What do you need to take back in your life? What are tools that are going to help you do it? Who are people that have done it before you? These are all ideas that we’ll be exploring throughout the year.

We’d love to hear what you are taking back in 2016!

This concludes our #31DaysOfBlogging...man, that was fun! Probably the most memorable one yet! Thanks for following along, being part of our story, and letting us be part of yours!

Stay safe tonight in all of the celebrating...we are believing in you for 2016!


70 Days! 70 Days!

Hi friends,

Who can believe it’s already October? We cannot. Pumpkin spice this and candy-corn that, oy vey! We don’t know if you’re like us, but sometimes when we hit this part of the year we think, “Well, the year's over. It’s going to be Christmas, like, tomorrow and yeah...it’s too late to reach any of my goals or do anything major. No more time. Year over. On to the next. Womp womp.” HA! Isn’t it funny what we tell ourselves sometimes? It got us thinking...is any of that really true? No. Is there still time to get A LOT of stuff done before Christmas? YES. How many weeks until Christmas day? Over 10 weeks. That’s over 70 days people...and we’ve got good news! 

There is still time to crush your goals before Christmas!  

We feel like the lies in our inner-voices try to tell us that we’re too late. Or we’ve missed out. Or it will happen for everyone else but not for me. PSSSH. We don’t have time for lies, friends... 

As we were thinking about this idea, we thought maybe some of you want to crush some goals too? Lord knows we need a posse to keep us motivated and we thought maybe you do too? Wouldn’t it be fun if we all did this together and had a gang of like-minded people reaching for their goals together? 

Now, hold up. Some of you may have already stopped reading because you think this is a fitness thing. IT IS NOT. I repeat, IT IS NOT A FITNESS challenge. You can set a goal in any area of life. It could be a personal goal, or a business goal, family goal, or a health one. If they are fitness or health related, that’s awesome too but this is not a “fitness only challenge!” Make it realistic and make it something that YOU want to get accomplished for yourself. Picture yourself waking up Christmas morning...what would make you super pumped to know that you’d accomplished? Start there. If you need some examples... 

-write a real-snail-mail-letter to a friend who lives far from you once a week

-cook dinner every Sunday night and invite a different friend to join you

-walk outside twice a week

-grow your email list by 100 people

-read 3 books

-train for a 5k

-volunteer at a homeless shelter


We think one of the greatest gifts we could give ourselves on Christmas morning would be accomplishment. Are we right? Yes! We hope you’re getting a twinge of excitement because we definitely are…knowing that by the 25th of December you will be able to look back and say, “YES! I set a goal (s) and I made it!”

We’re going to use this hashtag on Instagram ----> #jk70challenge if you want to follow along. Maybe we could all share goals (if we wanted to) and then encourage people along the way? Maybe you want to grab a friend and do it together? All we know is this:

  1. If other people are doing it with us, we will feel more motivated not to quit. (Can we get an amen?)
  2. We know when we wake up December 25th we will have given ourselves a SUPER AWESOME gift = accomplishment.

So, in full disclosure, here are two of each of our goals we're gonna set for the next 70 days:


  1. Write a nice hand-written letter to a friend/family member once a week. 10 letters total.
  2. Finish my 10k training app!


  1. Finish two books I'm reading.
  2. Run 70 miles in 70 days.

Alright! We hope this gives you HOPE and a little push to propel yourself to the most awesome person we know you already are!

Much love,


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No Backup Plan

Hey guys... Kate here.

As 2014 is already 13 days in I thought I'd share a goal of mine for this new year...and it kind of just came to me yesterday so that still counts right?

So...as I was driving around yesterday I looked toward the south (Franklin/Spring Hill area) and sometimes in this one pocket of sky I see hot air balloons. I always think they look cool but have never been in one...and here's why: There is no backup plan. If something goes wrong you are just going straight down. That's why I was slightly terrified on a helicopter ride I took a few years ago...if something goes wrong on a helicopter you are just going straight down. On a plane there are backup engines and at the very least wings so that YOU CAN GLIDE (please, dear God...if I am wrong about the plane...DO NOT TELL ME...I really need those things to get around :)).

Hot air balloons and helicopters are just going DOWN. There is no backup plan.

Driving around yesterday it just hit me in the face: In 2014, do more things without a backup plan.

And I'm not just talking about hot air balloon rides, but in life...I'm such a planner. I always have a backup option. Always thinking 15 steps ahead...I think it keeps me from taking certain risks and it keeps me from being in the moment.

So, in 2014...I'm gonna try to do more things without a backup plan.

Here's to trying new things...




Goodbye 2013! (Day #31)

It's hard to believe that another year is coming to an end today. What do you do with 365 days that are done? How do you bundle up a year's worth of memories, heartbreak and joy? It seems like a whirlwind and slow-motion tied together. 2013 was an amazing year. It was the first full calendar year that we spent dedicated to j&k since ending our time singing with Kelly. We learned a lot. We wrote a lot. We cried a lot. We got to meet a lot of our amazing fans ALL OVER THE WORLD. It was seriously magical and a true highlight for us this year. You know, we will never get these days/years back. The things you start and hope and strive for...you only get those beginning stages once...it's all a part of a journey. So we are thankful that you have been a part of ours. And if you weren't a part of it...our story would look different...so thank you for being with us on this.

2013 was also a hard year for us. We lost our William. The bravest, kindest, most amazing soul you'd ever know. God chose to take him home. We still cry and ask why. In every decision we make in our career we still want to ask Will if he thinks it's a good idea. Our hearts broke a certain way this year in a way we have never experienced. He will be missed for a lifetime.

So, how do you hope for better in 2014? What dreams are you setting? How far will you push yourself to reach a goal? Write it down! Each Dec. 31st we each write a letter to ourselves and seal it and open it on the next Dec. 31st. It's crazy to see what goals you set and see what you've accomplished. It's eye-opening to see what mattered 365 days ago and to see if it still matters now. If you set goals and you know EXACTLY how to accomplish them all next year...we have bad news...YOU ARE DREAMING TOO SMALL. Write down one or two things that seem absolutely impossible. Dream big dreams. You never know!!!

Something we are trying to focus on in 2014 is love. How will you love the people around you more?  'Cause in the end...it's not the #1 songs, or the accolades that matter...it's love. Sounds cheesy but we think it's true. It's how you love those closest around you. How you love the strangers among us. How we love ourselves. People need love. Simple.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."  Wouldn't that be crazy if we all did that?

Alright. 2013...we say bon voyage. All the mistakes...we're learning from. We are saying goodbye. We are deeming you in the past. All the things we learned...we are taking you with us to 2014.

We hope and pray YOUR 2014 is filled with unimaginable LOVE and light. Hope instead of fear. Lots of accomplishment. Wildest dreams realized.

Let us know what you are hoping for in 2014...we'd love to hear some things from you guys!

MUCH love and GRATEFUL hearts...

jill and kate

PS. 31 Days of Blogging over and OUT. (Can you tell we've been watching New Girl? Schmidt. Out.)