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So, you’ve written down your goals. You’re not comparing, not competing and you’re taking baby steps. NICE WORK SO FAR.

Today we want to tell you about: ACTION items!!!

We heard recently that you need to look at your calendar and see if your calendar is reflecting the goals that you’re setting...because if your calendar is not reflecting it, that probably means that it’s not going to happen.

So, remember baby steps from yesterday? We meet again. Write down 2 (baby step) things that you can do this week to work towards that goal. You don’t have to schedule your whole month. Just look at this next week and add some actionable items that will help you meet your goals or whatever you wrote down.

See, it’s easy to be all talk and dreams and ideas and color-coordinated lists, but when it actually comes to doing it -- actually taking action -- that’s where we can get tripped up.

If your goal is to work out twice a week -- schedule it now. Find the time now. Schedule it. Say what you’re going to do. Example: I am going to walk on Thursday morning before work for 30 minutes, and on Saturday morning I’m taking the spin class at 10am. DONE.

If your goal is to write more, schedule it. Block out the time. If you don’t, you won’t. Because wishing and hoping that you will accomplish something is VERY different than actually DOING it.

So, today…write down those action items. It’s Thursday, so, look at next week. Just do 2 little things. You will be SO PROUD when you’ve accomplished them, and you will be two steps closer to achieving what you wrote down!

If you feel like sharing, tell us in the comments below what you’re tackling!

Much love and ALWAYS cheering you on…



3 Steps For Making 2019 Your Fav Year Yet

So, you read yesterday’s blog and you wrote your thing down, right? You’ve written down at least ONE thing that you want to accomplish in 2019. If you are still feeling lackluster-y, here are our 3 best tips/tricks/pieces of advice for keeping your sanity.

Step 1:

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s journey. Do not go poking around and seeing what other people’s goals are. Your goals/dreams/vision are for YOU, not for your roommate Sally or for your Aunt Susan to judge or evaluate. Take confidence in your OWN journey. As our friend Chip said in this podcast: “Enjoy the drama of your own story.” Be obsessed with you — forget everyone else for the moment. Keep your eyes fixed on what you wrote down.

Step 2:

Don’t compete with anyone else’s accomplishments. Your goal might take you 6 months or a year, and someone else’s might take 2 weeks. No good comes from comparing successes — however, you know what always turns out REALLY well? When you cheer someone else on. If you cheer your friends/peers/strangers on, you will NEVER lack friends. True story. Remember, no comparing and no competing. Be obsessed with your own journey.

Step 3:

Baby steps. Have you seen the movie “What About Bob?” If you haven’t, please watch it immediately. It will make you laugh and then you will also get the “baby steps” reference. But the idea is to set small goals — to help you achieve the greater goal. Whatever you wrote down, you can absolutely accomplish, you just need to be smart about how you go about tackling it.

Need help making those practical steps? We’ve gotcha covered.

Tomorrow. Same time, same place?


Which Train Are You On?

Welcome to 2019! It’s a new year. Time to evaluate and dream and look to the future. Everyone is all setting goals and setting intentions for the new year -- time to crush it, right? Well, what if you woke up this morning and are not feeling like you got off at motivation-station? What if it feels more like you still have your ticket for the bi-polar express?

Fear not, we have been there.

We know the feeling of having what seems like everyone else on the planet be 100% cheery and on top of the world with this intense and awesome #newyearnewyou energy, and you feel like a freaking alien.

But, here’s the secret. You can start exactly where you are with exactly what you have.

Maybe you have a job you don’t like? Or you have 20lbs you’ve been wanting to lose. Or maybe it’s that you don’t have the friends you hoped you’d have.

For now, we just want to share one super power tip: We want to tell you that you CAN change your life, and our best most practical advice is to WRITE IT DOWN. Even if you think there is no way on God’s green earth that you can make it happen, write it down anyway. Write it on a napkin or a sticky note or on a secret page in your journal...you don’t have to show anyone... just one thing you’d like to see happen in the new year.

It won’t magically fix anything or change anything in an instant, but you will have started the momentum train. And the momentum train is magic.

What you might not realize is that if you’re reading this right now...you are already one foot on the momentum magic train…

Get ready for the ride. Tune in tomorrow where we will share 3 helpful tips for navigating the new year.

You are loved.