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So You're Thinking About The 5k Weekend?


So, you saw that we are throwing our second annual #j&k5K weekend bash and you want to know if you should take the leap and join the fun? We're glad you asked....cause our answer is YES! 

Here's what you need to know about why you should come to Nashv-vegas for a fun-filled weekend:

  • You get to spend time in the fabulous city we call home..a.k.a....Nashville!
  • You get to be a part of a team...not only a team...but a group of enthusiastic-fun-loving-like-mided folks
  • You get a shnazzy team t-shirt
  • You get to see yours truly (j&k) play a LIVE show
  • You get to make tons of awesome memories with new friends and laugh A LOT
  • You have a good reason to get outside and walk or run

So, if that hasn't convinced you...maybe this picture will drive the message home:


That convinced you right? Right.

Well, one last thing that will definitely push you over the edge to NOT WANT TO MISS THIS:

Right? Right. So... now that you're convinced... first things first...register for the actual 5k race HERE. We will be selling packages for all the fun-filled weekend stuff but you will have to register for the race separately.

Once you're registered, high five are on the right track to an awesome fun-filled weekend.

Now, stay tuned...we'll be announcing the package sales soon.

YAY. It's gonna be SO SUPER FUN.