Who Wants To Have Fun?


So if you’ve been following along the last few days via email or on our social media, you will have heard this exciting news that we have to share: WE RECORDED NEW ACOUSTIC COVERS!

Woohooooo! We are so pumped. At live shows and on our socials you guys have been pretty vocal about your love for our first acoustic covers album, so we thought...WHY NOT DO MORE? We are so living on the edge, folks. Hahaha…

Our first Acoustic Covers album had a theme. They were all female pop songs that we loved. If you haven’t listened can listen to them here! Our #1 streamed song on Spotify is Baby One More Time...yes, you read that correctly! So, we obviously wanted to do a theme for these next covers and we landed on THROWBACKS. Who doesn’t love a great #TBT y’all? We do. So, that’s the general theme for these new covers and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU TO HEAR THEM. Like--they might be some of our most favorite work that we’ve EVER recorded.

So, you want to know what our first release is going to be? We have been leaving hints on our socials...some of you guessed….both correctly and incorrectly, but we LOVED all of your guesses...and by far our favorite guess/suggestion was that it was going to be Smelly Cat from FRIENDS. Hahaha. Best. Idea. Ever. Why didn’t we think of that??

So, without further ado...our first release is: GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN. And you know why we picked that one? Because, GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN. Hahaha...ok, maybe it’s not that simple. Here’s the backstory about why we landed on this song.

There are SO many unbelievable songs out there that sometimes it’s hard to narrow down which songs to cover. But, as we started looking at songs, we wanted to take popular throwbacks and put our own twist on them. Put our very own j&k stamp on them. Some covers are fun to make very similar to the original...but, with most of these new covers we wanted to make them totally different and totally our own.

We have always loved this song...with its carefree attitude and synth glory...and when we started singing the song & messing around on the acoustic guitar...this slow, sort of epically heartbreaking song came out. The song is harmony-driven and since we slowed it down it makes you think of the words in a different way than before. This song sort of unlocked something in both of us. We went to record this happy song and somehow this sad song came out. Weird how music teaches us something about ourselves that we might not even know yet.

For us, we realized that we aren’t having as much fun as we want to be having. That may be that balance has gotten a little bit out of whack--the pressures of being an adult human have maybe encroached on the ability to let loose and have fun. You obviously need balance in life and it can't all be fun-tea-la-la, but we think that we’ve gotten a bit out of balance. Funny how this song opened our eyes to that. It was sort of several layers underneath in both of us but singing this song (over and over again) brought that to the light.

Not sure if you are like this, but sometimes it’s the music and lyrics of someone else’s song that just causes something inside of you to break open and come alive. Who knew that Cyndi Lauper would have that effect on us? Haha! It was a good wake up call and we have made some changes because of it. We’ll be sharing more about what we mean by that in the days and weeks to come...but...for now...we are just excited for you to hear the song! Oh, what’s that you say? You want to see that single artwork for GJWTHF? (Yes we’ve resorted to typing GJWTHF because typing out Girls Just Want To Have Fun over and over again is taxing, people!)

So here it is:

The photo was shot by the incredibly talented Pockets Of Film photography. 

We can’t wait for you to hear it. YAY. YAY. YAY.

Thanks for the excitement and for being the best fans/friends two girls could ask for. Keep your eyes on our socials...we'll let you know when it hits iTunes & Spotify, etc.





It's November?

How on earth is it November already? It seriously boggles my mind. I guess time does go on when you're out on the road but I swear…I just left and it was June. I looked at a message the other day and it said "Nov 02, 2014" and I was beyond baffled at how I must have missed this message last November because, hello, it's JUNE. So, yeah. We've been on the road pretty much non-stop since the end of May. Quick re-cap from the end of May until now:

Nashville>South Africa>Zimbabwe>South Africa>United Kingdom>Nashville>Los Angeles>Nashville>All Of America>Canada>America again>Bahamas>Nashville>America>Nashville>Bahamas>Nashville.

Hahaha. When I reference "America" that was when we were on tour with Trace Adkins. We went everywhere. As far West as Oregon and as far East as the Cape in Boston….oh and everywhere in between.

Needless to say. We are tired and worn out…but thankful. What an incredible year this has been. Yes, you may be thinking wait…this is too soon for an end of the year wrap up blog. You might be right. But we are home now and done with the crazy schedules and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. I love being on the road but I love being home too.

When I'm home I get to do things like: (in no particular order)

-Try that weird recipe on Pinterest that I always see & post but never do. Enter breakfast egg cups. Not sure why I obsessed over making them but I have and this morning I finally made them. Hallelujah.

-Leave my lip balm in my nightstand next to my bed therefore I know where it is at all times. Moisturizing my lips is routine before getting shut eye…cause no one wants to go to bed with sandpaper lips. No more digging through my purse or around a hotel room to see where it's landed.

-See my friends. I love sporadic meet-ups, lunches, outings, etc. It is such a perk when I am home to be able to get a text that says:

Friend: "Lunch plans? Want to do {insert said lunch spot…most likely Mexican}.

Me: Heck yes. I have no plans. See you there in 15 minutes.

Cause see when you are out on the road you don't get texts like that. You get pictures from your friends of them all hanging out which makes you happy that they are together and sad cause you are missing out. Therefore, when I'm home I see my friends as much as possible.

-Read in my favorite chair. 

-Make coffee every morning. There is no better feeling than waking up and making coffee just the way you like it. I have no kids and I hear that may replace the "there is no better feeling…" but lets face it. I am childless, so suck it.

-Watch Grey's Anatomy at 11am. Since we are crazy busy for periods of time I find no reason not to totally veg out when I'm home. Like, binge watch TV Or wake up and read for hours.

So, there you go. That's what I/we are up to right now. Now I know what you are thinking, chello…Kate…you told us there was new music coming? How about you get off Pinterest and tell us when we can hear it??? 

I can't tell you because I don't know. But, I do know this. We are going to need your help to release said new music. So, be looking for a campaign to help bring new music to your ears in the nearish future. We can't do it without you. Also, we are going to be utilizing our mailing list more than we have in the past…so make sure you are signed up if you want to be in the know. You know?

Clearly the coffee has gone to my head as I'm babbling right now.

I'll attach a pic of those Pinterest egg muffin things just so you know I was in fact…telling the truth.

Later lovers.


The before.



The after.

IMG_3543{true confession: they were just okay. i mean they looked cute and tasted pretty good but bacon is only good to me if it's crispy. and it was majorly lacking crispiness. soft bacon might as well not exist. so i did what any sane crispy-bacon-loving person would do…fried those suckers up!


it made it better but not sure i would make them again. it's something i imagine busting out for my mother-in-law…if i had one of those. she would be so impressed at my bacon-egg-cup-creations.}

A Visit to CMT...

Yesterday we had the pleasure of heading over to the CMT offices to play some of our songs for their staff! We had a blast. We made new friends...and seriously...the people over there are the sweetest. Love them. Here are some pics from our visit...

photo 1

We brought some cupcakes...cause really...what's a meeting without some cupcakes?

photo 3

Playing some songs...some of you asked which ones we played: What Do You Say, Burn It Down & Your Way Back.

photo 5

Another shot of us playing...

photo 2

Some of our new friends!

photo 4

Ahhhhhh CMT! So cool :)

Had a great time...hope to see much more of them!

And thanks again for having us CMT!



A Visit To CMT...

Yesterday we had the pleasure of heading over to the CMT offices to play some of our songs for their staff! We had a blast. We made new friends...and seriously...the people over there are the sweetest. Love them. Here are some pics from our visit... photo 1

We brought some cupcakes...cause really...what's a meeting without some cupcakes?

photo 3

 Playing some songs...some of you asked which ones we played: What Do You Say, Burn It Down & Your Way Back.

photo 5

Another shot of us playing...

photo 2

Some of our new friends!

photo 4

Ahhhhhh CMT! So cool :)

Had a great time...hope to see much more of them!

And thanks again for having us CMT!




It started with a bird & ended with a hammer.

Random musings from a girl woken too early this morning. The sun was just coming up. I was sound asleep. Then it started. This bird outside my window started sending out a beacon-siren of shrill awakening annoyance. At first in my sleepy state I thought it was a was that loud and that consistent. Then I woke up a bit more and realized a dog could not make that sound. Because unlike birds, I actually like dogs and nothing I liked could make that wretched of a screeching sound. It was a bird. I already don't like birds. They scare me. They're erratic. They have sharp beaks. Their wings make a horrifying sound when they flap back and forth quickly. Anyway...I'm not a fan.

Back to this horrible bird this morning. The sound this bird was making was like it was sending out a beacon for a blind bird out the bird had to be so consistent because that's the only way the blind bird would ever find his way home.

Or maybe this bird was in labor. I've never given birth but I hear it's pretty horrible. This bird was obviously experiencing something horrible. Maybe there's a new baby bird out there? Wait, birds lay eggs. Maybe it was laying eggs? Who knows.

Or maybe the bird was just eff-ing cold cause in Tennessee is not supposed to be this cold. I'm cold right now as I type. And I'm wrapped in a blanket with warm fuzzy socks and slippers on. Poor bird, he/she was probably just cold. Don't think I'm getting sympathetic on the bird.

After what can only be described as an eternity, I decide to check the time...6:50am. At this point I wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. But no, that's when my neighbor decided to hammer something...on a wall we share. Isn't that special? Hammering before 7am...weeeee. 7am? Perfect time for home improvement.

Haha. I laid in bed willing myself back to sleep. Nada. Nothing.

I was awake.

So, now I'm here. Just awake and stuff. It's the weekend. Got any plans?

So, Biebs got arrested. Yikes. Makes me sad. Say what you will, but I think he's an incredibly talented kid. Having met him & his just makes me sad for him/them. A reminder to me that things aren't always as they appear. I'll leave you with that on that subject.

I'm still cold. My friend said something funny the other day...she was commenting on all the funny terms we've come up with recently for winter. Polar vortex. Snow-maggedon. Snow-pocalypse. I'm totally guilty. Why is it more fun to dramatize the cold? It's called winter.

I know by the title some of you thought this was going to be a horrible birdy-snuff-blog. that I killed a bird with a hammer...come on y'all...I'm not that person.

The last few days I've been struck again by how grateful I am that I connect with music. Sounds silly....but some people just don't get music. They don't need it. They don't connect with any part of it. And that's awesome for them...I just am glad that God made me to connect to life in that way. Music is life. So excited about music in 2014.

If you're still reading this, I'm impressed. I'm rambling and cannot be stopped. I love to talk/type. It's a wonder folks hand me a microphone sometimes. I'll just talk all the live-long day. NO wonder I love blogging...

I've really been missing Will lately. I'd say at least once a day my instinct is to run something by idea...a song...a new recording...a stupid joke...and it's so hard that he's not here. I cry sometimes...mostly when I hear music. Cause Will connected to music too...the way I do. I'll be driving listening to something and just lose it. I miss him.

Kinda brought things down there. Anyway...

I got a new app that seems pretty fun. It's called Spark & it's free right friend Jason showed it to can make & edit these awesome little videos...

Been thinking about doing this to my hair:

photo 1

photo 2

What do you think? PS. Thanks Khloe-Khloe for the hairspiration. I just made that word up. Haha....I'm so funny. But color...what do ya think?

Excited to hang out with friends this weekend. People are where it's at, people. Find people. Make them your people. Be real. Be you. Having the ability to be your authentic self--to be truly known is so important.

Okay--my coffee cup is empty and it's time for a refill. I'm gonna have Jill proof this to make sure I didn't rant toooooo much. And she's a good speller and grammar nerd.

Have a fab Friday.



The Gift of Family (Day #28)

Family is truly a gift. I have been thinking about that the last few days. Having my family all come and visit me this holiday season has been such a blast. There were lots of us packed under one roof with gobs of food, play-time with the little ones, strong coffee mornings, long cold hikes, was fabulous and such a miraculous blessing that we could be together. Even as I reflect upon time with my family, I think about how important it is to be a part of something. A family. A team. A community. A friend group. I don't think "family" is only something you are just born into. I have friends in my life that I truly consider family. They feel just as much like family as my own. A community can be family. A workplace. A neighborhood.

And as my time with my family draws to an end, I think of the people that don't have families. Maybe that's you? And maybe this season has been really hard for you. We always say that loneliness is the worst disease...that feeling alone and isolated might be the worst thing ever. And if that's where you find yourself as you read this...there is hope. YOU matter and there is a place for you.


And if you find yourself reading this content in a settled place with loved ones all around...maybe take an extra minute over the next few days to reach out to someone you see or know that might need to be found. To be in a community. Send a text. Meet up for coffee. Invite people over and eat food....or make cookies.

As I write this, I am yet again reminded that this is a big part of why music is so huge for us. We find common ground. We identify with someone else who has experienced the same thing. We find a home for our thoughts and feelings...someone else has been there too. Music brings people together. At a show...when we are onstage and we see a crowd of people singing along to a song we's the best thing ever! Total strangers coming together and all being a part of something. We're all singing the same words...different lives, different stories...but we're all singing the same song.

I think that's why 'Beliebers' are so darn strong. They are a part of a family. You might laugh...but I think it's great. They have a family. They are all in something together. They may never meet face to face, but they share a common love and common values...and music did that. Well, music and a very cute teenage boy...but it's the musical platform that brought them all together.  That's what Justin has created...a family.

Anyway...don't get your panties in a bundle if you hate Bieber. It's just an example. I am grateful and blessed from time with my family this week and wanted to share how full my heart is. We all belong in families.

My hope is that loneliness dissipates...And that love and belonging flourish.




Neither of us were cheerleaders in high school. Jill played volleyball and basketball and well, my tiny school in South Africa did not offer cheerleading as a sporting activity. But I think I want to be a cheerleader now. No, I don't want to forfeit music and go try out to be a Cowboys cheerleader (but aren't they the best ones, really?)...I want the people in my life to think I am their (personal) cheerleader. We were driving across the country years ago and we listened to a couple women who were speaking on different issues to pass the time and one of them talked about how women can often be driven by comparison, insecurity, jealousy, etc. She said if you are ever short on a cheerleader and you will never lack for friends again. This was probably seven or eight years ago that I heard this woman talk about that idea but it has stuck with me.

What if we all were cheerleaders?

What if you have a friend and you know that without a shadow of a doubt they will get behind whatever crazy idea you are doing and cheer you on? Your unique fashion choices? Doesn't matter--they'd cheer you on and send your pic to People magazine and nominate you as a "fashionista to watch." Your idea to sell all your belongings and live in a storage unit downtown? You'd know they'd help you sell your stuff and drive you downtown--cheering you on along the way. You think you're the next President of the United States--they're making buttons for people to vote for you. These cheerleaders wouldn't give you laundry list of how you're not qualified or tell you that a lot of people out there are more talented than you or that the idea will never work...these people would just cheer you on.

I just wonder how much more awesome life would be if that were the case. I wonder if jealousy and insecurity would just start to diminish. If there would be more bold and creative movements and ideas because people knew that even if their idea totally flopped they'd still have people cheering them on.

We were just at a conference in Austin with our friend Bob Goff...conference sounds too was really just a big group of friends that all became family and hung out for a few days talking about how love does stuff. Anyway--something that Bob said over and over again was "Tell people who they are. Tell them what you see in them." When I heard him say this it reminded me of the cheerleading idea. It made me want to change--it made me want to cheer--to tell people who they are, what I see in them, maybe even when they can't see it in themselves.

While I was thinking about this idea I realized I have a friend like this. I have an ultimate cheerleading friend. She has never once done anything else than cheer for me. We live very different lives. She is a math teacher, I am a musician. She has lived in the same place her whole life, while the longest I have ever lived in the same place is 6 years. She is an amazing athlete and basketball coach, I know very little about balling (yes, I said balling-HA.) We met in college and have been friends for almost 10 years and in that time she has been a total cheerleader for my life. She's been to countless shows...and not just the fun ones...she has shown up to the worst venues with approximately zero people attending...okay maybe one person if you count the bartender...and after we finish our set she is literally clapping, cheering and high-fiving us like we just finished playing Madison Square Garden. When I call her and tell her about my latest royal dating FAIL...she cheers me on. She tells me that she's proud of me and that the right guy is out there. She knows that I am passionate about orphans in Africa and so she put her butt on a plane for 14 hours to fly with me to see the need in real life. It wasn't enough for her to hear  about what I was into...she wanted to see it for herself. guys...I'm tearing up as I write this. I am so thankful for a friend like her. She is not driven by insecurity or fear, she tells me who I am. She cheers me on.

I don't think I've been as much of a cheerleader to her as I could've been. Surely not as much as she has been to me. But I want to be. And I'm gonna try.

What if we got to know our mailman and told him or her what an awesome job they were doing? What if you finally told your sibling that you never got along with or had much in common with that you wanted to know more about what they're into...and cheered them on.

Make a ist of the people in your life and find ways to tell them who they are. Look them square in the eyes and tell them what you see. Cheer them on. Be their cheerleader. 



Let The Sun Shine

On late Sunday night we were able to fly into Los Angeles to spend a few days with friends. A lot of you have been following our dear friend Will Gray's battle with cancer. If you haven't read his ongoing story, it is one of unparalleled bravery, strength and courage. You can read his story at We flew out because he was given some news about the progression of the cancer and we wanted to be near him and his wife Angie. A few friends have also flown in and yesterday we were outside for most of the day...some friends that we haven't seen in a while and some that we see often. We laughed. We shared stories. We ate yummy burritos. We opened a couple of bottles of wine (at the appropriate time of course...) and enjoyed the simplicity of friendship, fresh air and the glorious California sunshine.

Will & Angie came and sat with us for a bit and it was wonderful. Will continues to be a bright light in every second of life. He cracked jokes, spoke words of wisdom and was brainstorming the next big thing. Totally Will. Totally amazing.

Life will always bring us different situations and we have the opportunity to learn something. This situation has just further instilled in us the beauty of living every moment. To let the people in your life know they are loved. To not stress out about silly, insignificant things. To breathe. To love. To be.

We are overwhelmed with love for our friends. We are overwhelmed with thankfulness that they are in our lives.

We are two hopeful and grateful hearts in California.



Let's Be Friends

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So many places to be friends!

Have a great day :)


We Need You!! (and your photos/videos)

Hey hey hey! It's been fun seeing a lot of you lately at shows and what not. Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

We want to connect with you more and document all of our good times together, so we are asking for your help!

If you have any photos or videos of you and a show, after a show, at a Kelly show, at a random Karaoke party ;) or wherever it may be, and you want to share the love...please send them to our team at so we can post all of our good times together! They can be old or new or whatEVER!

DO IT TO IT!! :)

much love...and more to come soon....


Well well well...

If it isn't Monday again. The weeks go by rather fast these days don't they? For me they have been flying. I can't believe it's already March. Want to know what's weird? As I was typing that, the Ellen show was on in the background and she said "I can't believe it's March..." It's so crazy when stuff like that happens. I love it. So I have these incredible friends back in Nashville who gave me the most awesome Christmas present ever. It's a day planner with little notes/cards for every week that I am out on the road so that whenever I need a little pick-me-up from back home, I can open it up and read one of their cards. Seriously, best friends ever award. I'm so lucky.

Anyway, today's card had a quote in it and you know how much I love quotes. So here it is:

"Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength."

I've never heard that one before, but it hit me pretty hard just now. It is pretty easy to get annoyed with little things and be rude especially out here on the road. It's easy to lose perspective and for everything to become a much bigger deal than it actually is. It's easy to become completely self-focused. Sometimes I just want to be complain and be rude and act like a two year old who needs a nap. But I have to remember to suck it up, be strong and act appropriately.

So there ya go. Jill's thoughts for the day. Keep on truckin.


Things I Like (February 23)

"F-R-I-E-N-D-S." It's now on Nick@Nite...what's not to love about that? Flip-Flops. We have been in Florida for the past week and I've been able to wear flip-flops daily. It's like a dream. If I could wear flip-flops every day for the rest of my life, I would. They are far superior to my opinion.

The show "An Idiot Abroad." It's our favorite show to watch on the bus on this tour. It is AWESOME. If you need a new show to watch, check it out. I think you'll be glad you did.

Pinterest. Why was I so late to the party on this? It's brilliant and addicting and inspiring. What's not to like?

This hilarious skit from SNL last week:

Those are the things I like this week.



5 Years.

February 18th, 2007

February 18th, 2012

You know how sometimes on a certain day you wonder...what am I going to be doing 5 years from now? Well...we had that moment last week. We realized that on February 18th, 2007 we played our very first show with Kelly. We were in Florida at the Daytona big deal....just 250,000 thousand people were there. Flash forward 5 years and we were in Orlando, FL performing with Kelly at Universal Studios--one of the stops on the Stronger Tour.

It's crazy that we have been working together for 5 years!!!! Wowza! Even more rewarding than just working together has been the friendship that we've made with Kelly and the other band/crew members. Serisously. We have all laughed together, cried together, learned songs together...we are family. And for that we are so blessed & thankful.

We cannot say enough good things about what an amazing experience this has been. All of the people that we've met, the friends we've made, the insane memories we've captured in our truly has been amazing :) We have learned SO much & are still learning.

Fun to look back over the past 5 years.


Happy Work-a-Versary Kelly!


You Oughta Know Series: TaRee Music

You Oughta Know....our friend TaRee!!

So y'all know how much we love music. Obviously. So, this will come as no surprise that we are recommending some new music for ya. Do yourself a favor & check out our friend TaRee. She is a super soulful Gospel singer and released an awesome EP titled "Crazy Love" earlier this year. You will love her voice and her catchy songs. For real.

Plus, she is a super sweet, bubbly person in real life. It's always nice to see people who enjoy what they do and you can definitely see that she loves to sing. You can check out her YouTube Channel with all sorts of amazing covers of popular songs. Our favorites from the EP are: "All We Are" & "Did You Know."

So, go check out her FB page, "Like" her, watch a few of her YouTube videos, follow her on twitter @tareemusic

Get to know her! TaRee...can't wait to see what you do next!


Click here for past entries in the You Oughta Know Series.

Hipstamatic, David Schwimmer & Ricola

I've been sick. Well, since you asked....I have had this nasty little thing representing flu-like symptoms the last couple of days and it is no fun at all. Okay, well a little fun cause I've laid in bed or on the couch for 48 hours doing nothing but watching movies & TV & eating frozen yogurt...and besides feeling the knives in my throat and not being able to talk, it's been a real hoot. But during this sickness I realized again my deep love affair with Ricola's. They are herbal cough suppressant throat drops...aka...heaven to your throat when it's hurting. With the seasons changing, these little drops are always good to have around :)

I had this dream last night that I was dating David Schwimmer. Now, what was my subconscious trying to tell me? Too many cold pills, too many romantic comedies leaving me lonely, too many FRIENDS episodes?? I don't's weird...we were out on a lake with lots of people...then we were eating dinner...hmmm...I don't think I've ever had a "thing" for David (yes, we are on a first name basis now)...but I distinctly remember waking up knowing that moments ago in dreamland David and I were happily dating...aren't dreams SO WEIRD? Weird, weird, weird. Ey yi yi.

And finally I wanted to share that hipstamatic is still the coolest iPhone photo application in my book...check out this rad pic of Jill I took the other day:

You can thank me later for all of these gems.



Birthday SHoutout!

Well, we wanted to wish our dear friend Kelly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on our blog. Not only is she super-duper talented, but she is also a ridiculously awesome friend. She is trustworthy, listens and always takes the high road...quality people...straight up quality. Our friendship has seen lots of things:

Gondoloa Rides in Italy

Cold weather on the streets of NYC waiting to see Patty Griffin

Warm sun of the beaches of St. Tropez

Hotel room somewhere in the world

In our Christmas PJ's on the bus:

And if all of that doesn't speak for itself, we have stood together on the FRIENDS stage and that will make us FRIENDS for life.

Love you lots.



So, I (kate) made some killer guacamole tonight. It was delicious. I love Mexican food. Yes. Yes. Haha. So, now we are answering more questions. The questions we are getting into are just getting funnier and funnier--you come up with some weird questions :) We've gotten so many I think we are going to be answering questions until Christmas. One more thing before we start answering questions... I recently read Selena Gomez's twitter and it said this: "2010, the year of no fear." I like that. No fear people. No fear. Walk on the wild side of no fear. You'll be amazed at what you stumble upon. Ok, enough rambling...the questions: I believe that the "spork" is one of the best inventions ever.  What are your thoughts? How many different instruments do you play?  List. What is the best part of your job?  My daughter, Keragan (6 years old), wanted to know if you like Spongebob? -Rhonda

Rhonda. Thank you for asking the important questions here :) The spork. For those of you who don't know what a spork is, here is a visual aid.

Now, Rhonda, contrary to what you might think of us...we don't really have super strong feelings about the spork, BUT we are happy that it makes you so happy. It does solve the spoon/fork dilemma that we all face from time to time so that's pretty awesome. Good question. Jill plays the guitar, piano and killer Rockband drums. Kate plays a little piano, guitar and a wicked triangle. The best part of our job is that we get to play & write music, travel and get to meet crazy people all the time. And last but not least Keragan, you'll be happy to know that we are both very fond of Spongebob...and Patrick too. :)

What's your favorite food? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite song you've ever written? What did ya'll major in? What did you do before you were KC's backup singers? What's your favorite actress? -Erin

Kate's favorite food is chips and salsa--and guacamole as mentioned above :)  Jill's favorite food is Spaghetti or Thai...haha...she loves noodles...oh and chocolate of course. Jill's favorite color is orange, Kate's is pink. Kate's favorite song she's ever written is a new one called "Don't Feel A Thing." Jill's favorite song she's ever written is "Finding My Own Way." We both majored in Communications. That's right. We can communicate like no one's business. (haha) Before we sang with Kelly we were still "jillandkate"---we played shows & wrote music and worked a plethora of awesome odd jobs. Kate's favorite actress is Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. Jill's favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

Who was your favorite artist/band in 2009? Who's music could you absolutely not live without?  Has anybody's music, whether it is a solo artist, band, song, etc. completely changed your life or made you have a different outlook on something? Are you going to watch the LOST season finale? Favorite movie of all time? -Christina

Kate's answers: favorite band of 2009 would probably have to be Kings of Leon. I could not live without Patty Griffin's music. She is a genius. Her song "Top of the World" definitely changed me. I love that song. I'm probably not going to watch the LOST finale--maybe someday but I've only watched Season 1 and part of Season 2 so I need to catch up before I watch the series finale :) Favorite movie of all time??? I hate this question. I never know what to say and I always feel that people judge me based off of my movie choices. So don't judge me please. These movies don't say anything about me or maybe they do...who knows. So here we go... "First Wives Club" or "The Rock."

Jill's answers: My favorite artist of 2009 is probably Miranda Lambert. She's really just all around a great artist. I'm gonna agree with Kate and say that I could not live without Patty Griffin's music. Her new album comes out this month and I'm overly excited about it. Her music has definitely changed my's so incredibly amazing. I am not caught up on LOST either...oops...guess I need to get on that! Favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. I have watched it hundreds...maybe even thousands of times. :)

Not really a question for your blog but I wanted to know what are the chances of you guys doing a show when you're in Melbourne next year? -Alison

Alison, we are trying to work out a show in the land down under. It's definitely on our goal list. We are thankful that if we do play there we can count on you coming. So if we do come--you are in charge of marketing. Deal? Deal. Okay awesome. Sweet.

I was wondering what you both love about the UK and is there anything you're looking forward to seeing/doing/eating when you get here? How did you girls celebrate New Year? -Dani

I  (Kate) love the architecture in the UK and love taking walks and exploring the cities we end up in. Taking pictures of the random places we are in overseas is always a hobby too.

I (Jill) love the taxis, the hats that the doormen wear, and the breakast. The UK has amazing breakfast!

We were in Nashville for New Year's Eve. We were crazy, wild people. HA. Just kidding. In some people's eyes we were lame--call us lame if you want--we don't care--we were at home--which we are NEVER at home so that was AWESOME!

What was yall's best moment ever? How excited are yall to be getting ready to record?!?!? -Mary

Best moment ever??? That's a pretty monumental question Mary. Hmmm... This picture describes one of the best moments ever...seeing Amy Grant and Vince Gill at the Ryman. The picture is blurry but you get the idea. Thanks to Jason Halbert for snapping a pic on his phone of our faces when they walked out on stage.

We are VERY excited about recording. Like, ridiculously excited. It's hard work and can take hours upon hours of tedious work, but it's so worth it. Love the studio.

Where can I get an I pick jk tshirt? -Noreen

Noreen. Cool name, btw. We are going to start selling them online soon...sooooooon. So when we do, we'll let you know. For sure. Promise. Cross our hearts.

Kate, when you come home to Chicago, where are your favorite places to go? Jill, how long have you been playing the guitar and the piano?  Was it something your parents suggested you learn or was that all you? Where do you get your inspiration for writing? -Ashley C.

One of my favorite places to go in Chicago is a place called Graham's. They have THE BEST root beer floats. I didn't really even like root beer floats until I started having them there...they are delicious. My dad and I go there everytime I come home for the holidays. It's special.

I (Jill) have been playing the piano since I was 8 and the guitar since I was 11. I think my mom and my great-grandmother suggested I take piano lessons and after that I decided to pick up the guitar. I took the Suzuki method of piano which is learning how to play by ear so I don't read music hardly at all. Haha...lame, I know! But I love both instruments.

Look no further than yourself and the people around you for inspiration in songwriting. People are definitely the biggest inspiration for us when it comes to writing songs. People who you love, people who hurt you, people you want to hurt (haha), people that you see making mistakes or when you make a mistake, when you grieve, when you lose, when you love...all of those things can inspire songs.

Is there any date yet that we can expect a new EP or album? -Amanda

We are just beginning the recording process right now so we have no solid idea when we will be releasing anything. But, don't make a frownie face just yet Amanda. We will keep you in the loop and completely involved in the process. When we know something, you'll know something. :)

What is your favorite song by another artist ever? -JenMichelle

Kate's favorite song is "Top of the World" by Patty Griffin. Jill's is "Stay" by Lisa Loeb.

Favorite character on Friends? which Girl-? Guy-? The one question we've all wanted to know.....Is that golf picture really of Kate? -Pam

Kate's are Phoebe & Ross...Jill's are Phoebe & Chandler. HAHA. For those of you who are new to the blog--we believe this is the picture in reference:

Yes that is me in the golf picture. That's right people...I've got some muscle somewhere. Haha. Happy now? Alrighty, that's all for now peeps. Keep checking in. Lots of fun to be had.


Some pictures from the crazy travels...

ash jill kate

This was in Las Vegas...Ashley, and J&K hanging out pre-show!

window washer

This was the view out of my (kate's) window. See that tiny spec of a person hanging on a rope-that's a window washer! Looks like he should have cleaned my window...hhahaha...


After we shot Ellen we got a super AWESOME tour of the FRIENDS "Central Perk" set....and Jill grabbed the guitar. I mean, who could be on set and not sing a little smelly cat? door

So excited!!!

kate friends



If you watch Ellen a lot, you'll know the significance of this picture :)


Jill is definitely giving a thumbs up! She was worried people would think it's a thumbs down so I'm clarifying :) Jay Leno was super fun!


This was flying from Vegas to LA.  I love snow covered mountains.

Many more to come....

A Blog from Bed.

I don't know if there is anything better than waking up, making coffee, and then getting back into bed!  Not everyday of course--it's definitely a luxury to be able to do this...and so this morning...I am very grateful that I get to do it.  I plan on finishing my book--but before I do, I thought I'd share a few random thoughts in my head...and don't judge...these are RANDOM... *I've never seen "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and they mention it in FRIENDS and because of that...I want to see it.

*I miss my Peppermint Mocha Creamer...I used the French Vanilla kind this morning....and it's fine but it doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy inside...

*I am absolutely 100% ready for Spring weather to be a constant around here.  Except...with Spring weather you get more bugs...for example I went inside my closet the other day and reached for a coat I hadn't worn in awhile and I almost grabbed a HUGE spider.  It was BIG.  Thank goodness for good friends who can step up and kill spiders.  I was in the opposite corner with my ears plugged yelling, "Did you get it?  Is it dead?"

*I saw the movie "Speed" last reminded me of my 12 year old self....because my 12 year old self thought Keanu Reeves was a STUD.  I have since grown out of the crush...but this movie brought it back.

*I was a lucky girl this mom and my older brother were both in town randomly and I got to spend some quality time with them...we ate, we drove around was fabulous.

*My car has been making a horrendous squeaking sound...I drive an older car...and I LOVE gets great gas mileage, the stereo is kind of messed up but music always sounds best coming from those speakers...anyway...over the past week, my car has started making this high pitched, nails running down a chalkboard sound.  It's not constant but I think it gets worse when I slow down and am about to park.  People start to look around, and I start looking around the parking lot too...ahahha...trying to motion with my head, "Where is that noise coming from?"  Hahaha.  I'm an idiot and should get it fixed.

*I'm excited about the 17th this month...we are doing a cover song....oooooooooohhhhhhhh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....but I won't tell you which song we are doing.

*I cleaned and organized yesterday.  It was so fulfilling.  I had to do like 5 loads of laundry...and this process took me all day...but it was well worth it.  Since I am hardly ever home...I really try and settle in while I take advantage of the perks of not living out of a suitcase.

*I got my first tattoo a couple weeks back.  That's right...I'm so hardcore now :)  HAha.

*I have some really good friends that don't live near me and I think I'm gonna get to see some of them over the next month or so and I'm REALLY excited about this.

*I've been listening to the new Keith Urban record & also Iron & Wine.....

*I think my taste buds are changing.  Let me give you an example.  About two years ago if you would have handed me a bag of banana chips..I would have wanted to vomit a little bit in my mouth.  But now--I LOVE them.  It's my new favorite travel snack.  I know I'm weird...but if you used to hate something...I dare you to try it might be your new favorite.  And if you do try something again, and you still hate it and vomit in your mouth...I'm not the one that gave you the advice ;)

*I went to H&R Block yesterday and I swear I have the sweetest, oldest tax man ever.  He might be 100 years old but he's still sharp as a tac and has the sweetest southern accent.

*We are gonna try to blog bookmark the page people..J&K will be here....

Okay...I'm going to read for a little bit now....

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.


LONDON baby!!!!!!!

London has been awesome so far!  Wanted to share some fun pictures--Love...j&k gate.jpg
kate hanging on the gate outside buckingham palace... 
     jill outside a really old building... 
kate getting "inside the map." it's a "FRIENDS" thing.  watch the one where they go to LONDON baby. 
the largest fish and chips we'd ever seen. 
ah the pretty flowers...
kate doing something really NOT PROPER for the queen...hahaha....