flat tire

If You Can't Change A Tire, You Can Change Your Attitude - Day 20 #31DaysOfBlogging

Have you ever blown a tire? It’s just the worst feeling.

You hear it, you feel it, the thudding starts, and gets more and more intense, and even though time is passing at a normal rate, it feels like it takes 100 years to get to the shoulder of the road.


This happened to us this year, as we were in our pajamas on our way to a girls’ hang at our friend’s house in Nashville. It was 6pm on highway 65 in Nashville, which is just plain busy. It’s not an ideal time to have a tire blowout…(when really IS an ideal time for that?) But it’s definitely not ideal when you are IN YOUR PAJAMAS. Full on.

See, girls’ nights are the best, especially in PJs, (see GGN), but you just don’t expect to be in said PJs on the side of the highway as all of Nashville commuters pass you by.


Here’s the thing. We are 30-something single women. We should know how to change a tire, but guys, let’s be real here, we don’t. It’s just one of those things we both missed when it came to learning the practical parts of life.


So there we are, in our PJs, on the side of the road, with a blown tire, missing out on pizza, wine, and girl talk. We could’ve really been annoyed, ticked, angry, embarrassed, or any number of other negative emotions you could list, but we decided this:

If we couldn’t change a tire, at least we could change our attitude. (listen to our podcast about this here.)

So we decided to have a little fun with it. After calling AAA (Thank the good Lord for AAA,) we realized we had a guitar in the trunk, and that there was no better time or place than on the side of highway 65 in Nashville to whip out that little sucker and write a tune about our current circumstance. And that’s just what we did. We laughed and laughed, insta-storied the whole thing, and the time flew by until finally AAA arrived to save the day.

Here’s the thing. Those little inconveniences in life happen all the time.

A plane gets delayed. A friend bails on you. Your car breaks down. It’s just the way life goes. And we can be upset and annoyed if we choose to be, but we can also be light, easy, and free if we choose to be. What we’re finding is that life’s a lot more enjoyable, even with those negative circumstances, when we choose the latter.


So, give it a whirl. The next time you blow a tire or miss the bus, chip a tooth or get yelled at by a customer, try to find some good in it. Maybe even a little humor. Also, maybe if you don’t know how to change a tire, learn how to do that…we should too. Could we all take a class on that together? It sounds more fun that way!

Much love,


Tomorrow we are telling you all about the biggest secret project we’ve ever worked on…