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One Of Our Favorite Shows Of The YEAR! (#31DaysofBlogging)

New York City is one of our very favorite places to play shows. There is something about the energy there that cannot be topped.

Many of you have seen us play in NYC and you know every show is a blast! Remember the time we played out on the street corner after our show at The Bitter End? So fun.

This March we got to play at a new venue (new to us) called Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. DUDES. This place was awesome. We were 4 tickets away from selling out the venue! The room was packed and everyone was there to listen which doesn’t always happen...especially when there is a bar involved! :)

We played our whole set and it went by so fast that we wished we had had another hour to play. This show was a huge LIFT for us. It’s amazing how one show can change your morale.

There had been some discouragement career-wise so far in the year, and there was more to come in the next few months that we didn’t even know about yet. But this show literally lifted our spirits and made us SO THANKFUL that we get to do what we do.

It’s hard to explain, but you guys really have no idea how much it means to artists when you support us by showing up at our shows and listening. It seems simple, but it is a huge gift. There are times that we want to stop doing this music thing because it can feel overwhelming, defeating, too hard. But then we have a show like Rockwood in NYC, and it keeps us going! So, THANK YOU for coming out to our shows. For tuning in to our StageIt shows. For ordering our albums and sending us emails/tweets/messages. You may think you are not heard or appreciated/noticed by artists when you do those things, but you ARE.

So, what did the year hold next for us…? A trip to a place we’d never been...and didn’t know if we necessarily wanted to go to….tune in tomorrow to read more!

Hope you're enjoying #31DaysofBlogging :)