Go Broke* or Go Home.

First, if you don't know what Broke* is, it's this ridiculously awesome documentary about the music industry. Trust us, you are going to want to see this flick--but more importantly--you, the music lover that you are, want to get in now and join the Broke* movement and become an actual part of this amazing project. We need your tell your neighbor, tell your parents, tell the person reading this over your shoulder...haha....tell anyone.

First: Go to the Broke* website and watch the trailer.

Second: If you haven't ordered your Broke* t-shirt then go order one RIGHT NOW!!! Let me tell you, these shirts are really great conversation starters. Every time I wear mine people ask me about or make funny "one-liners" to talk to me about my shirt. It's good times. You'll want to wear one and test the waters.

Jill and I both wear our Broke* t-shirts proudly and so should YOU :)

How many times could we say Broke* in a blog? Broke*, Broke*, Broke*.

You get the idea.

Hugs from two Broke* girls.