The Answer, The Fall, The Superbowl, Chris (#31DaysofBlogging)

Waiting to hear about whether we got picked up for the reality show was like sitting on the edge of our seats for weeks and weeks. This would change everything about our year if it got picked up. Or, it could not get picked up and then the past few months of pouring our energy into it might feel for naught. We needed some distraction.

We were waiting to see if life was about to change drastically. We didn’t want to get our hopes up too high about it…and actually, we weren’t even certain that this would be the right thing for us. But we were taking the risk and just trying to say “YES” to things.

It was weird to hear the back and forth from our production company and networks. On any given day we would get a call or an email saying that one network passed on it, but that another had us in the top picks for next season. We tried not to base our worth around these decisions. Do people like us? Are we funny enough? Talented enough? ENTERTAINING enough? Those are not good questions to ask yourself! Man can you get self-absorbed and self-critical with those questions lurking in your mind all the time.

So after filming the sizzle and TONS of phone calls, emails, planning...the network liked us and we made it to the top few shows that they were picking from…it all looked like a go...

and then a few weeks later we got a call…

The network decided to not move forward with our show...they chose a show that had more drama. {maybe we were channeling too much Mary J “no more drama…” Haha} Go figure.

Were we bummed that we didn’t get it? Yes. Absolutely. Being on TV right now can really help broaden your platform and make new fans which we obviously want. We thought this might be a new way for us to be heard; to tell our story. BUT, we have been on this path for a while now. We know that God has directed each and every twist and turn. We knew not getting it was all a part of the grand plan. So, we were okay with it. Plus, we learned so much. We learned a tiny bit about the TV/production world. We made new friends with all the lovely folks at the production company. It’s a memory we’ll have forever...nothing is wasted.   

But, it was kind of hard kicking off the year with a disappointment.

Thankfully, we have the BEST friends who keep us sane and help us not take ourselves too seriously. Enter Chris.

We got to know Chris when we were opening for Jann Arden last year. Not only is he Jann’s tour manager extraordinaire, but he is also the kindest, most hard-working, selfless dude around. Oh how we love him. It’s so nice to have friends who get what you do. Chris was so helpful in talking through the reality show stuff because he lives in the same world we do.

Chris is from Calgary and he came to Nashville for a visit right after we had finished shooting the reality show. You might think that Chris came to town and we partied for a week, but guys....we did the opposite. We made broccoli salad, watched the entire series “The Fall” on Netflix, and talked for hours and hours about life. HARDCORE.

See, we were exhausted from the drama-rama (or the lack thereof apparently ;) of the reality show process and Chris understood that. He was exhausted too because he works CRAZY HARD on the road.  We also were still singing backup for a male country artist which meant traveling almost every weekend, and we were getting ready to put out our album “Eleven” in February. The chance to relax and be still was so welcomed.

(To go off on a tangent….let’s talk about the show The Fall for a minute. OMG. It is terrifying, exhilarating, and intriguing. If you need a new show to watch, check it out. But make sure you have some friends to watch it with and a blanket to hide under when it gets really intense. Also, get our new Lullabies album and put it on before you sleep so you don’t have nightmares after you watch the show. You get the idea?)

Also, Chris was here for the Superbowl….which coincidentally, THE PATRIOTS WON!!! Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate,) but they are our team and we love them. We made a bunch of really bad-for-you food and watched the game with a group of friends.

It is nice to have friends and a life in Nashville. For so many years, we were touring so much that Nashville almost felt like a town we dropped into now and then, but not a town we lived in.

Tune in tomorrow...we will talk about working with a genius producer who is also in one of our favorite bands of all time…

Much love,