day in the life

A day in the life of jillandkate...

We took pics throughout our day just for you.

An aerial view.

Walking to soundcheck we saw this...

Jill's toes during soundcheck.

Ric brings the groove.

JK pre hair/makeup during soundcheck.

Jason during soundcheck.

Robert does our in ear monitors...he's AWESOME.

Leif brings the red heart heat.

Funny sign.

Playing Scattergories with Peggy & Alyssa.

Hanging with Jeff & Donald during Parachute's set.

Parachute rockin' out.

Kate's birthday hat!!

Miles being weirdly wonderful.

Ashley did kate's hair tonight...BIG hair night.

JJK dance party before Seven Nation Army.


JK showtime--like onstage right before Walk Away.

Tony from Eric's band....rock wit' you.

Best part of every night...the almighty keytar.

Chillin' with some friends post show.