david ramirez

What We Learned From David Ramirez (Day 12)

We got to see David Ramirez play in Nashville a few weeks ago. Actually, we almost didn't get to see him because we were fools and tried to buy tickets at the door. Rookie mistake! The show was sold out and so there was a 2.5 minute window of sheer panic and near tantrum at the thought of not being able to get in. But, we ended up buying tickets on our phones while we were standing outside because they were refusing people who hadn't "already purchased tickets." Don't mind us while we work the system :) And sidenote: AWESOME-SAUCE that he is selling out venues. That is freakin' stellar. So, it's not a surprise that we love him--we tweet and blog about him frequently...pretty much because we are obsessed with his voice and his songs. He is such a talent. And watching his show, we both learned something.

1) Your songs are enough. Sometimes we fall into the trap that we need something other than the song. We want to dress it up or over-perform it. He just stood up there and gave us his songs. And it was AMAZING. He earned the respect of the room and EVERYONE was listening...to every song. Now, that's hard to do in a bar. But he and his band delivered his songs.

2) Say something. He reminded us that as songwriters and artists we are to communicate something. To say something. To present an idea. A thought. A feeling. Not to get caught up in hype and trying to write "the hits" ...but to say what's in your heart and mind. To move people in the direction of what you are thinking. Say something.

Good stuff for us to be reminded of.

If you aren't familiar with his stuff...check him out here: David Ramirez