Cry Your Eyes Out.

Well, for all of you who thought this might be Jill've got it wrong.  It's Kate again...but really..I like to talk more, so it should be obvious that I am going to want to blog more :)  Hehe.  I wanted to write something a little more serious, and to be honest, a little more personal.  I had one of those moments recently where you have a total break-down, you have tears and snot dripping down your face and you're practically in hysterics.  Over what you might ask...nothing really.  Stupid, petty things that get under my skin or make me feel insecure.  But after having this cry fest I've decided (and thus inspiring me to share...) that I think it's good to cry your eyes out every once in awhile.  Find someone that loves're BFF, your BF or GF, a parent, a neighbor, a puppy...heck even if you pay to go cry to someone....DO IT.  It helps. You somehow breathe easier afterwards.  It's strange...because in the moment you feel like you are in this awful tunnel of darkness and you think that you might never see the light again...but once you do--it's just such a relief.  I think there has also been medical research done on how good crying is for you (feel free to google it at your discretion..I was too tired). And please, do not get the wrong idea about why I am blogging this.  I am not trying to be melodramatic and by no means do I want you to feel sorry for me...I have such a blessed life...sometimes I can't believe I get to live it...everyday....I love my life :)  But everyone has their moments where there needs to be a release to make you feel human again. So, if you are reading this and need to let it out...I hope you feel like you have a safe place to do it and that you don't feel crazy for doing it...YOU AREN'T CRAZY.  It's normal.   More than anything...I hope everyone is feeling loved.