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The Last of the Travel Pics...


Melbourne--one of our favorite cities to play in...and visit...


Our van wouldn't start after the ROVE performance---so all the boys had to give it a push. Haha...the beauty of traveling with a bunch of boys...we watched and took pictures.


This was a weird poster. Those are potato chips. Jason insisted we take this picture.oprah house night

The Opera House at Sydney.opera house

Kate took a bunch of pics of the Opera house one day. It's beautiful there. opera roof sun

She's super proud of this shot...give her lots of compliments. ;)opera house roof

Again, compliments. bridge

Bridges are cool to look at, but scary to drive on...if you ask me.jk stash

It was Jason's birthday and so we all wore mustaches and went bowling. It was pretty awesome.60000

London show! guitar driverOur driver in London played guitar WHILE driving us to and from our performances and the hotel. His name was Chris and he was pretty funny. He gave all of us a pretty good laugh. We needed it after 6 weeks away from home...Thanks Chris! Oh and thanks for not killing us...even though you almost did. :) Keep on playing...and driving...but maybe not at the same time.