"21 Days To Better" Group

You guys!

We are SO EXCITED to be launching the 21 Days To Better Group! If there is one thing we’ve learned in the walkabout, it is that we cannot do this life alone. We NEED community…and we’ve realized maybe you need that too?

We’ve been working on this idea for months, and if you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this group is probably for you:

How can I get into better community?

How can I better control my negative thoughts?

How can I be better at self-care?

How can I be better at managing and eliminating stress + anxiety?

How can I feel better overall?

How can I have more fun and be more inspired?

If you’ve asked yourself any of the above questions, you should definitely join this group. We are navigating some of life’s tough areas like stress and anxiety, friendship and community, how/where to find purpose, and how to live your most fulfilling life. We have spent several years asking these questions and gaining incredible tools to help navigate these areas of life. We have searched and pursued answers to some of these questions and want to share all we have learned with you.

So, what will you get when you join?

  • 3 Live webinars (no worries, if you can’t make the live sessions, we’ll email you a recording)

    • What the heck are webinars anyway? Really they are like Instagram Lives or Facebook Lives but these are going to be ONLY for the 21 Days To BETTER Group members. In these webinars, we are going to be sharing the tools that can actually change your life, the things that we’ve learned and are practicing every day that have made BIG differences in our lives...And they aren’t magic...You can do them too. We will answer your questions, we will get vulnerable, and we will have fun! We will also break out the guitar and sing some songs for you too!

  • 21 Days of text messages from yours truly J&K starting on 2/1

    • Start each and every day with encouragement to focus on creating a better day... from your friends J&K! Better days lead to better lives. We are all in this together!

      *(International members will receive these messages via email instead of text.)

  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group with all the other BETTER group members with daily interaction from us

    • This is a place we are SO excited about. Actually, this is probably the thing we are MOST excited about because here’s the deal. You guys DM us and send us emails all the time, and so we know your stories and we know what you’re going through and how incredible you are. BUT we want the 21 Days To Better Facebook group to be a place for you guys to get to know each other as well. There are so many like-minded people in our crew. Remember, we cannot do this alone. You cannot do this alone. We need each other and this is the place to connect. Not only is this the spot to post encouraging notes or questions, but we will also be popping in -- posting, commenting and chatting with you guys too. This is going to be sooo fun!

  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets to guide you through the webinars

    • These worksheets will help you make personal notes that you can refer back to as you start taking tangible steps to apply some of the tools we share in the webinars in your own life.

  • Exclusive access to Jill and Kate and the 21 Days To Better tribe

    • We love connecting with you guys on the podcast, Instagram, etc., but this will be a different level. We want to really KNOW you and have you really KNOW us. Ask us anything, chat with us on the Facebook group, hear things we have never shared through other J&K platforms.

  • Community, connection, inspiration

    • You have no idea how much motivation, inspiration, and FUN comes from connecting with other people in groups like this. Let’s build an awesome community where we support one another and spread more awesome in the world!

  • Some surprise bonuses along the way (cannot WAIT to share these with you!)

So, we’d LOVE for you to join this special group of people. We are all going to be better together and we can’t wait to see the transformation that takes place in all of us over these 21 days!

The group CLOSES on January 31st, so don’t miss out. SIGN UP HERE!

The group starts Feb 1st! Cannot wait to see you there!

Much love,

Jill and Kate

We Need Other People

Have you ever felt like quitting? Have you ever felt like giving up but you’re already “in too deep?”


That’s how I felt when I was half-way up this hike and I almost burst into tears — for equal parts realizing how much further I had to go and that it also seemed impossible to turn around. AND I WAS TIRED. When you have a goal or vision or dream, there will be lots of days when you feel like giving up. Actually, scratch that — there are lots of days when just being a human without a goal or vision or dream is hard and will make you want give up.

So, what makes us keep going?

What gets us through those stuck moments? This is something we’ve been learning so much about over the last year, and it’s something that we’re making much more of a priority in 2019. It’s two words: Other People. That’s right. Other people. Other humans.

See, I was hiking alone. I had Beyonce in my ears telling me that we run the world (obvi) but there I was…hiking alone. But, I passed two girls who were stopped. And then they passed me when I was stopped just a few steps ahead. After about the third cycle of this happening, we began small talking whenever we passed each other. And there was this other guy. He was older than I was and the same thing happened — when he would stop, I would pass him and then vice versa. I would see him start to get up and that would be a kick in the pants for my butt to get back into gear. We never exchanged names, but we did share things with each other — how hard this freakin’ hike was. We talked about if this was their first time or if they’d done it before. I watched the gentleman breathe when he took breaks…how he would put his hands on his head, and I wondered if I should do that too. We shared how much we wanted to be at the top — done.


I began to feel not as alone hiking. When I made it to the top, I “woohoo’d” for the people that made it before me and I cheered for the strangers behind me that mirrored my journey up the hill. We were all strangers, but all knew we were heading to the same place. It was a great reminder that we NEED other people. We need community.

We have loved being on this journey with you guys and really sharing at a new level with you guys this year. What it has shown us is that we need each other. So, we are dreaming up a place for us to gather  —  not a physical place, but an online gathering space that will connect you to other like-minded people and allow us to share some of the things we’ve learned over the past year that have dramatically changed our lives for the better. We’ve loved doing meet-ups before shows and podcast meet-ups…so much so that we want to do that in a new way. You might not know it, but if you’re reading this, you are a part of our online tribe and community. We feel honored that you’ve chosen to hit that “follow” button and be a part of the journey.

So if you’ve ever…

Wished you could find more contentment and fulfillment in your life…

Wished you could be part of a life-giving community with like-minded people…

Wanted to live a life filled with more adventure and excitement…

Wished you could wake up every day feeling more peace within yourself…

Wished you had less stress in your life and a better way to deal with the stress/anxiety that creeps in…

…Then this is something you don’t want to miss.

We will be sharing more in the next few days about how you can join the group, but for now, what we want you to know is this: You cannot do this life alone — you need other people. You are loved. You are on this earth for a reason, and we want to help make sure that you love every single day. Leave a comment and let us know if this sounds good to you :)

Much love,


You Gotta Know You - Day #31 #31DaysofBlogging

Guys, here it is, the final day December, 2018!  Another #31DaysofBlogging in the books. We hope these blogs have made you smile, made you think, given you hope, encouraged you, made you LOL and maybe, just maybe made you feel less alone during this crazy month called December.

Here’s the thing, in all honesty, most times January 1st rolls around, we feel a sort of relief after blogging every day and then somehow we forget and don’t blog again until March. YIKES. Well, that’s not going to happen this year. We are wanting to make some changes in 2019, and one of them is blogging more often and engaging more in this space with you guys. Who’s HERE FOR IT? We are.


(somehow this became one of our phrases this year: WE HERE...not sure how or why but the walkabout definitely brought it out of us and now we laugh everytime we say it….and by “say it” we mean “yell it.”) We digress, anyway, GOOD news: we are sticking around...don’t un-bookmark this page just yet.

Looking to 2019, one of our major goals is to ENGAGE more. This past year was a super necessary one for both of us -- personally AND professionally. We were running on empty and needed our tanks filled back up...and OUR TANKS DID IT FILL! During the walkabout, we learned so much, and SO many of you have sent us DMs, emails, tweets, and texts asking us really specific questions about what you were going through, and asking for our advice. You guys, we are SO HONORED that you think of us worthy of giving advice….seriously, we do not take that lightly. And answering so many of these DMs/emails got us thinking. We realized that a lot of you are wanting advice/thoughts/ideas in the SAME AREA of life, and we realized that you guys need to know each other more because there are likeminded people all around this “Jill & Kate community.” Which also means that you who DM’ed us about something don’t know that another person also DM’ed us about the EXACT SAME THING…which means that YOU don’t need to feel so alone.

We got thinking some more and decided that our fans need to know each other more. You guys, we are all going through the same thing. We’re not talking about becoming besties, (well, maybe you will!) but there are so many INCREDIBLE people who are a part of this community -- and you guys don’t know each other. So we were like, what if we created spaces for you to connect in smaller groups WITH US. Bringing together likeminded people who are also finding themselves in similar situations.

In 2018, we learned how to live more exciting, intentional, fulfilling lives, and if we can pass along ANY of that information to you, we want to do that!

Anyway, just some ideas to get swirling in your head. Be on the lookout for more ideas like this.

Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with us -- 2018 was an incredible year and we are SO PUMPED for 2019! YOU GOT THIS.


Love you all so much,

Jill and Kate

PS. Need 30 days to get re-inspired? TODAY is the last day to download our Inspired eBook for FREE. Don’t miss our day by day guide to living your most inspired life.

All In This Together

Alright...who’s ready for the preview of another BRAND NEW item going in our shop on 11.21.16? It’s the “all in this TOGETHER” gray t-shirt!


We all need go-to shirts that we can grab out of our closets and just GO. This shirt embodies the message that we try and live by. This is the reason we write songs, and share stories on stage and in our blogs...because we need to be reminded that we are all in this together and we’re not alone. We think loneliness is the worst disease and that’s why we want to help you share and wear the message that everyone has a place. That we are more similar than we are different and that we really are all in this together.

This is our more classic t-shirt style. It’s unbelievably soft, a great color gray tri blend and fits true to size. It’s doesn’t hug through your mid-section (praise hands) and is not a crop top (more praise hands.) This shirt is adorable with jeans, leggings and soft enough to sleep in.

We hope you are excited for the launch of our new shop...cause we sure are! There will also be other items don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

Pre-order the sweatshirt below RIGHT HERE:

How Cute Are Kangaroo Pockets?

YES! Time for another NEW shop item preview. Our next item that will be available 11.21.16 is this amazing, heather black, raw neckline “Quit Worrying” sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket.

The best thing about this piece is just exactly how versatile it is. You can pair this with jeans or leggings or workout pants. Who doesn’t love clothes that you can work out in and then also go to grocery store in and feel good about yourself? YESSSS!   

The words are the title to a song we wrote when we were deep in the cycle of worrying & doubt. We were in a tough season and made a list of all of the things we were worrying about and decided (kind of jokingly) that we were just going to quit it. We started writing a song, with the list of things we had just quit and it slowly became our new anthem. It was the message we needed to be reminded of DAILY...ok, sometimes hourly. Can you relate? If you want to read more details about the message or hear the song click here.

This was our best-selling design that we launched last year and completely sold out we knew it was a message you were excited about wearing and sharing :)

Let’s talk about the actual fit. We promise you will LOVE this one. Not only is it super cute & comfortable, the neckline brings it back to being stylish and kinda sexy. It’s eco-fleece on the inside which makes it soft and cozy without bulking. It fits true to size and works well with a tank underneath or sports bra.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

Don't forget you can pre-order the sweatshirt below right now:

Alive & Showing Up (Best EVER) Tee

Time for another NEW shop item preview. Woop woop! Our next item that will be available 11.21.16 is this adorable, slouchy scoop neck  “Alive & Showing Up” t-shirt.  

We are SO EXCITED about this shirt. The words are lyrics from our song “Quit Worrying” and it is a reminder that each day is a gift. Life is hard you guys. Full of ups and downs...hard times and good times but each day we have a choice to say, yes. Today, I’m alive and showing up. It’s a reminder to take inventory of all of the wonderful things you have in your life and shift your mindset to gratitude.

Let’s talk about the fit of the shirt. Who loves shirts that do not utterly and completely hug your body? (both our hands are raised!) This shirt is a dream for so many reasons. One, it’s a scoop next which is sleek and feminine without showing too much cleavage. You can wear it as a traditional scoop neck or off one shoulder. This t-shirt is in Charcoal (aka a heather black) which just happens to be this season’s HOTTEST color trend. The sleeves are a little longer than the traditional t-shirt length (which who doesn’t love that?) It’s more of a square fit in the body instead of form fitting.

This is the shirt to wear with leggings, a long tank and boots or with jeans and converse. Or throw it on to go to your favorite workout or yoga class. It will make you feel confident, while being comfortable all while spreading a message that you are a part of a vital matter where you find yourself.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the ENTIRE shop goes live.

Right now, you can pre-order this sweatshirt here

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

MORE LOVE sweatshirt!

It’s finally here and time to show you what we’ve been working on. 

Our plan was to just reveal the design of this sweatshirt today. But, we've decided to make it available for pre-order today because we feel like this is a message we all need right now. It's been a crazy 48 hours and no matter what, we all need MORE LOVE to beat the hate. 

Our first new item available for pre-order is this super soft, eco-fleece “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” sweatshirt & you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW here. (It's the only item from our shop that's available for pre-order.)

First, let’s talk about the message. The words. We wrote the song “Same Side” after the tragic Orlando shooting earlier this year. Our hearts broke with the weight of all the hatred in the world. We prayed, we wept and we wanted to respond in some way. We wanted to do more. So, being songwriters, we wrote a song. You can listen to it here and we hope that it resonates with you and reminds you that we are ALL on the same side. The response was so overwhelming because you guys felt it too. We all felt the weight of the sadness but the hope was palpable. The line that everyone kept re-tweeting and sharing was “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” and that’s what lead us to putting it on this sweatshirt.

We want to mobilize YOU with the message of releasing MORE LOVE into the world. 

Go the extra mile for a friend. Buy coffee for a stranger. Small acts of great kindness will change us.

Now let’s talk about the actual material & fit of the sweatshirt. It’s so soft people think it’s cashmere. No really, it even looks that good. It is a more traditional sweatshirt with a crew neck but not a tight (feels like you’re being choked.). It has detail stitching that makes it look classy. It’s warm but not bulky. It can be worn on it’s own or with a button up underneath (more like a sweater), with a tee under it or a long tank with leggings.

We let a friend try on the sweatshirt before we had it printed and she wore it that evening and then asked if she had to give it back...haha...we promise you’re going to love this sweatshirt. We want it to give you confidence, comfort and be a part of our community.

Pre-order NOW.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11/21/16 the ENTIRE shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

PS. Here is one more pic cute are POLAROIDS!





When The Doorbell Rings

We think you deserve to feel confident ALL the time. Even if you’re lounging on the couch at home or walking into your favorite yoga class--your clothing should always make you feel confident. 

Ever been watching TV and someone rings the doorbell and you think crap--I’m in my “comfortable” clothes...I can’t answer the door like this! HA! Well, you’re not alone. We’ve definitely been there. That’s why we love these new items in our shop: they are comfortable enough to be your “comfortable” clothes and cute enough to answer the doorbell in. Win, win. 

Also, they’re not just for lounging. You can pair any of our items with leggings, boots and a flannel and have a perfect fall outfit. Or skinny jeans & converse...or yoga pants. Which brings up another good point. Spend money on one item, but that one item can be worn multiple ways and have multiple uses. Can you say cha-ching! Saving money on a versatile piece in your wardrobe. Another win, win. 

We can’t wait to show you guys the ACTUAL items. Stay tuned. Shop goes live 11/21/16. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop, so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999. 

Much love,



PS. Here's another sneak peek of the an item below...

Comfort, Confidence & Community

As a lot of you know, we love comfortable clothes. :) It doesn’t matter if we are on a red carpet, standing in line at the post office or on a 15 hour plane ride...comfort is soooooo important to us. At a fancy event it can be a bit more difficult, but for everyday life, comfort is always possible. Yet, we don’t want to sacrifice looking cute & stylish for comfort, and sometimes that’s a hard balance to find.

For years we’ve wanted to create items that are comfortable, make us feel confident, and clothes that we would actually love wearing. We’ve never really done that before. Yes, we’ve had different merchandise for tours or specific albums, but we’ve never had a line of clothing that’s for anyone and for everyday. Until now.

On Nov 21st we are going to be launching our brand new Jill and Kate SHOP--and the items that will be housed in this collection are all items that we have worn and are wearing. We tested out each item. Literally. We wanted all the items to be the best in quality, be super comfortable and there was one more important component we wanted in our items: We wanted the items to be community building. The messaging on these items comes from our song lyrics and life mottos we try to live by.

We might not know about hout couture, but we do know about wanting to feel confident all the time. We wanted these items to make YOU feel confident, while not sacrificing comfort...all the while spreading a positive message in your community.

We think you are going to love the collection and we hope it makes you feel confident, comfortable and a part of our community. Shop goes live 11/21/16. Mark your calendars.

Much love,


The Gift of Family (Day #28)

Family is truly a gift. I have been thinking about that the last few days. Having my family all come and visit me this holiday season has been such a blast. There were lots of us packed under one roof with gobs of food, play-time with the little ones, strong coffee mornings, long cold hikes, was fabulous and such a miraculous blessing that we could be together. Even as I reflect upon time with my family, I think about how important it is to be a part of something. A family. A team. A community. A friend group. I don't think "family" is only something you are just born into. I have friends in my life that I truly consider family. They feel just as much like family as my own. A community can be family. A workplace. A neighborhood.

And as my time with my family draws to an end, I think of the people that don't have families. Maybe that's you? And maybe this season has been really hard for you. We always say that loneliness is the worst disease...that feeling alone and isolated might be the worst thing ever. And if that's where you find yourself as you read this...there is hope. YOU matter and there is a place for you.


And if you find yourself reading this content in a settled place with loved ones all around...maybe take an extra minute over the next few days to reach out to someone you see or know that might need to be found. To be in a community. Send a text. Meet up for coffee. Invite people over and eat food....or make cookies.

As I write this, I am yet again reminded that this is a big part of why music is so huge for us. We find common ground. We identify with someone else who has experienced the same thing. We find a home for our thoughts and feelings...someone else has been there too. Music brings people together. At a show...when we are onstage and we see a crowd of people singing along to a song we's the best thing ever! Total strangers coming together and all being a part of something. We're all singing the same words...different lives, different stories...but we're all singing the same song.

I think that's why 'Beliebers' are so darn strong. They are a part of a family. You might laugh...but I think it's great. They have a family. They are all in something together. They may never meet face to face, but they share a common love and common values...and music did that. Well, music and a very cute teenage boy...but it's the musical platform that brought them all together.  That's what Justin has created...a family.

Anyway...don't get your panties in a bundle if you hate Bieber. It's just an example. I am grateful and blessed from time with my family this week and wanted to share how full my heart is. We all belong in families.

My hope is that loneliness dissipates...And that love and belonging flourish.