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MORE LOVE sweatshirt!

It’s finally here and time to show you what we’ve been working on. 

Our plan was to just reveal the design of this sweatshirt today. But, we've decided to make it available for pre-order today because we feel like this is a message we all need right now. It's been a crazy 48 hours and no matter what, we all need MORE LOVE to beat the hate. 

Our first new item available for pre-order is this super soft, eco-fleece “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” sweatshirt & you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW here. (It's the only item from our shop that's available for pre-order.)

First, let’s talk about the message. The words. We wrote the song “Same Side” after the tragic Orlando shooting earlier this year. Our hearts broke with the weight of all the hatred in the world. We prayed, we wept and we wanted to respond in some way. We wanted to do more. So, being songwriters, we wrote a song. You can listen to it here and we hope that it resonates with you and reminds you that we are ALL on the same side. The response was so overwhelming because you guys felt it too. We all felt the weight of the sadness but the hope was palpable. The line that everyone kept re-tweeting and sharing was “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” and that’s what lead us to putting it on this sweatshirt.

We want to mobilize YOU with the message of releasing MORE LOVE into the world. 

Go the extra mile for a friend. Buy coffee for a stranger. Small acts of great kindness will change us.

Now let’s talk about the actual material & fit of the sweatshirt. It’s so soft people think it’s cashmere. No really, it even looks that good. It is a more traditional sweatshirt with a crew neck but not a tight (feels like you’re being choked.). It has detail stitching that makes it look classy. It’s warm but not bulky. It can be worn on it’s own or with a button up underneath (more like a sweater), with a tee under it or a long tank with leggings.

We let a friend try on the sweatshirt before we had it printed and she wore it that evening and then asked if she had to give it back...haha...we promise you’re going to love this sweatshirt. We want it to give you confidence, comfort and be a part of our community.

Pre-order NOW.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11/21/16 the ENTIRE shop goes live.

Much love,


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PS. Here is one more pic cute are POLAROIDS!