Paint Mines

Today I went on an adventure with my fam to a place called Paint Mines. It's about 35 minutes away from my parents place and is in the middle of nowhere. You are arrive and pretty much see nothing but flat-ish lands and windmills off in the distance (see pic below). But, you walk about a mile down a path and get to these cool, giant clay sculptures. We'd heard that they truly look "painted with different colors" but that might have been an exaggeration because we saw no such "colors." Haha. Either way, it was a fun adventure that got us outside and gave us some good exercise. See the pics below of my fam & I frolicking in the clay :) PS. Look at the last picture and see how my teenage brother really felt about being dragged along on this family adventure. HAhaha! #teenagers. 




Trail Running Fool

Last week I flew to Colorado to take care of my little brothers while my parents were away celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. It was a really nice time to hang with my brothers and sister. My brothers are both 14 so talking to them sometimes involved putting them in a headlock or bribing them with movies and candy, but that's okay ;) Plus having quality time with just my sister while the boys were at school was fabulous. The second day I was there I went for a run in my parents' neighborhood and it was horrid. The hills plus the altitude nearly flattened me...and it was boring. All I could think about was getting it over with.  So, the next day, determined to still get my cardio in, I headed to a place only 15 minutes from my parents house called Garden of the Gods. It was amazing. They have all of these trails and even though it was still hard, running there it felt like an adventure.

The paths would go up and down ravines. It was gorgeous. Changing your perspective is so helpful sometimes. I was still doing the same running, but I felt adventurous and accomplished. At one point when I was in kind of a remote area, I thought about a bear attacking me or some crazy mountain lion & I freaked out a bit which in turn made me run faster. Haha. I didn't even listen to first just because my Pandora station couldn't connect because it lost all service...but once it was off I kind of loved it. I could hear myself breathing. I could hear the wind in the trees. It made me feel connected to myself and my surroundings.

There was a point when I came to a hill that was pretty steep for me...but I decided it would be worth it to get to the top to see the view. It was hard. And I thought I was gonna lose a lung. But I made it. And the view was gorgeous and I was thankful I pushed myself up the hill.

Don't be afraid of the uphill.

There might be something worth huffing it for on the other side.

Below are some pics!



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photo 3


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