side stage with coldplay

In celebration of FIX YOU coming out on Friday, we thought we’d share a couple pics of when we saw Coldplay in England in 2012. We were singing backup for Kelly Clarkson and so Kelly & Coldplay were both a part of The Capital Summertime Radio Ball: a giant, 80,000 person show with a ton of different artists who all play 4 or 5 songs. Coldplay was right before Kelly and so we got to stand on stage during their set. Insert happiest version of Kate you’ll ever see. She literally was glued to the side of the stage and smiling like a weirdo THE ENTIRE SET. It was the coolest to be side-stage and see the crowd well as get an upclose view of the Coldplay dudes doing their thing. THEY ARE THE BEST.

So, here are a few pics...please note Kate's giant, HAPPY, over-the-top face. 

The view from side stage. LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE.

The view from side stage. LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Guy, Chris, Jonny....{Will not pictured}...all rocking it. 

Guy, Chris, Jonny....{Will not pictured}...all rocking it. 

Have you ever seen Kate's smile this large? 

Have you ever seen Kate's smile this large? 

And just for's one of us singing with Kelly right after Coldplay! Such awesome memories. 

And just for's one of us singing with Kelly right after Coldplay! Such awesome memories. 

Don't forget. FIX YOU on FRIDAY (August 11th) on Spotify, iTunes or wherever you buy/stream music. xo j&k 




Happy Monday!

We hope you guys have been enjoying our latest #ACOUSTICCOVER sessions that we’ve been releasing. The next one we are releasing THIS FRIDAY--AUGUST 11 and it is one of our favorite songs EVER.

Let’s review. Our theme for this batch of acoustic covers has been “THROWBACKS.” Because, well, why not? Older songs allow us to really put our own spin on classics that everyone knows. Girls Just Want To Have Fun was our first release. Leaving On A Jet Plane was our second….

And now, ladies and gents….our next acoustic cover is FIX YOU by COLDPLAY!

Can you handle it? We cannot. There are many reasons why our excitement levels are off the charts... we shall explain.

  • If you know us at all, you know that we are obsessed with Coldplay...and in all actuality I, Kate, am by definition: a super fan. I have seen them live on 3 continents (which all happened sort of by accident) but every time has been the best time of my life. If you haven't seen a live show of theirs...GO RIGHT NOW AND GET TICKETS. The energy and emotion and just overall GOOD TIME is next level.
  • I am 100% positive that someday we will sit at a piano and sing with Chris Martin. Don’t worry….Will, Jonny and Guy will all be there too. It’s going to happen and it’s going to be magical.
  • Let’s talk about the lyrics to this song. They are some of the most simple, yet profound & gut wrenching, emotionally charged lyrics that you hear and immediately identify with.  
When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
High up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
  • So, we were nervous and excited to take a stab at recording our own version of this with all of our covers they are all LIVE + ONE TAKE. That means when we are recording in the studio if one of us messes up we have to stop and start all over. This is not how recording is typically done. But, we chose to record it this way because we feel there is some sort of magic and rawness and emotion when we do it this way.

Anyway. Mark you iCals and your Day Designers because on Friday you can hear our version of Fix You and we hope you love it and we hope that Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will like it too.


Love y’all,

Jill and Kate

PS. Here’s the artwork!





Here and There....

Hi friends... So, since getting off of the STRONGER tour in mid-April, we've been here & there & everywhere it seems. So let's get caught up on the fun things that have been going on...since bullet points are so fun we thought we'd bust some out:

  • In Florida (where Kate wore her happy can read about that here) we did a few songs with David Foster & Kelly. Also performing were Seal, Keith Urban, Ruben needless to say we were pretty excited cause j&k love us some Keith. Anywho...we did the show and for the last song all the celeb performers were singing a song together...and David invited us girls to come out and join them in singing "All You Need Is Love" we did...and for a brief moment our little fantasy of a j&k & Keith duet flashed before our eyes.

I like to think that Keith & I (kate) shared a moment in this pic :) Hahaaaa....

  • After Florida Jill headed back to Nash & I headed to LA with Kelly to do some personal assisting stuff...while in LA I got to see Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl...we all know my insane mad love for Coldplay & the show was incredible. The Hollywood Bowl is such a magical venue & the energy that Coldplay puts into a show is ridiculous. Seriously. Loved every second of that show. Everyone upon entering got these wrist bands with LED lights and during certain songs they would synchronize with their lighting & light was SO cool. Fun times.

Before heading to Florida we enjoyed a little downtime in the studio in Nashville finishing up our album....which we will be releasing info about in the very, very near future...and we are so excited about it...we cannot wait to share it with you guys. Listening to first mixes of songs we constantly think about you guys and hope that you'll like it. Seriously...some of you we mention even by name...knowing that it's a favorite...hoping that you'll like what we've done with it. So thank you for inspiring us to make music & being involved & supportive. We love you guys.

Driving around Nashville listening to mixes...

Lots of love....