How Cute Are Kangaroo Pockets?

YES! Time for another NEW shop item preview. Our next item that will be available 11.21.16 is this amazing, heather black, raw neckline “Quit Worrying” sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket.

The best thing about this piece is just exactly how versatile it is. You can pair this with jeans or leggings or workout pants. Who doesn’t love clothes that you can work out in and then also go to grocery store in and feel good about yourself? YESSSS!   

The words are the title to a song we wrote when we were deep in the cycle of worrying & doubt. We were in a tough season and made a list of all of the things we were worrying about and decided (kind of jokingly) that we were just going to quit it. We started writing a song, with the list of things we had just quit and it slowly became our new anthem. It was the message we needed to be reminded of DAILY...ok, sometimes hourly. Can you relate? If you want to read more details about the message or hear the song click here.

This was our best-selling design that we launched last year and completely sold out we knew it was a message you were excited about wearing and sharing :)

Let’s talk about the actual fit. We promise you will LOVE this one. Not only is it super cute & comfortable, the neckline brings it back to being stylish and kinda sexy. It’s eco-fleece on the inside which makes it soft and cozy without bulking. It fits true to size and works well with a tank underneath or sports bra.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the shop goes live.

Much love,


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Don't forget you can pre-order the sweatshirt below right now:

Comfort, Confidence & Community

As a lot of you know, we love comfortable clothes. :) It doesn’t matter if we are on a red carpet, standing in line at the post office or on a 15 hour plane ride...comfort is soooooo important to us. At a fancy event it can be a bit more difficult, but for everyday life, comfort is always possible. Yet, we don’t want to sacrifice looking cute & stylish for comfort, and sometimes that’s a hard balance to find.

For years we’ve wanted to create items that are comfortable, make us feel confident, and clothes that we would actually love wearing. We’ve never really done that before. Yes, we’ve had different merchandise for tours or specific albums, but we’ve never had a line of clothing that’s for anyone and for everyday. Until now.

On Nov 21st we are going to be launching our brand new Jill and Kate SHOP--and the items that will be housed in this collection are all items that we have worn and are wearing. We tested out each item. Literally. We wanted all the items to be the best in quality, be super comfortable and there was one more important component we wanted in our items: We wanted the items to be community building. The messaging on these items comes from our song lyrics and life mottos we try to live by.

We might not know about hout couture, but we do know about wanting to feel confident all the time. We wanted these items to make YOU feel confident, while not sacrificing comfort...all the while spreading a positive message in your community.

We think you are going to love the collection and we hope it makes you feel confident, comfortable and a part of our community. Shop goes live 11/21/16. Mark your calendars.

Much love,