Flying Will Make You Crazy

I mean, that's just a fact, right?  Being up in the air for long periods of time...sure they say the cabin is fully "pressurized," but really...they can't fool us...we know everyone gets a little loopy up in the great big sky. Today, ladies and gentlemen, was our 30th flight since January 1st, 2010. 5 continents. 23 countries to date. What the heck?  Yeah. So you get it. We are a little crazy from all the flying. Especially on this tour, since we are traveling to LOTS of different countries--all with their unique habits, customs and formalities--it has been nothing but entertaining.

So, back to the crazy. Today on our short one and a half hour flight from Taiwan to China, the lady in the window seat next to me (from here on out referred to as "crazy-window-lady") did something crazy.

I, Kate, was in the middle seat and Jill was on the aisle. I was using the flight to take a nap. Why? Because I like to sleep and sometimes on the road, you're tired. There. I said it. I was napping.

So, there I am--rocking my neck pillow...sleeping in my own seat...quietly...not disturbing ANYONE...when...slap, slap, slap, slap, slap on my thigh...the crazy-window-lady is hitting me. I freak out, look around, to see who obviously needed LIFE OR DEATH attention from me at that present moment...and there is no one around...just crazy-window-lady smiling at me. WHAT?

I look at her--ask her what's going on...she just smiles and looks away. I tell her I am sleeping--I do the motion for sleeping because of the language barrier...and I try and calm myself at 38,000ft and return to my slumber.

No, no, no. 5 minutes later she is slapping my thigh again--this time she motions to her mouth--apparently alerting me to the fact that it was almost time to eat on the plane. At this very point in time is when normal Kate jumped out of the plane and all I was left with was crazy Kate.

Jill and I spent the rest of the time laughing so much that tears were literally streaming down my face--Miles and Ric were sitting around us and could hear the cackle of my howling laugh.  Oh....good times.

By landing time we had both written "CRAZY" on our hands because we had totally lost it. You might not believe any of this to be true--well, I took a pic with crazy-window-lady just so I could remember the precious time we got to spend together. Take a good, hard look at my sleep deprived eyes, and my awesome plane-styled hair...and DO NOT overlook the "crazy" written on my hand.

{Disclaimer: If crazy-window-lady is somehow related to you in any form, fashion or bloodline...or if you know her...please tell her I said this: "You might be a pretty cool person, but you shouldn't wake people on planes. Especially when you slap them repeatedly. People don't like that. Nope. Not ever. Love, Kate}'s almost 4am here in China. One more show then more flying...woohoo....cause we're going HOME!!!!





hong kong cart

We landed in Hong Kong and they picked us all up in these sweet golf carts...Woohoo!!


Everyone had masks we made our own.

kate temp

Checking into our hotel they took our temperature...which also looked like she was shooting me in the head with a smile.

china night sky

This was the view from the restaurant we ate overlooked the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

china group

Just hanging on the streets of the Kong.


The restaurant had pretty plates.


Rice anyone?


The meal had something like seven courses...this was one of them.

jk view

J&K with the view of HK behind us.


This was a tram to a scenic viewpoint...please take note of the mask behind us...that's what we were talking about earlier.

kate rooftop

It was rainy and foggy and that's pretty much what you could see. That's right. Nothing.

jill mary poppins

Jill thought imitating Mary Poppins would be appropriate...little did she know...

jill umbrella

...that there were SUPER strong winds that would break her umbrella into pieces...


This was my (kate's) view from her hotel room. You might be's not special at all. Please scroll down.


That's all for now...more pics to come...We are home in Nashville and it's AMAZING.