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Wickedly Powerful Words - Day 11 #31DaysOfBlogging

Remember a few days ago we told you about the DREAM BIG event that we went to in Nashville in March? Well we met a new friend there, Ginna Claire Mason, and her story blew us away. She grew up dreaming of playing Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked the musical on Broadway. When she was a kid, she saw the play and told her dad she was going to do that someday.


GUYS, as if we need more proof, but WORDS HAVE POWER.

When we met Ginna Claire this year, she was, you guessed it, starring as Glinda on Broadway’s National Tour of Wicked. After we met her in Nashville, we started following her journey on Instagram and there was just something about her that drew us to her. She’s a giant LIGHT in this sometimes dark world, and we wanted to know her better. We also wanted you guys to know her better.

So we asked if she and Mary Kate Morissey, Ginna Claire’s BFF and the other star of Wicked (She plays Elphaba and is AMAZING) would be guests on our podcast. They are THE BEST and said yes, so we walkabouted our way right down to Tulsa to see them perform and interview them for our show. This fabulous duo has charisma for DAYS and they brought such wisdom and insight when we sat down and chatted with them in their dressing room before the show.


We talked about friendship, what life is like on the road, living your literal dream, breaking up with your own life, and navigating the unknowns in life.


We could keep telling you about this interview, (one of our most POPULAR shows of the season) or you could just go listen to it right now. Click here.

We feel so lucky to meet the people we get to meet on these journeys of ours. Ginna Claire and Mary Kate were two people we met this year very unexpectedly, and we could not be more grateful for their friendship and for all the wisdom we gleaned from them through this interview.

Tomorrow we’re going to circle back to what we learned from getting fired over someone calling Kate “HUGE” and how we are still learning from this experience.

Hope you have a wickedly wonderful Tuesday.

Hugs to you,


Dream Big and Find Fellow Dreamers - Day 9 #31DaysOfBlogging

Our friend Bob Goff is a force for good on so many levels. You may have heard him speak, maybe you’ve read one of his books, or perhaps you’ve heard about the amazing work he does with Love Does all over the world helping kids get educated in high conflict zones like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and more.


Bob is by far the most interesting friend we have ever had, and he is someone who keeps us going whenever we feel stuck. He has this way of encouraging people, near and far, to just DO THE NEXT THING you need to do in life.

In March, we were lucky enough to join Bob and his Dream Big crew in Nashville for a 2 day inspiring event where everyone’s sole purpose was to dig into a dream they’ve been wanting to chase.

Some people wanted to start businesses, write books, change careers, or travel somewhere they’ve never been before. It’s amazing what happens when you put a bunch of people in a room together to talk about their DREAMS. They start to become a reality.

There were so many amazing people in this room, you guys. We have no clue how we end up in these places with inspiring people, but we are INCREDIBLY grateful for it. It was in that DREAM BIG room that we met our new friend Ginna Claire Mason (ahem, GLINDA from the National Tour of Wicked who was also on our podcast this year,) and oh, no big deal, but we also met our childhood idol, Amy Grant. Yeah, she was there too. We fumbled around for words upon being introduced to her, but no doubt that was a highlight of our year.

Here’s the bottom line:

During this 2 day event, some of our dreams started to rise to the surface. We’ll tell you more about what they are as this month goes on, but we wanted to share something we learned with you from our experience at this event.

Take every opportunity to be around people who inspire you.


You are the sum total of the people you surround yourself with. So be picky and choosy about who gets your time. Look for people that are encouraging you to chase your dreams, who listen to your ideas, who hold space for the times when you feel like you want to quit. If you’re reading this and feeling frustrated that you know none of these sorts of folks…we have THE solution. Start being that person. Be the person that encourages others to chase their dreams, listen to other people’s ideas, hold space for times when they want to quit. Be who you are looking for. 

When you’re invited somewhere, show up and believe that anything could happen. Find people who talk about their DREAMS. Share your dreams out loud with someone, or with lots of people. When you start to say it out loud, it becomes closer and closer to becoming REAL. Dreams are made to be chased. People are made to connect.When you’re invited somewhere, show up and believe that anything could happen. Find people who talk about their DREAMS. Share your dreams out loud with someone, or with lots of people. When you start to say it out loud, it becomes closer and closer to becoming REAL. Dreams are made to be chased. People are made to connect.

Life is made to be lived, and lived to the FULLEST.

Tomorrow we’re going to tell you about the idea that we can change the world in our sweatpants.

Much love!


New Albums in 2015 (#31DaysofBlogging)

As today we put out a brand NEW’s blogging train takes us to a different album we released this year, ELEVEN.

Flashback with us for a moment if you will:

It’s 2005. We are still just starting out as “Jill and Kate” and we are driving across the country for one reason or another. (Can’t remember exactly why, but it likely involved us playing really awkward open mics at venues with names like “Uncle Buck’s Rock & Roll Grill” or “The Fat Bean Coffeehouse.”) *True*

Anyways. We stop in NYC to see a friend of ours who worked at a big record label there. She gives us a huge stack of CD’s to listen to on our road trip. Some were older bands with new records and some were brand new bands. So we work our way through the stack...and about the 3rd CD we pop in, we hear this band that we begin to FLIP OUT OVER.

“Everyone knows I’m in over my head, over my head….with 8 seconds left in overtime, she’s on your mind, she’s on your mind….”


The band was called The Fray and they were about to explode. And little ol’ J&K over here were their new biggest fans. We wore that album OUT for the rest of that year.

Now Flash Forward with 2012.

We are singing backup for Kelly Clarkson and we find out that the summer tour is going to be a co-headlining tour with...THE FRAY. We were so stoked. Their music had been the soundtrack to so many of our long drives from city to city in our silver minivan playing our little hearts out across this country over the last 7 years.

So we toured with The Fray all summer and got to know the guys in the band really well. They were as super as we’d hoped they would be.

When we got off the road, we continued to hang out with Dave Welsh (the ridiculously talented guitar player in The Fray) and his hilarious wife Emily in Nashville. He produced some re-mixes of some of our songs from Heart Of Stone and we started talking about making some new music together. Enter our album: ELEVEN.

So, back to current day….

On February 17 of this year, we released our album ELEVEN which was produced by Dave Welsh of The Fray. And Ben Wysocki, drummer in The Fray, played drums on it. We were so stoked for you guys to hear this album. It was different for us. More pop. More production. Songs that we wrote that reflected on our 11 years of working together. An album that was produced by someone who we were a fan of 10 years before. Crazy.

We put this album out in the midst of a strange time. We didn’t get to promote it as much as we would’ve liked. We were waiting to see what was going to happen with the reality show.

ELEVEN was recorded in our 11th year of working together. We have journeyed through a lot in those 11 years and we had no idea what was about to come in year 12….more on that as #31DaysOfBlogging continues….

{Side note}: DREAM BIG, guys. Don’t limit your dreams and goals. Who would’ve thought in 2005 when we were just hearing about this new band, The Fray, that several years later, one of them would be producing OUR album? It’s crazy.
Same with us singing with Kelly. Who would’ve thought that when we were rockin’ out to SUBG with the rest of the world in our cars, we’d be singing that WITH her every night on stage for 6 years? Don’t ever forget that you can dream big and expect GREAT things. Life is one huge opportunity. 
Much love.....j&k