I am exhausted. Like...wowza...tired. I spent the week in Chicago hanging with my little brothers and dad while my mom visited my sister overseas. And let me tell you--I am NOT a mother, I do not have my own children but man, I LOVE my little brothers. They are 10 and so funny but man...they are sometimes a handful...and I am exhausted! I played pseudo mom--I made lunches, did carpool, was "cool big sister" at times and grouchy "evil big sister" at others...and bottom line is I am WIPED OUT. So this is my official ROUND OF APPLAUSE to any and every mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend, sibling, grandparent or godparent that has ever raised a child or children.

Sit down and have a glass of wine on me.

I'm applauding you from my couch.

Below is a picture of me and my two brothers after they WON their football game!!! Woooohoo!!!! Yes, I made a homemade "TEAM RAPIER" shirt for my dad and freakin' handsome are my brothers?  Sheesh. I love them....a lot.

Hugs & a wee bit of exhaustion :)