Broke* Releases TODAY!

Guys...this is exciting......Our very dear, dear friend Will Gray's film comes out TODAY. That's right... his documentary will be available on Comcast, Verizon FIOS, and well as for rent/purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu & Xbox.

Rent it. Buy it. Download the soundtrack from iTunes. The film will make you cry and laugh and be inspired. It's amazing. Below is a sneak peek of the film...Will's cover of Patty Griffin's "Top of the World" is unreal. We had the pleasure of being in the room when it was filmed and it stands as a lifetime best musical moment for each of was AMAZING. Click the photo to watch the performance of "Top of the World."

Thank you for all of your love and support for him. He is like family to us. So tell your friends, tweet about it, spread the word....



The Renegade

Our dear friends Will Gray & Reva Williams have collaborated on a 6 song EP...let the cheering commence!!! They are both so ridiculously it's obvious that when they come together good things happen. The album is titled "The Renegade" & it's quirky, moody & their vocal nuances will blow your mind.

Click here to learn all about the fun shows they are don't wanna miss them!

And check out their EP here :)

Much love,


Broke* Wrap Party Pics

Go check out Todd's blog with AWESOME pictures from the Broke* Wrap Party last week! It was an amazing night...let's just say that night Kate was passing out post concert treats..i.e. oatmeal cream pies & happened to hand one to a person who wrote and sings a song called "Making Pies." Haha. A-woo-hoo.

Anyway...go check out Todd James Photography for some sweet visuals.



Back in the USA!

Hey! So, we are exhausted from travel but had an awesome time in Africa. Once we rest a bit we will tell you ALL about it :)

In the meantime...take the image below and help us spread the word about the Broke* wrap party tonight in Nashville. Make it your Facebook profile pic or post it on your wall or print it out and safety-pin it to your t-shirt...haha...

Se you all there at 8pm. 12th & Porter.



Go Broke* or Go Home.

First, if you don't know what Broke* is, it's this ridiculously awesome documentary about the music industry. Trust us, you are going to want to see this flick--but more importantly--you, the music lover that you are, want to get in now and join the Broke* movement and become an actual part of this amazing project. We need your tell your neighbor, tell your parents, tell the person reading this over your shoulder...haha....tell anyone.

First: Go to the Broke* website and watch the trailer.

Second: If you haven't ordered your Broke* t-shirt then go order one RIGHT NOW!!! Let me tell you, these shirts are really great conversation starters. Every time I wear mine people ask me about or make funny "one-liners" to talk to me about my shirt. It's good times. You'll want to wear one and test the waters.

Jill and I both wear our Broke* t-shirts proudly and so should YOU :)

How many times could we say Broke* in a blog? Broke*, Broke*, Broke*.

You get the idea.

Hugs from two Broke* girls.