brad montague

Don't Miss The Thing - Day 24 #31DaysOfBlogging

Do you ever feel like you just miss the moment?

We saw this great post last month from our friend Brad Montague, and on Christmas Eve, it’s SUPER timely.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the build up to the moment, and then to get through with it and rehash the moment, but in all of this, we miss the ACTUAL moment. (Shoutout to any fellow Enneagram 7’s out there!) We have found a super great tool that will really allow you to REMEMBER the actual moment.

It’s called grounding yourself.

The way this works is when you’re right in the middle of something really cool, something you’ve anticipated, a really special event or moment, you stop and ground yourself. The way to do that is this:

Close your eyes.  

Take a deep breath.

Feel how your feet feel, wiggle your toes.

Open your eyes.

Be still.

Look all around and take everything in.

Note something that “shimmers” or stands out to you.

Say something you are thankful for in the moment.

You can do this anywhere. In a car, on top of a mountain, at the dinner table, with a group, or on your own. We put this into practice during our trip to ICELAND and noticed that we really were able to remember each moment that we grounded ourselves.

Life goes by so quickly.

Even now, as we draw close to the end of another year, it’s so easy to just go through life without really noticing the small moments. This grounding exercise is a perfect thing to do to make sure you don’t miss out. Try it with your family over the holiday. Remember to take everything in.

Merry Christmas Eve!