Happy Birthday Jill!

It’s Jill’s birthday today!

It’s fun to celebrate people, and this blog is going to do just that. I’m lucky that she’s my BFF and that we get to work together too. But I’ll tell you, you get to know someone REALLY well that way, and all I can say is that the longer I know her, the more I respect her. And we have been through A LOT together. 

We’ve literally traveled around the entire globe several times together, witnessed loss together, laughed until we’ve cried, yelled and screamed at each other, consoled each other after bad dating experiences (ummm hello, did you hear our podcast…haha), sat quietly in deep sadness together, cheered each other on…and the list could go on and on. 

We've even ziplined together--how fun was that?

Ziptrek Image 6-01.jpg
Ziptrek Image 2-03.jpg

Jill is someone who will go out of her way to do something for someone else. She is selfless. Always thinking of other people before thinking of herself. 

She’s also such a good listener. She doesn’t fight her way to be heard in a crowd—she saves her words and makes them precise. I am a verbal processor, so I talk and talk and talk to figure out what I think/feel…she just quietly processes and then lays out these nuggets of wisdom.

She’s also really funny. Like, really funny. This points to my earlier statement...she doesn’t fight her way to be heard in a crowd, so generally when she’s saying something funny, it’s understated and quiet and you have to pay attention or you’ll miss it. It’s witty and smart, and laughter is the best. 

She also rocks the headband like non-other:


We all know that she RULES in grammar. SO much so that yes, even this birthday blog, I had her proof-read because spelling and grammar are well, let’s say: NOT MY STRONG SUIT. She is a whiz at grammar, spelling, and writing and I’m hoping for a special birthday edition of “Grammar with Jill.” Aren’t you?

Jill also has a love for hoodies that has existed since we met. Here is proof. This pic is from many moons ago...again, I chose one that would be particularly flattering for me (just kidding) but look at that hoodie:


She also has strong feels about coffee. Since she's loyal, she's Dunkin' Donuts all the way, but has been known to cheat with a purple straw named Coffee Bean whenever it's available to her. 

Please also note that this is also another great picture of me. Haha...but I'm capturing two things: Jill's love for coffee and her humor. She's making me laugh. 

Please also note that this is also another great picture of me. Haha...but I'm capturing two things: Jill's love for coffee and her humor. She's making me laugh. 

Something you may not know about Jill is that she has this ability to access situations and people with a gut instinct that is RADICALLY right on. She can tell almost right away if someone is bad news or if a situation is shady. I’m like: everybody is trustworthy (haha) and she has this quiet way of discerning whether or not that’s true. Sometimes I think the loudest voice is right, but I’m learning that definitely is not the truth. 

Jill is someone that will show up for you and if you’re lucky enough to call her a friend, she is loyal AF. 

Oh yeah. And she has this way of playing and singing and writing…you guys. I feel like Jill hasn’t even scraped the surface with her creativity and I think this is her year. I still remember when we met in college and I heard her sing in our music school for the first time. Her voice has a way of guiding you to the feelings you didn’t know you had. It’s fresh, but also so familiar. I’m so grateful to do music with her. What a gift. 

This is a photo from our very first j&K photoshoot--we were really happy back then (HAHAAAA) OMG: (note to self kate--never have the hair person cut your bangs the day of a shoot. hello shbangs: short+bangs)


I love this pic of her in Africa. Doing what she does best, on the ground with kids in Africa.

Alright Jill…this is your year. I am cheering you on…and so is the rest of the world. 

Thanks for proof-reading this. HA!


Kickin' Off The Birthday Weekend

We are kicking off Kate's birthday extravaganza with a little Snickers Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory!

Can someone please tell us what this weird light is on Kate's face? #weird

Can someone please tell us what this weird light is on Kate's face? #weird

Her birthday isn't until Saturday, but a December birthday must be celebrated for many days so that it doesn't get overlooked with all of the holiday festivities that always surround it. 


Oh yes. There was also an Asian Pear Martini in the mix. #classykate

Oh yes. There was also an Asian Pear Martini in the mix. #classykate

Happy Birthday Amy!


A big Happy Birthday to my big sis Amy!

She is pretty much the best.

She's witty, kind, funny and beats me at Scrabble almost every time. Which is actually quite upsetting cause I try really hard to beat her. ..haha. She's probably so good at Scrabble because she is an accomplished writer of children's books and short stories. Her creativity and imagination have me in awe. She is a cancer survivor--which means that she is one tough cookie.


In all actuality, she is a walking/talking miracle and I am so thankful that she fought so hard and beat the odds. She is a bright spot in our family and her smile lights up a room.



Amy--hope that you feel SUPER celebrated today and that we can celebrate together sometime soon.

Love you!


PS. Remember that time we dressed up for Halloween? I was Raggedy-Anne and you were a white cool are we? xo


Did I ever tell you? (Day #6)

Did I ever tell you how awesome my 30th birthday was? Well, it was pretty freakin' fabulous. Since it's almost my birthday again...(OMG...) I thought I'd share some pics from how fun last year was. I flew to Florida with Jill and we drank fruity cocktails and I read books, and laid on the beach. IT WAS HEAVEN. Here are some random pics from the trip...I can honestly not remember if I've shared them before...if I have, sue me...I'm re-sharing :)


OH SNAP, room with a view! Yeahhhhh!


Beautiful beach!


Lots of time for reflecting, music listening & selfies on the beach.


Loved walking on the beach..I mean come on, palm trees & sandy beaches? Yes please.


Yummy frozen-fruity-pina colada!


Gorgeous sunset. Big clouds and a big ocean make me feel small (in the best way.)


Not a care in the world. Just a great big moon & sky.

I wish every birthday I could go to Florida. Heck, I wish for everyone's birthday I could celebrate with them on a beach in we're talking!




Jill's Birthday Throwback

Hi's Kate. Newsflash: I  have the best friend in the whole wide world. AND TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! PARTTTYYYYYY!!!!!

I am also lucky enough to work with my BFF and that it makes work seem a lot less like "work" sometimes. Which is fun because we "work" a lot so that in turn means that I get to have fun a lot. I like fun. But enough about me...

You all know and love her too...well...cause you can't not. She is funny, talented and has a heart of gold. Seriously. She is so stupid talented and so humble about it sometimes it's annoying. Haha. She's just so ridiculously kind and being the best friend I am I thought I'd embarrass her and post a pic of us from right around the time we met & started working ready for this....?

 I had a thought to put this picture through a filter on Instagram but then I realized that not even a filter would help me out. Wait, I thought I was supposed to be embarrassing Jill?

Here we are working on recording our very first songs together...not a lot has changed as I remember posting a similar picture from us working on Heart of Stone.

And one last pic of Jill from around the time we started playing together...her hair was so with the times now...highlighted at the go Jill.

Okay....enough embarrassing photographs.

So thankful for such an awesome BFF.

Show her some love today.


HBD to the J to the H.

It's June 3rd folks...which means that it is non-other than Jason Halbert's BIRTHDAY! We did a blog last year with pics & we decided to do it again this year. We have the pleasure of working alongside him & this last year has proved yet again why we are so thankful for him! He is our fearless musical leader on the road, a great friend, kick-A running buddy & an example of a fabulous husband and father. Also, he is always inspiring us to take pictures to document our many travels so we decided to put together a collection of those from the last 12 months. We are so happy to know him, laugh with him and j&k are looking forward to seeing what awesome things are in store for JH this year.

Jason...first off.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

This is how we see you a lot...

Sometimes you wear a shirt to remind us who you are and what you're doing there...

Australia soundcheck...

VH1 Unplugged rehearsal.

"STRONGER" video shoot rockin' the key-tar.

No clue when this was...some rehearsal in the last 365 days :)

When things really get going you'll move on to this instrument...

Power faces.

Food is an important staple...Cracker Barrel pit stop...hmm...

Chowing down on Koi NYC. Yum.

Music City Hot Chicken Festival, Nashville, TN.

BK & long car rides....good combo.

Just normal breakfast table conversations happening here...

We like to run...Sydney, Australia.

Run club...West Hollywood, CA.

We hauled our butts over that bridge & back...hoo-yeah run club 2012! San Francisco, CA.

We admire all of Jason's modes of transportation....swing....


Surf board...


We also support a creative wardrobe...when you feel like wearing all grey animated uniforms....

And wizard costumes...

And star shaped glasses....

And yuppy yacht apparel...

And bibs...

And neon green suits...

And mostly when you wear your party rockin' LMFAO lovin' gear.

Group shots extravaganza....

These next few pics didn't have a category but thought they were honorable mentions of good times!

Weirdest city ever for a wine bar...Reno.

Dance party on the bus.

Best day ever...Universal.

Jill's birthday....Denver, CO.

Made up game...entertainment for at least 30 minutes.

Free drinks on January 1st flying to New Orleans!

Culture Committee party Jacksonville, FL.

Jay Leno!

Dressing room at SNL. Aben looks thoroughly entertained.

Recording in Australia.

Some coffee shop somewhere in the world...

Best German driver ever. #preoseccoforever

New iPhone photo app DIPTIC...all of us demonstrating the "jet lag"

UK X-Factor.

Stretching it out before our pre-flight to Australia.

NO idea where this was but I bet we were having loads of fun!


Until next year....


Boredom, Running and Scenic Drives

Boredom at its finest backstage.

Okay...maybe THIS is boredom at its finest backstage.

Boredom also leads to sticking tiny silver hearts on our cheeks. Pretty sure you can only see Lesley's. #picturefail

Y'all have been asking for pics of the birthday girl on her ya go!

A little karaoke action in Denver for Jill's bday.

Birthday hats = serious party time.

Gorgeous drive to Seattle!

Seriously unreal.

Still driving to Seattle...

An afternoon in San Francisco!!!

OO-AH run club run across the Golden Gate bridge...AND back. (pic taken by kate while running...notice finger in bottom left hand corner!)

That's kate running...

After a fun day of running and wandering around downtown SF, we had fabulous food at the Crab House...and a delicious MOJITO! Yummy.

Jason was all bibb-ed and ready to go.

We saw the sea lions just chillin' on the pier.

Finished off the night with ice cream....

We just got to celebrate our dear friend & bandmate Einar's birthday...HOORAY!

Driving to Bakersfield we saw these crazy orange flowers...

After the Bakersfield show we met a new friend TeriAnn & she gave us these adorable purses that she MADE HERSELF. Along with a super sweet handwritten note inside. (Jill's purse isn't pictured but it is equally adorable!) We love them & cannot wait to use them.

So there you have it...those are some pics from the last week or so...

Can't believe it is almost April....wowza.


30 Things

This is I turned 30. YIKES! Actually, I'm excited. I've heard that your 30's are better than your 20's so I guess I'll find out if that's true! Here are a few things I've learned over my 30 years...also they are things I want to remember as I continue on in this crazy world. In no particular order: 1. When things are ridiculous, laugh.

2. You are who you surround yourself with.

3. I always feel better after a workout. But that doesn't always motivate me to actually go do it.

4. I really have never used anything I learned in geometry/trigonometry in real life. Ever. So when I yelled at my math teachers in high school and said it was useless, I was right. I feel satisfaction in knowing that. :)

5. Africa is magical.

6. Hearts can be mended.

7. People will always let me down even if they have every intention not to. God will never let me down even if I have every expectation that He will.

8. Forgiveness is hard. Forgiveness is necessary and life-giving. Usually the necessary, life-giving things are hard.

9. Being around kids brings joy. It keeps you feeling young too.

10. The ocean is my happy place.

11. I'm a major introvert. That's okay.

12. When all else fails, find some chocolate.

13. I have a LOT to learn.

14. Seasons. They exist. Remember and accept that when it's time for a new season. "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

15. Most people are driven by insecurity. Try not to be one of those people. Learn to recognize those people and don't let them get to you.

16. Happiness is a choice.

17. I'd like to think I'm more creative than this, but I could wear jeans, a black hoodie and flip-flops or converse every day of my life and be content. Heck, I pretty much do that. Who am I kidding?

18. The Sound of Music never goes out of style. It was my favorite movie as a child and it still is now.

19. Family is the most important. Your real family and the family you choose. Treat them well.

20. Don't take yourself too seriously.

21. Trust your instincts. They are usually right.

22. Write notes to people. I learned that from my mom.

23. Be generous. I learned that from my Dad.

24. Pray. Talk with God. Listen to God. Communicate with Him however it is that you communicate. I learned that from both of my parents.

25. Don't be easily offended. (This is hard for me.)

26. Appreciate other people. Don't just put up with them or be indifferent. Learn to genuinely appreciate them.

27. Time FLIES. Be here now. Enjoy the moments.

28. Drink a lot of water.

29. Have a go-to karaoke song and own it.

30. Always be thankful.


Thank you for all of your birthday messages, tweets, etc. I had the best birthday! Here's to my 30's! :)



This blog is dedicated to the one and only KATE!

Obviously this is Jill writing it because well, that would be weird to dedicate a blog to yourself...or maybe not! But either way, it's still me, Jill.

Today is Kate's birthday and I'm so glad she's alive, aren't you?

Here are just a few of the reasons why Kate the Great lives up to her name:

She can rock a BK crown like nobody's business.

She is THE queen of jumping pictures.

Her heart is huge. (Not literally. She has a normal sized heart.) But seriously, her kindness and compassion are off the charts.

She loves Nutella. With a passion.

She cares about everyone. Even giant Elvis pig statues. I told you she had a huge heart.

And of course, the KATE face!!

Happy Birthday Kate!!


Christmas Par-tay

Tonight we gathered at a friend's house for a little holiday cheer & a little bit of birthday action for Kate. We sang Christmas carols, ate cupcakes, cookies...drank some wine. It was fun, fun, fun. It's always fun to gather at holiday parties and chat with people that you haven't seen in awhile. Catch up. Good times. Yay for holiday parties.


Birthday SHoutout!

Well, we wanted to wish our dear friend Kelly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on our blog. Not only is she super-duper talented, but she is also a ridiculously awesome friend. She is trustworthy, listens and always takes the high road...quality people...straight up quality. Our friendship has seen lots of things:

Gondoloa Rides in Italy

Cold weather on the streets of NYC waiting to see Patty Griffin

Warm sun of the beaches of St. Tropez

Hotel room somewhere in the world

In our Christmas PJ's on the bus:

And if all of that doesn't speak for itself, we have stood together on the FRIENDS stage and that will make us FRIENDS for life.

Love you lots.


Reflections. Not Overly Serious Ones.

Here are 2 pics from Kate's birthday fun. Pancake pantry and cupcake time.

In other news, I (this is Jill now) get a weird sense of satisfaction when I do self-checkout at the grocery store and nothing goes wrong. You know how a lot of times you do everything right, but it starts beeping at you and saying "Needs Assistance...Please Call Attendant"...and you're like..."I didn't do anything wrong!" That bugs me...and it's also a little bit embarrassing. Like-how hard is it to self-checkout? Am I that incompetent?  If there's going to be a problem every time, I'd rather just go to a "Real Attendant" aisle.  So when all goes smoothly and I check out without any problems, it feels awesome.

In even more news, I've been asking myself lately..."Why haven't I bought myself a Snuggie yet?" I see them all the time and hear about how great they are...then I sit on the couch with cold arms and wonder..."What's holding me back? Just buy the Snuggie" I tell myself.  But I wonder if I am just caught up in the hype of the Snuggie. I don't know. I think I will buy one before long.

Lastly, as I reflect on these not so important things, I think to myself..."I wish that Home Alone were on instead of The Santa Clause 2 because Home Alone is definitely one of the best Christmas movies ever and The Santa Clause 2 is not." However, The Santa Clause is a good movie. Also, I (secretly) loved the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and may (secretly) be excited about "The Squeakquel"...yeah.

I will stop reflecting now as I am wasting both your time and mine. :) -j

1 week til Christmas.

Be good.


Summer is Here!

Hey everyone-- So I seriously haven't even opened my computer in a week...after a crazy week of rehearsals we were off to LA, Indio & San Diego and just returned home to Nashville this afternoon. The shows were SO FUN! Got to meet Miriam & Brenda in San Diego last night...they were awesome!! Blogging is harder on the road...but we will get into the swing of more blogs to come!

It was "Stixie's" birthday yesterday so we are going out tonight to celebrate. Woohoo!!!!

Hope everyone is jazzy.


Jill's Birthday Bowling Extravaganza...

So this past Wednesday, March 18th, we were in Chicago and decided to celebrate Jill's birthday with some bowling & impromptu karaoke. It was a grand occasion...we saw fine forms of bowling and...what birthday is complete without pink Hannah Montana cupcakes???

Yet, I (kate) had an interesting thing happen on this festive evening. The injury happened right in between these two pictures....take a look at the "before" and "after" pictures.
Someone (not naming names...) thought it would be funny to smash a cupcake in my face...yet along with the  cupcake in my face went the candle and plastic Hannah Montana star RIGHT in my eye.

This, however could not stop the amazingness of the we partied on and sang our hearts out at a dive karaoke bar. But, the next day I did see a Dr. and he told me I had a hemorrhage in my eye. Stupid cupcakes...and I even picked them out.  Good times.


First blog of 2009.

Hey hey. So we've been all over the place the past few weeks so haven't been blogging as much, but check it out. We're back and here's a little look at what's been going on in J&K world since the EP release. :) We got to go to Canada and go snowboarding, zip-trekking, dogsledding, snowmobiling and overall got to have a fantastic time with friends. That is also where Kate celebrated her 26th birthday...yay! Here are a few pics...

Here we are getting ready to was SO cold so we were so bundled up...i mean, it was COLD.

Zip-trekking was AWESOME! Oh and we didn't both get orange jackets on purpose...haha...
Happy Birthday Kate! kate-bday
So Canada was awesome and after that we went to the lovely Los Angeles for a few days before each heading home for Christmas. Kate made her way to Chicago and Jill went to New Hampshire...both places were cold and snowy. It was good to be with family and see some old friends. Here is a picture outside of Jill's house in NH taken over Christmas...brrr...
Although the snow is pretty and lovely and everything nice (sense the sarcasm here) it was pretty exciting that we got to go celebrate the start of 2009 in warm and sunny Mexico! Here are some pictures of the Mayan ruins and some other cool stuff...
We had an awesome time. We're really glad to be back in Nashville too though. We've been writing a lot and are excited about the new song on the 17th...only 3 days away now. Get ready. :)

Peace out.


JiLLLLLLLLLLLLLL's Blog. No Kate Allowed.

Well, well, it goes.  Due to the complaints of me not blogging enough, I am writing a special blog just for YOU! Okay, so it's not that special, but it is for you.I had a grrrrrreat (like Tony the Tiger...i used to LOVE him) birthday and thanks for all of the birthday messages, comments, songs, parades....oh, no one had a parade? Next year I guess. Glasgow sang to me as most of you have seen...i wasn't embarrassed at all...not even a little!! I have my ways of getting back at people, so watch out...=) I posted some pics below of the day...the cake was SO GOOD. Chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I like Europe. I have never been here before, but i am from New England so it's practically like home, except of course for the lack of the Red Sox Nation presence here.  Also, Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and they have them here, but they are NOT...i repeat NOT the same as they are in the States. It's a bit of a tragedy because when we get home, Mini Egg season is about over so i totally missed out this year!! ahhhhhh....i'll get over it. =) I'm really excited to check out London in a few days.  It's pretty interesting seeing places you learn about in History class all through school...i wish i had listened harder...My brother and i both were born with a bit of the class clown-blood in us and i think i was making paper airplanes or cracking jokes during some of the history lessons...i'm re-learning them now.Anyway, we decided to start having themes everyday on tour. We started today with Side-ponytail day. I came up with that one...i'm pretty proud of that. I will include a picture just for kicks.  Thanks for listening to my random thoughts. Gotta go put some makeup on now. woohoo. (sense the sarcasm.) much love,j