best for you

New Song on March 17th, 2013 "Best For You" Best For You

I've heard the things you've said about me Cause everybody talks in this tiny town And You're throwing your words all around You never did learn how to shut your mouth

You're a sad little boy You got nothing to show After 10 long years On a dead end road If you stayed up high Well you might have made it But you're so afraid of loneliness You're digging your grave

And I still wish the best for you There are days that I miss you And I still wish there was something I could say or do I still wish the best for you

I see your face in a photograph Hanging on the wall in white and black And I can't take it down It's the one with your arms wrapped around my neck

We were perfect for each other we were one in the same Now your running with the others and you're bashing my name It must be hard to be so afraid But I still love you at the end of the day

If all my love was wasted If all you said was never true If all my love was wasted At least I wasted it on you

(c) Jill and Kate, 2013.

'Best For You' Song Idea

Walked down the stairs the other day and Jill was playing around on her guitar as we were waiting for our ride to the airport. She had an idea and recorded the idea & I've been listening to it non-stop. This is how songs get written...she had an idea...just started singing, formulating words/thoughts and recorded the idea into her voice memo app on her iPhone. Since arriving in DC we've been working on finishing the song. This is a super rough glimpse into the song-writing process that we wanted you guys to see. Hope you like it.

PS. I had to beg Jill to let me share it with you :)


best for you