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BTS: Dressing Rooms (31 Days- Day #29)

A question that we get asked a lot is: what do the dressing rooms look like? What's backstage like? Having toured in many different ways i.e. minivan ---->bus...tiny clubs ------>arenas and everything in between...this is something that people ask us alllll the time. So, we thought we'd dig through years of touring pics and try and give you a real look. Sometimes it's a smelly sports locker room, sometimes it's a cozy room with colorful drapes and couches…other times it's a closet with 2 folding chairs and a couple bottles of water. Most rooms have this in common: no windows. And you might think that behind that security guard and black curtain there is a magic world of champagne fountains and fairy god-mothers delivering fairy dust and chocolates…we haven't found that yet. We'll let you know when we do. Its mostly bare hallways. "Well-used" furniture.

Anyway…here are some snap shots from various dressing rooms throughout the years. Now, there may or may not be lots of selfie-in-the-mirror shots…and before you go thinking we're the most vain people on the planet…just know…sometimes we arrive at a venue at 8am and don't go onstage until 9pm or 10pm. That's lots of time. Plus, most of those 8am arrivals we are looking a little rough from sleeping on the bus or driving all night so by the time we are all made up--we wanted to document it…it's a big transformation, people! ;)




IMG_2517Say what?

IMG_2548Someone turned our "Jill and Kate" sign and wrote just "Jill." Color me offended. *winky face*

IMG_0713Loading docks are the new hallways.

IMG_1536Back of a tour bus = impromptu dressing room.

IMG_2044We like to call this "hobo-chic."

IMG_2522Bored & "...lying on the cold hard ground…" circa Taylor Swift.

IMG_5709At The Bitter End in NYC. Dressing room is literally a big closet and has stickers all over.

IMG_5922Trailor/camper dressing room.

IMG_1942Dressing rooms are better with friends in them!


IMG_2087This was a fun room. Jill is too cool for school.

IMG_5535Red Rocks in Colorado. The venue is awesome & this was literally a wall in our dressing room.


IMG_1801Black drape curtains covering lockers behind us.

IMG_1916This was in a dressing room at CTV when we were in Canada…they asked us to sign it! Fun. Fun.

IMG_2045Always good to see this in your dressing room…while you're changing :/

IMG_2056Showing off the new JANN ARDEN phone case :)

IMG_5113Shenanigans with Nicole…so fun…and a little messy.

IMG_5883Hotel room = make-shift dressing room.

IMG_0172This was in the UK. The dressing room actually had windows. Except for we literally just watched rats run back and forth….so incredibly GROSS.

IMG_1495Brown wood paneling.

IMG_2202A closet dressing room where our friend Kristyn was getting ready--literally a closet :)

IMG_2930Mirrors up.

IMG_6342Lesley helping with Kate's hair. Lesley was THE BEST dressing room setter-uper. Even if the room was a dump…she always made it livable :)

IMG_8357At the O2 arena…make shift dressing room = a hallway.

IMG_0119Never a good sign when "dirty anus" is written on the dressing room wall.

IMG_1771First show on the Jann Arden tour. Setlists, make-up…it was so tiny in there.

IMG_1805Hallway to the first arena we played OUR OWN SET AT.

IMG_1923Treadmills are sometimes in dressing rooms. That's about as close to "using it" as we got.

IMG_2104Again, dressing rooms are more fun with friends….Kristyn and the Canadian Country Duo Autumn Hill :)

IMG_2109TV station dressing room aka lobby. Chris & Jill. Take note of the venti coffee and Jill's squinty eyes.

IMG_6044Dark painted walls. Jill warming up.

IMG_6442Bathrooms and plastic chairs.

IMG_8232Water & pizza…talking set list strategy.

IMG_2279Old living room was a dressing room for our video shoot…here's Lesley again helping with Kate's shoes. She's the best.



IMG_6041Green walls…singing with our friend Reva warming up for a show.

IMG_7260Wembley arena hallways at our last Kelly gig. Signs are always helpful because sometimes every room looks the same.

IMG_8516In the UK, this was the basement of a venue. It had the most RANDOM stuff in it…

IMG_5357Bare walls but smiling faces…and wardrobe hanging behind.

IMG_9047Room with sinks.

IMG_5638Again…dressing rooms are better with friends.

IMG_2178Flowery couches, wine and a mess!

IMG_1079Apples..bare walls.

IMG_2562Bright lights…and Lesley. Yay!

IMG_2686Cinder block painted white walls….perfect for push-ups. And there are those dang black curtains.

IMG_3105Sometimes there are weird wood/locker things in your dressing room…perfect for weird photos.

IMG_3129Shnazzy carpet…perfect for napping…or crashing.

IMG_8677This was a dressing room at Dancing With The Stars…getting our hair did. It was a trailer.


IMG_1095Ignore the HUGE pile of clothes behind us. Sometimes you got to get up.

IMG_1844Orange walls and smiling faces.

IMG_2598Wall of heroes on the wall. Guitar hero drum-set that was not ours and some sass.

IMG_8104Sometimes there are cool things like this on the wall of dressing rooms. Goofy faces are optional.

IMG_8164See above. ELLEN!

IMG_8166Ignore Kate's weird face and awkward pose. This was at Ellen and we like to think this was the exact dressing room that Ellen scared Taylor and she fell on the ground.

IMG_8883Green checkered walls at The View!