10 for 10 #31Days2016

Hey hey hey. 

It's Day 10 of our 31 Days of Blogging and we are finishing up our vacation. Are you sick of hearing about beaches and sunshine yet? SORRY! But it's sort of hard to think about other things when you're in vacation mode. Soon we will be back in the cold, wintry, Christmas-y, December-y spirit...aka real life mode...but for now, we are making vacation last while we can. 

So, today we will tell you the top 10 things that we will miss the most about vacation. Here they no particular order: 

1) Dirty hair + a hat = totally acceptable at all times. 

2) Drinking starts at 11am and steadily continues until bed time. 

3) A swimsuit and coverup are the only clothes you need...(and it's totally okay to wear the same thing every day...)

4) Card games and movies are the post dinner ritual...(we mean PARTYING AND GOING HARD, YEAHHH WE'RE YOUNG!!!....but really, cards and movies, guys.)

5) Acceptable lunches = Piña Coladas + Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

6) No makeup, we repeat, NO MAKEUP

7) Reading for 5 hours a day

8) Blasting your headphones while walking the beach so you don't have to talk to strangers

9) Little to no internet access which means little to no responsibility


(Okay...we thought of 1 more because we're over achievers):


Okay, friends. Tomorrow it's back to reality, oh there goes gravity. 

But for today...we say goodbye and send you lots of sunshine-y vibes. 

Until are some more pics of you lovely, fine, friendly folks. Much love, j&k

This was in the UK! We met them at a show in Nashville while they were visiting & then they came to our show in the UK!

This was in the UK! We met them at a show in Nashville while they were visiting & then they came to our show in the UK!

Brett...he's the best. And so tan! Impressive. 

Brett...he's the best. And so tan! Impressive. 

This was in Canada while we were opening the Jann Arden tour. Still some of our best memories to date. 

This was in Canada while we were opening the Jann Arden tour. Still some of our best memories to date. 

This was while we were on tour with Kelly! 

This was while we were on tour with Kelly! 

Danielle...aka POPESTER. She's the coolest & sweetest and we just lover her.

Danielle...aka POPESTER. She's the coolest & sweetest and we just lover her.

Did I ever tell you? (Day #6)

Did I ever tell you how awesome my 30th birthday was? Well, it was pretty freakin' fabulous. Since it's almost my birthday again...(OMG...) I thought I'd share some pics from how fun last year was. I flew to Florida with Jill and we drank fruity cocktails and I read books, and laid on the beach. IT WAS HEAVEN. Here are some random pics from the trip...I can honestly not remember if I've shared them before...if I have, sue me...I'm re-sharing :)


OH SNAP, room with a view! Yeahhhhh!


Beautiful beach!


Lots of time for reflecting, music listening & selfies on the beach.


Loved walking on the beach..I mean come on, palm trees & sandy beaches? Yes please.


Yummy frozen-fruity-pina colada!


Gorgeous sunset. Big clouds and a big ocean make me feel small (in the best way.)


Not a care in the world. Just a great big moon & sky.

I wish every birthday I could go to Florida. Heck, I wish for everyone's birthday I could celebrate with them on a beach in we're talking!





Earlier in the week we got out of Nashville for a few days and escaped to mostly sunny Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It was a perfect little 2 and a half day escape from the cold that has plagued Nashville otherwise known as winter. And okay hasn't been that bad here but a chance to see the sunshine & the beach were gladly welcomed :)

We took off on Sunday morning...daylight savings morning...ahhh hem...who books a 7:45am flight on daylight savings morning? We do apparently and let me tell you...we were zombies on the plane. Not even ashamed to say that we were both asleep before taking off and there might have been drooling.

Anyhow...we landed & decided to spend the day in Savannah, GA (the airport is Savannah/Hilton Head) cause neither of us had ever's so cute & quaint. All of the squares with their beautiful gardens and historical land marks...oh and the park & bench where Forrest Gump sat...that was pretty cool.

Upon arriving at the beach we went for runs on the beach (week 7 of #C25K for the #j&k5k...wooop woop!) & found the most perfect WHOLE sand dollar! We were so committed to the run that we almost didn't stop to photograph it but we just HAD to.

Did some shopping and meandering around the island & stumbled upon this gem in a back alley further explanation necessary.

Our last night in SC we stumbled upon the greatest little Mexican restaurant...and it was in a strip mall next to a grocery store....but don't let that fool was AMAZING! The front of the menu boasted that this was the "Home of Jimmy's World Famous Margarita's"....that sounded like a challenge...but what do you know...THEY WERE THE BEST. And Jimmy made them for us. He's the handsome fella behind the bar. The food was so fresh and full of flavor. If you find yourself near must go.

Lastly we stumbled upon this cupcake shop called Sweet Carolina Cupcakes....holy moly...Hilton Head has some amazing food going on. Yum yum yum. These cupcakes were the bomb. (note that we don't have an actual picture of our cupcakes because...well....we devoured them in about 2.2 seconds...not even enough time to photograph the lovely red velvet and cookies & cream delights.) that was our lovely min-vacay. Bring on the spring & summer. So many exciting things in the works. The trip left us with one question when we returned home: we wonder if Jimmy would ever think about opening an Amigos chain in Nashville? Hahahaaaa.

Okay--off to rehearse for tomorrow night's show at The Listening Room...Nashville folks: we hope to see you there!

Much love,


Snowy Hikes, General Hooker and Some Guns

When we were up in New England I (kate) got up to a couple out-of-the-norm-while-you-are-on-tour things which were SUPER fun. I had a friend visiting so we made the best of doing some fun things up in New England. Here are some picture highlights :)

It was a mere 3 degrees outside but the sun was shining & it was beautiful!

Drove up the coast of Maine & stopped at this cute little secluded beach.

Found a path & hiked all along the cliffs. And yes...that's ice in the picture so in certain places I seriously did not want to have a clumsy moment & end up in the water. I took it slow :)

That's me in the distance.

Cute little lighthouse. I had actually been here before but it was during the summer months so it was nice to see it in a different season.

In Boston we scoped out what the New England Aquarium had to offer. My favorite part was the amazing jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. Whatever...I did a report in the 3rd grade on jellyfish...I felt we had a connection. Haha.

They were glowing. Right? #coolestthingever

Then there was THIS guy. I literally laughed out loud and could not get over how funny I thought this was. He didn't move...he was just chillen on the glass. Watching us. SO FUNNY.

These guys freaked me out. They are something like Dragon Fish found in Australia...they looked SO weird.


Walking around Boston we found this sign. I felt like I was winning.

Hit up a great breakfast spot, The Paramount. Yes, I said breakfast. Don't judge. This was my breakfast & it was delicious. Banana Caramel French Toast.

This pic was after we had left New England but I still thought I needed to share. I was on the bus in Johnstown, PA...talking to my dad on the phone...minding my own business. I stepped off the bus & was going to the bay to get something from under the bus when a security guy got my attention and said "I don't think you wanna walk that way...the policemen have their guns out." I had gotten off the bus and started walking RIGHT INTO four policemen with their guns drawn yelling at someone in a cab. It was crazy. I immediately whipped out my phone to take some pics...I know, I know...super smart. Anyway...they arrested someone in the back of a cab and the excitement was over. I know what you're story ever. Haha.

Fun In The Sun per Jill's last post, we thoroughly enjoyed our brief time in the sun a couple days ago in Jacksonville, FL. It seemed like the perfect little retreat after some pretty chilly temperatures in the North East. Also, that part of tour always seems busier than normal. With Jill's family being from that area, I had a friend visiting and our friends from college living in that area, the time up there seemed packed with loads of fun & busy days(ps. I did some very tourist-y things which I'll have to blog about later.) Totally worth every second but I think that's what made Jacksonville such a simple restful haven. We walked the beach tirelessly, strolled cute side streets & sipped coffee on patios at little local gems. We also had a little tour party out under the stars...complete with a kick butt s'more station. We played games, drank some drinks & ended the night with our feet in the water. It was dreamy. Here are a couple pics that encapsulate my love affair with Jacksonville :) -kate-


Good morning. We are in Florida right now on tour and we are trying to fully take advantage of the sun and the beach especially since we have been up in the northeast for the past few weeks. This morning, Kate, Cory and I got up early to go out on to the beach and watch the sunrise. It was one of those great moments in life when something is so simple and yet so mind-blowing at the same time. We watched the bright pink/orange sun push its way up over the ocean and break through the clouds like it was nothing...but it's not nothing! It's incredible and sometimes I forget how beautiful and amazing this world is.

Sometimes I forget to stop and just "be." I forget to go outside and breathe in the air and soak in the sunshine. I get busy or maybe just lazy sometimes, but I forget how therapeutic it can be to stop and enjoy the small moments in life. Be alone with my thoughts. Talk with God. Listen to the ocean. Watch the birds. Stare at the clouds. Be. Today was a nice reminder.