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Strangers We Love #2 {Jen Senecal, Christa Black Gifford, Alexis Jones}

Hi friends...

So we do a few ongoing series here on our blog (You Oughta Know, 31 Days of Blogging, Songs on the 17th, etc) and one of them involves introducing you to Strangers We Love.  Or SWL if you're cool like that. That's right, whoever said that "stranger danger" is a thing was WRONG. Well, maybe not…but we love how the internet and social media can connect you to different awesome people that you've never met. 

We're just like you. We start following someone and before you know it, we know everything about them and think they're just the coolest. So, here are 3 badass women (sorry mom) that we love and that are strangers to us. We think these women are amazing and you should follow them and learn from them. Because we are ALL better when we are learning from each other. Awwww yeah! Here we go: 

Jen Senecal

This woman is a boss. We found her on Instagram and have loved following her on her journey. She's a mom of 3 girls, a New England sports enthusiast (woop woop..go RED SOX!) and what you will quickly notice about her is that she is in KILLER shape. Like, she's got abs that will make you cry with jealousy. Haha, just kidding. (But not really kidding at all.) She and her friend Kelly have created a website/blog called and they post workouts, great recipes, workout tips, fashion trends, family fun ideas, etc. We adore it. Here's why we love Jen so much: Jen is a REAL woman that displays balance and grace in the midst of everyday life. She is obviously very committed and focused to workouts/eating well which is her passion, but you can also tell that she has FUN in it all. She lives. She has balance in it all. You see her killing it on a 4 mile run or some insane lifting routine, but you'll also see her enjoys cocktails with her girlfriends. It's so refreshing to follow along and be inspired by her story.  Y'all should check her and her blog out. She's a great example to follow. 

Christa Black Gifford

Full disclosure…Kate has actually briefly met Christa recently…so she's not a total stranger but still. You get the point ;) We heard about Christa through mutual friends on Instagram. This is a woman you will want to know. Go to her Instagram feed and scroll wayyyyyy back and just read the story over the past year and a half. She's a wife, mother, author, songwriter, speaker--she's kind of super-human! We heard about her as people were asking for prayer for her new daughter (Birdie) that was born prematurely. Come to find out, just over a year prior she gave birth to a little girl (Luca Gold) that only lived for about 40 minutes outside the womb. The more we read her blogs and follow her story, we realize that this woman is the real freaking deal. She has lived with immense loss and has shared every vulnerable step throughout the journey. What we've noticed as we follow along is that she keeps using the hashtag #expectmiracles. We know hashtags can be funny or trite, (#hashtagtrendy) but this one has had a HUGE impact on us. She kept praying and saying #expectmiracles under each post on Instagram about her daughter's story. This woman's faith in God to expect miracles was so inspiring. It has literally changed us. Talk about telling your story IN it and not THROUGH it. Go follow and learn from this woman. It will be a reminder that you can make it through whatever you're facing. 

Alexis Jones

Again, we found this gem on Instagram. It seems that's the place we find lots of of our favorite strangers! Anywho…Alexis is the founder of I AM THAT GIRL and we LOVE, love, love this movement. They inspire girls and women "to love, express and be exactly who they are." It may sound simple, but as girls, we know that it is actually not simple at all and these are things that we are so passionate about. Alexis also wrote the book on it. No really, she wrote the book "I Am That Girl." She is full of encouraging words, positivity and authenticity…and you guys…it's contagious. Did we also mention that she is producing a movie called "A Brave Heart. The Lizzie Velasquez Story" that releases this fall? And that she just got married to the love of her life? She chronicled it all on Instagram and it made us so hopeful and happy. People living their lives in their most authentic sense of self is more of what we need in the world. She reminds us to be our most genuine selves everyday. Go take a look at her Instagram and her blogs...we dare you not to be inspired! 

Ok, that's all for this edition of Strangers We Love! Who are strangers you love? Leave a comment! We'd love to read about people we should know. 

Much love,