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3 Steps For Making 2019 Your Fav Year Yet

So, you read yesterday’s blog and you wrote your thing down, right? You’ve written down at least ONE thing that you want to accomplish in 2019. If you are still feeling lackluster-y, here are our 3 best tips/tricks/pieces of advice for keeping your sanity.

Step 1:

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s journey. Do not go poking around and seeing what other people’s goals are. Your goals/dreams/vision are for YOU, not for your roommate Sally or for your Aunt Susan to judge or evaluate. Take confidence in your OWN journey. As our friend Chip said in this podcast: “Enjoy the drama of your own story.” Be obsessed with you — forget everyone else for the moment. Keep your eyes fixed on what you wrote down.

Step 2:

Don’t compete with anyone else’s accomplishments. Your goal might take you 6 months or a year, and someone else’s might take 2 weeks. No good comes from comparing successes — however, you know what always turns out REALLY well? When you cheer someone else on. If you cheer your friends/peers/strangers on, you will NEVER lack friends. True story. Remember, no comparing and no competing. Be obsessed with your own journey.

Step 3:

Baby steps. Have you seen the movie “What About Bob?” If you haven’t, please watch it immediately. It will make you laugh and then you will also get the “baby steps” reference. But the idea is to set small goals — to help you achieve the greater goal. Whatever you wrote down, you can absolutely accomplish, you just need to be smart about how you go about tackling it.

Need help making those practical steps? We’ve gotcha covered.

Tomorrow. Same time, same place?