Weekend Vibes


Weekend motivation:

  • Do what you love.
  • Follow your crazy dreams.
  • Do what makes your heart beat faster.
  • Say yes.
  • Say no.
  • Stay hopeful.
  • Stay grateful.
  • Make waves.
  • Go against the grain.
  • Try again.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Say no to regret.

You might be thinking...all of that sounds like gravy but how do I ACTUALLY do all of that.

We'll tell you:

  1.  Do the next best thing. That means, take whatever step you can. Take the next, best, logical (or illogical) step that you can take.  But the key here is ACTION. Movement. Write that email. Make the phone call. Go for the jog. Lace up your shoes. Clear you calendar. Ask the guy out on the date. Take action. Action creates other action. 

That's a way to start. Now you're on your way. And that's all you have to do. Start. Now's the time cause none of us are promised tomorrow. Go and do. We desperately need your idea. Your passion. Your heart. Don't believe the lie that someone else is already doing it or going to do it...we need YOU

Now go kick some ass. We're cheering you on.



NYC, Yeah You Know Me


We absolutely love traveling and exploring new cities. One of the places we decided we MUST go on our walkabout was one of our favorite places, New York City. We're going to re-cap the trip and give you a couple of go-to tips & tricks for making the most out of your NYC trip! Now, we're no NYC pros, so don't get us wrong here, but we've been a time or two, and if you're planning a first time visit, we thought we'd let you know everything we've learned about making it the best it can be.

How to get around:

First and most important travel tip we give anyone when venturing out for the first time in NYC is this: Wear comfortable shoes! The best way to see and explore the city is to walk...and walk we did! In three days, we walked almost 23 miles--that’s almost a marathon! Yes, our feet are a little sore, but the sore muscles are well worth it! However, if walking isn’t your thing--don’t worry, cabs and Ubers are everryyyyyywhere. We hopped in a few along the way when we couldn't take the blisters anymore. ;)

Where we stayed:

We hopped around to a few different places, but one of the new places we stayed on this trip was at The Park Lane Hotel and the location is enough to make you want to move in and never leave! From the moment you’re greeted by front desk, you start to feel the hustle of the city outside fade away and relaxation kick in. The staff at the front desk were warm and welcoming and even let us check-in early. :) The rooms are cozy in feel, but spacious in square footage--generally rooms are teeny-tiny in NYC, but the rooms here had plenty of space. They offer city views and park views and both are spectacular. Our absolute favorite discovery of this hotel was that every night from 5-7 they have a “hotel reception” in the Park Room. Ahhhhhh, the Park Room--what's not to love? We knew we would love the view, but we were curious to see what they had to offer and were absolutely wowed! The Park Room looks right over Central Park and they serve hors d’oeuvres, sparkling wine, beer, beverages and snacks. ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO. Say it again. ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO.  They even have milk & cookies for the younger guests, but who needs that when there's ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO. Got it? Sipping free bubbly and overlooking Central Park--yes please!

Sipping on some wine in the free happy hour :)

Sipping on some wine in the free happy hour :)


We popped into our favorite sushi spot, Koi, for lunch. The food there is inventive and creative with more offerings than just your standard sushi rolls. Our three favorite dishes are their famous crispy rice with spicy tuna, crispy rice with truffle avocado, and their rock shrimp hand rolls.


We didn’t even get a picture of the rock shrimp hand roll because we ate it so quickly. Haha...what can we say? We were hungry from all that walking! The food is so good. Our secret tip: order a side of ponzu sauce. Dip your sushi in the ponzu instead of traditional soy sauce for a flavor burst! Other items to order are: Spicy Seared Albacore, Tuna Tartare, Glazed Green Beans (they sounds mundane, but they are so yummy!)

New Favorite Discovery:

We are always looking for new fun things to try, and when we heard about this next spot, we knew we had to go and check it out. Our friend JJ brought us here and it was magical. It’s called Murray’s Cheese Shop and it’s incredible. It’s in the West Village and it’s a shop that is dedicated to all different cheeses and meats...pretty much heaven if you ask us :) Their shop is laid out so beautifully and they have everything you need to make the most killer cheese plate of your entire life. They have classes and tastings that they pair with different wines and beers! They also have a restaurant a couple doors down where we settled in and enjoyed some of the best cheese we’ve ever had. We are already dreaming of returning because really, is there ever enough cheese in your life? No, never.


Cheap Eats:

If you’re like us, when you travel frequently, it’s fun to splurge on a great fancy meal, but it’s also nice to save some money when you can. While we were walking, we passed a coffee shop called Matto Espresso that said “Everything $2” which definitely caught our attention. We peered inside and it looked like an adorable coffee shop -- what did they mean everything was $2? We decided to give it a go and had one of the best vanilla, almond milk lattes we’ve ever had! They had pastries and cookies--loads of gluten free and vegan items--all for $2. Can you say score? Save your dolla-dolla bills for your sushi -- go with the $2 coffee!


Another important thing to note about NYC is that they have incredible pizza shops. There’s nothing like grabbing a late night slice after a night out on the town. Warning--the slices are generally bigger than your face, but are so delicious. You can get a great slice for under $3 bucks! There’s even a spot called 2 Bros Pizza that has $1 slices! Yessssssss.


If you need some zen in the city:

There is nothing quite like the energy you experience on the streets of New York and that’s what makes Central Park such a haven. It’s this vast escape of green that seems endless when you’re inside, yet you’re surrounded by high rise buildings and bustling cabs down adjacent streets. On Saturday morning we grabbed an egg on a roll (another cheap eat--bacon, egg & cheese on a roll will set you back like $5 bucks and will make your heart sing because it’s so delicious) and sat in the park on a bench. The sky was blue and the view was so stunning. People passed with their strollers and happy puppies enjoying the fresh air. It’s truly a wonderful escape if you’re needing some time to clear your head from the busy streets!


We hope you’ve learned something from our trip to NYC that will be helpful the next time you explore the big apple! Our motto is: if you want a successful trip, look for the small wonders in every moment--that will make your journey not only memorable, but meaningful.

If you haven't heard it yet, we have a whole podcast episode about this NYC trip. It's called People are People and it's Episode 2 on our Girls Just Pod To Have Fun podcast!

Until tomorrow,



Pod Goals.

Hey, guys. Jill here. In case you didn’t know, we started a podcast a few weeks ago and we are having such a good time doing it. It’s called “Girls Just Pod To Have Fun”....yes, partly I love doing it because I love saying the name of it. Ha!

But, honestly, I love it. Are you into podcasts? I’ve been into podcasts for a couple years...I was late to the game, I know, but I got to a point where I needed something to listen to on long drives or while working out when music wasn’t doing it for me. I found a few that I liked and then I was HOOKED.

My favorites are mysteries, crime or Dateline-type podcasts. Serial, of course. Dirty John, S-Town, A Killing On The Cape, A Murder on Orchard Street. SUPER LIGHT STUFF! :)

But, really, on a less aggressive note, Oprah’s Soul Sessions, Shauna Niequist’s podcast if you want some inspiration...Strangers if you want some good storytelling, and...Gilmore Guys, if you’re feeling really light-hearted. I COULD GO ON ALL DAY, but I won’t .

Kate and I had talked about hosting our own podcast for a few years, but never really felt like we had a good topic or purpose for one. THEN, we sold everything we owned and totally flipped our lives upside down and decided, what a perfect time!

If you haven’t been listening, you can binge 5 episodes right now. We take you with us from Nashville to Vermont to New York To Colorado to Los Angeles, back to Nashville again and beyond. You can hear us talk to Ben Higgins (what up Bachelor nation), Ally Fallon (This will inspire the crap out of you) and of course, Kate and I talk to each other like it’s our job when we don’t have guests on with us. We tell you the story of how we got to different points in our career and the emotions we’ve encountered along the way. Also, we like to keep it somewhat light, so we talk about things like revolving doors, sushi, and lots of wine. *cheers*

Tomorrow, it’s all about me! (?!) Kate took over the microphone and used her hosting skills to ask me all the questions you could ever want to know about me. What would I bring to a deserted island? What song made me fall in love with music? Who is my celebrity crush? I know you are dying to know the answers to these riveting questions. Well, tomorrow, you can find out.  

Check it out and thanks for letting us make our dream of being podcast hosts a reality.

( PS: If you don't have Apple Podcasts or iTunes, you can listen at )



Vermont, I love you.

First off. Thanks to everyone who has sent us sweet messages, emails and tweets after that last blog. It really means so much hearing from you as we go venture out into the feels like you are here with us and that makes us feel less alone. So, thank you. It’s like you’re in our pockets with us and so you get to adventure with us.


Last week, right after posting that blog, we left for a weekend adventure in Vermont with two friends to celebrate both of their birthdays! YOU GUYS. I’m officially in love with Vermont. How is this magical place still a secret? I feel like Vermont doesn’t have nearly the street cred it should’s quaint, lovely and everyone is kind. And the food. You know my love for food and cocktails and Vermont did not let me down.

Just as a preface, things that are important to me in life, but especially on a vacation are: beautiful aesthetics and surroundings, great food, great cocktails/wine & some sort of physical activity. There will be a lot of the aboveforementioned things in this blog. 

We drove about 2.5 hours from New Hampshire and arrived in the dark so we didn’t have much context for the town, but arrived in Killington where we’d be spending the weekend. I (Kate) got super excited and giggly when I found the town name and proceeded to say: “we’re gonna be killing-it in Killington” and it was probably just as annoying as you think it would sound cause I said it any chance I could. All the other girls are from New England so they’re familiar with the town because it’s where people go ski, but I was new and LOVED my new catchphrase. #killingitinkillington

We arrived and got all checked in. We’d found this adorable mountain lodge online that’s nestled right in town. It had big leather chairs and over-sized couches surrounding multiple fireplaces, a giant hot tub, fire pits and a little cozy bar. We were either on a mountain vacation or on set for a new Hallmark Christmas movie (my literal dream.)


Obviously, we hit the bar first where I ordered an old fashioned (I know I’m an 85 year old man) but the bartender asked if I’d rather have a Manhattan. I’ve never had anyone ask me that and she proceeded to tell me that it would be the best Manhattan I will have ever had in my whole life. How was I supposed to say no to that?


She poured our drinks from their pretty fancy glasses into plastic ones so we could go sit out by the fire pit/hot tub area. It was a tad chilly outside but the fire (and whiskey) kept us warm.


Here’s the first thing that I loved about this place that I want to take with me. Fire pit culture. It’s a thing. People come and sit around the fire and they want to talk. We weren’t sitting there 10 minutes before we made our first new friends and it was awesome. It’s like when you come to the fire pit and pull up a chair you are expected to be kind, cool, and talkative. Everyone making small talk about where they’re from, what they’re doing in the mountains for the is really quite lovely. It’s like there's an unwritten rule that you are not allowed to be an asshole if you take a chair around fire pit. People come and go as they please and it’s just casual but personable. Ya know? It was funny because a group of 4 women who were a little older than us came and sat down...they had us ROLLING in laughter. Sort of fun to see the 4 of them and the 4 of us. Anyway, we talked about Nashville, the adventure we’re on and when we told them that we were a duo they didn’t believe us and forced us to sing a line of a song to see if we were telling the truth. Bahaha.


We got up the next day and ate the hotel breakfast because it was FREE and amazing. Can you say homemade cinnamon and sugar donut balls? And 12 different kind of homemade jams to go on your homemade bread? Heaven. Nothing better than sipping pumpkin spice coffee and eating fresh toast in your sweatpants with your I right? 


One of the things we all wanted to do was hike, so after breakfast we set out to find a trail. We knew we wanted something that would deliver awesome views but not something that was going to have us re-enacting any part of 127 hours if you know what I mean. The hike we picked was about an hour each way and so we decided to do it. Ok, it also had an Irish pub at the bottom. That is why we picked the trail. Good people, I cannot hide the truth-- that is why we picked this hike because we heard you can get a nice cold beer at the end of you hike. DREAMS PEOPLE, DREAMS. And by beer I mean cider because I don’t drink beer, but that’s a whole other blog.


The hike was gorgeous. Fall colors swirled all around us. Greens, reds, oranges...the first half of the hike had a serious incline that got our glutes burning but it leveled off after that. We passed other hikers and again, everyone was all talkative and friendly. We got to the top viewpoint and there were these massive boulders you could climb up and sit on. All I could hear in my head was my mother’s voice telling me not to get too close to the edge. Weird how those things come back so clearly.


We sat and took it all in. We tried not to wig out about how high we were or how one solid gust of wind could derail us completely. We took pictures and I took pictures for other people. Here’s a small side-note which Jill totally makes fun of me for. Anytime I see a couple or group of people struggling to take a selfie or taking solo shots of each other I will 100% offer to take a picture for them. If I pass you and you look like you’re struggling, I will offer to take that pic for you. It’s my contribution to the world :) Ha!

After spending some time at the top (and taking just a fewwwww pics) we hiked back down and passed these two older couples who were hiking down the mountain like BOSSES. It had sprinkled a little so the ground was sort of wet and we weren’t about to let any of these precious pies break a hip on our watch. No way. They were from Illinois and said that this was on their bucket list and they were crossing it off the list today. Whattttt? That’s incredible. Loved their spirit and I hope I’m climbing mountains, crossing things off of my bucket list in 50 years.

We promised to save them some beers at the bottom and did just that. We ate some nachos and drank some ciders--I sort of want all of my hikes to end in this manner from now on. (I took no pics of said cute Irish pub. That means I have to go back.)

The afternoon was spent in the hot tub, playing cards, was great. While we were playing cards the bartender even brought us a sample of her signature cocktail for us to test out. Again, is this real life guys? It was a Fall Sangria and it had cider, chardonnay, spiced rum, and a few other things in it….it was so good.

For dinner we went to a place that was recommended to us called Casey's Caboose and boasted a complete gin & tonic menu. Like, an entire page of the menu was just devoted to different types of gins and different types of tonics. It was incredible. Also, they had a cheese plate that had “bacon jam” on it...I don’t even know what bacon jam is but I was a total fan. I ordered the mac and cheese for dinner which I’m not sure I’ve ever ordered in my life but it was the dish that was recommended to us and I am so glad I did! The bowl was bigger than my head and sooooo good. We ended the night around the fire pit again and made all new friends. Seriously, fire pit culture needs to extend to other places.


I got Casey's Special G&T....highly recommend it. 


The next morning we lounged around playing cards in the lobby and drinking coffee. We heard about a place with the best pancakes in town and Jill’s main request of the weekend was that she has an excuse to use real VERMONT maple syrup. I don’t particularly like pancakes but was willing to give these “best ever” pancakes a tester...when in Rome ya know? All the hype turned out to be true because when we got there it was going to be an hour and fifteen minute wait! We put our names in and headed out on a trail while we Vermont of us right? The trail we hopped on was actually part of the Appalachian Trail and it made me think of all of the people that have made the journey on that exact path. It made me feel connected to all those people who’ve done that journey and reminded me how we really all walk the same roads don’t we?


We worked up an appetite and scooted back to Sugar & Spice for what turned out to be one of the best breakfast experiences of our lives. The pancakes. You guys. THE PANCAKES. And I don’t even like pancakes but, really, they were incredible. Plus, can you even see the pancakes under that ice cream scoop of butter? Ahhhh! I got the special cinnamon and sugar ones and I may never eat any other pancakes again. Literally, so delicious. We had a good laugh because on the menu it said there was an extra charge for “fake syrup.” Haha.


Vermont, I love you. You delivered on so many levels. I even bought the beanie. 


Oh and on our drive home we stopped at this know, just breathtaking gorge’s to stop and ooooh and ahhhh over.


You know that quote about doing what sets your soul on fire. Travel. Music. Storytelling. Beauty.  Literally sets our souls on fire.

Much love,




The Gift of Adventure (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

This fall we finally got back into our groove after the chaos of this year. We started writing a lot more...and we were working on a secret LULLABIES album this fall too. But we weren't just writing songs that were lullabies. We were also writing songs that reflected on our experiences throughout the year. We told you a few days ago about "Quit Worrying" which was a song that came out of the trials of this year. 

But after we wrote that song, we wrote a song that was inspired by the adventures of this year. We got to have a lot of adventures this year. We went overseas to play for the troops, met tons of new friends in Canada where we got to do things like jump off cliffs and swim under waterfalls, went paddle boarding for the first time, went on last minute road trips, became adjunct law professors, and so much more.

Adventure is a gift. It can change your mindset, your morale, and your momentum.

So in November, we wrote this song called "We Go Running" all about adventure. It's about being tired of the mundane and needing a change. It's just a fun, feel-good song and we had fun writing it. 

Writing songs is what we love to do. We love how therapeutic and healing it can be. We will continue to blog through the year this December, but as we begin to approach 2016, we will live by a line in the bridge of this song that says:

The best days are in front of us...and we won't stay, where we're stuck..

Maybe you need to join us in living by this motto? The end of a year/beginning of a new one is the perfect time to leave the past behind, learn from it, and move on. 

See you tomorrow!



When In Rome With Whitney

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

In early October, our friend Whitney came to Nashville for a visit and stayed with us for a few days.

Whitney is one of the amazing new friends we met in Canada earlier in the summer. This chick is BADASS. Can we say that? Yes, yes we can. Because she is.

She started this company called Day Designer and maybe you’ve seen them, I don’t know, IN TARGET. (She’s like royalty in design circles, which we’ll get to in a minute.)

She’s also a mom of 3 cuties, married to the best guy ever, and the definition of a solid, quality friend. Plus, she’s wicked smart and has so much business advice for us that we actually RECORD our conversations sometimes, (with her permission of course.) We learn so much from her every time we get together and also we have such a great time. So we were excited that she was coming to Nashville to hang & stay with us.

The three musketeers. 

The three musketeers. 

We sort of unloaded on Whitney (sorry Whit) about our year and how we felt a little bit overwhelmed with what to do and how to navigate the road we were on. Whitney was headed to speak at a conference in Georgia after she left us in Nashville...and being the spontaneous, helpful person that she is, she said “COME WITH ME.”

We were like, “Whitney...that’s cute and all but, no. We can’t crash your conference.” But sometimes in life you just have to trust the company you keep and TAKE A FREAKIN’ adventure. So we hopped in the car with her and headed to Rome, Georgia.

The gorgeous setting where the Pursuit conference was held. Can you say gorgeous? 

The gorgeous setting where the Pursuit conference was held. Can you say gorgeous? 

Now, we were not really supposed to be at this conference. But, we were kindly welcomed by everyone we met. We watched Whitney speak and KILL it….and then she asked us to play a few songs after she spoke. It was such an honor to share our music with these new friends.

Whitney speaking… #likeaBOSS

Whitney speaking… #likeaBOSS

Playing a few songs...

Playing a few songs...

Group shot of new (and old) friends….

Group shot of new (and old) friends….

And friends we did make! Jami, Kelli, Vanessa, Karen…..We were in a rough patch and it was so nice meeting and speaking with other women who were honest, vulnerable and real. Sometimes just being in a space where vulnerability and honesty are the norm is what helps draw it out of you. We are so thankful that Whitney had the crazy idea to take us along on this roadtrip with her. It was just what we needed.

Back to the fact that Whitney is design royalty...everything she does is BEAUTIFUL. It was so fun seeing people get excited to meet her...CELEB STATUS y’all :) Like, seriously go follow her on Instagram right now. And get a Day Designer because she has created something that is not ONLY beautiful, but will help you organize your days and your life with ease.

Thanks Whitney for being someone we can look to for advice AND adventure!  To many more adventures together! xo j&k

Oh (Sweet) Canada! #31DaysofBlogging

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

A few days after we got back from Ohio, we took off for a Canadian adventure. We flew to Vancouver and joined a bunch of brand new friends for a trip to Malibu, Canada. Our friend Bob (and his wife Maria) invited us up to their lodge which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. We had to take several buses and boats to get there and it was totally worth it! The few days we got to spend up there were focused solely on resting, reflecting, swimming, jumping off waterfalls, and meeting new AMAZING friends. It was such a necessary break for us.


There was no cell service and no internet service (like, when we say NO service, we mean NONE) which was incredible. It was a little unnerving at first. I can’t tell you how many times I reached for my phone to check it. Check what? I don’t know, just whatever it is that I check when I look at my phone. But, it didn’t work there. We really are addicted to our phones and to constant online communication. You never realize how dependent you are on it until it’s completely gone.

And then this amazing thing happens: You realize that you CAN actually LIVE without it!


We didn’t tweet and guess what? The world didn’t stop.
We didn’t post a picture to Instagram and guess what? We are still alive and well!
We didn’t text anyone and guess what? Nothing happened!

It sounds ridiculous, but seriously. When was the last time you didn’t look at your phone or a computer for 3 days? It’s crazy.

For me, (Jill) I realized that it gave me some time to see where I was with myself. All of the crap that had gone on during the past few months had affected me much more than I had even realized. I was drained, weary, and discouraged. Even though we knew that there was purpose in getting fired and feeling displaced, it didn’t mean that it was easy to go through.

The 3 days at Bob & Maria’s lodge in Canada gave me time to reconnect with myself. There was so much time to be silent, think, and process. One thing that I did while I was there was I got baptized. It’s a longer story than I’ll write on here, but I’ve never been baptized even though I’ve been a Christian most of my life. This was so cool for me. I was able to share in this with new friends that we made over this weekend who have become some of my closest friends even in such a short time. It was definitely the highlight of my trip. It was a time for me to rekindle my relationship with God, be more honest with myself, and have a fresh start.

I felt like this was a chance to start over. I left the lodge with such a new excitement and appreciation for life. The people who we spent time with there were SUCH GREAT PEOPLE. This trip was almost exactly halfway through the year and it was a visible SHIFT for us. A turning point. We met inspiring friends who are doing AMAZING things in this world like rescuing child soldiers, writing life-changing books, making inspiring music, running successful, meaningful companies, and so much more. 

As Bob often says, "God doesn't send us notes, he sends us people" and "love everybody, always." We couldn't agree more. We are big believers in the idea that relationships are the most important thing in life. When it comes to REALLY GOOD friends, our cups overflow like crazy and we couldn't be more grateful.

Speaking of really good friends, let’s talk about our friend Jann Arden. She’s Canadian (as most awesome people are) and we decided to go have a visit with her since we were already in that neck of the woods for our trip to the lodge.

So we finished up our time at the lodge and jumped on a flight from Vancouver to Calgary to spend a few days with Jann.

If you don’t know her, YOU SHOULD. Jann is a singer/songwriter/author/lover-of-people/lover-of-animals and SO much more. She is freaking hilarious and she’s one of the kindest, most humble, outrageously generous souls we know. We had the awesome opportunity last year to open her tour in Eastern Canada and it was to-date our favorite tour we have ever done. Jann has supported us in our music and in our lives like none other. It’s not often that artists are so incredibly supportive of other artists, but Jann is an incredible example of what it means to champion other artists.

On the #janntour last year…this was walking out to play our first ARENA. That's right, we were OFF THE WALL   excited.

On the #janntour last year…this was walking out to play our first ARENA. That's right, we were OFF THE WALL excited.

We had such a great time at Jann’s. She took us to some of her favorite places in town, we took walks down #JannsRoad (search that hashtag on’s beautiful!), went to Banff, and spent hours talking about life and music. She also let us preview her Christmas album (which is out now) and has become our most-played Christmas album this season!



Jann is such an encourager and a mentor to us. She has lived this crazy music-industry life and we have so much to learn from her. She is humble, strong, vulnerable, kind...and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is always down for a good laugh...and laugh, we did!

This trip was so life-giving for us. Like we said, it was a SHIFT in our year.

Remember, in life, there are seasons. So if you are in a really terrible time, it WILL get better. If you’ve been in a lull, a drought, a funk....the SHIFT is coming. Be ready for it. Be excited. Be hopeful. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who help you to be your BEST self. 

Tomorrow the blogging continues.



Now What Does This Make Possible (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.


We got the call that we were fired while we were in Los Angeles to play our own show.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in sunny LA after a stressful few weeks (Afghanistan, being called HUGE, etc.) to get FIRED in a 1 minute phone call. 

But if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that life doesn’t always make sense….that ambivalence is present in almost every situation that you face and it is better to embrace it than to get freaked out by it.

So, we woke up in LA in our AirBnB in West Hollywood, got a phone call that we were fired, and then drove to Santa Monica to sit on the beach and drink Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! Because when you have an Iced Vanilla Latte and a ridiculous view of the Pacific Ocean, life’s pretty darn good....fired or not fired!

We were there with our friend Chris (you remember Chris from earlier in this series) and we all decided to not let anything get us down. We were in LA, playing the Hotel Cafe the next night, hanging with friends, and we wanted to enjoy every minute.

Los Angeles has been such a significant city to us in our career. It’s where we got our first big job in the industry. It’s what inspired some of our most meaningful songs….(if you have no knowledge about this, check out our song, Burn It Down.)

It’s where we performed on shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, The AMA Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Ellen….

This city is full of incredible memories for us. Some good, some bad. It’s where some of our best days and some of our worst days have happened. So it’s significant that all of this craziness that had happened in the past few weeks came to a head while we were in LA.

We were a bit thrown off by getting fired...confused, angry, scared, upset,...the emotions were running rampant. There is nothing quite like that feeling of having been treated unjustly. But again, we didn’t want getting fired to affect us negatively. We had songs to write, shows to play, things to do! We knew we had to stay level-headed for our show at The Hotel Cafe.

We LOVE playing this venue. We’ve played it twice now, but we’ve also seen some amazing shows there. (One of those shows was Patty Griffin who you may know is one of our favorite artists of all time. To play on the stage that we had seen her play on a few years ago is always surreal.)

Okay, let us have our geek out moment here for a minute…(remember, we’d had a rough day the day before, we had NO idea what our year would now look like, and we needed something good to happen.)

Then…...Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman came to our show at The Hotel Cafe!

Guys, PARENTHOOD. Gilmore Girls. The Duff. You get the idea.

Talk about 2 of the coolest people around? These two.

(Most-joy-to-ever-be-had in a selfie…ever. And yes, we are sweaty and gross but you guys, it was so hot in there and sweat + nerves will run their course…as displayed in our hair.) 

(Most-joy-to-ever-be-had in a selfie…ever. And yes, we are sweaty and gross but you guys, it was so hot in there and sweat + nerves will run their course…as displayed in our hair.) 

See, we had written a song earlier in the year called “Someday, Someday, Maybe” after reading Lauren’s book. (READ IT!) We were so inspired by the story that we wanted to write a song about it. So we sent it to her and she actually listened to it and liked it!

We got to play the song live at our show that night in LA with her in the audience and that was pretty cool/scary/awesome/*enter every other emotion here*.

We also got to talk to so many of you guys after the show which is one of our favorite parts about doing what we do. We love meeting you all and hearing your stories. This show was such a good distraction from all the other crap that was going on in our world at the time. Just know that your support in coming out to the show, bringing us gifts, telling us your stories...those are huge encouragements to us!

We stayed in LA for a few more days after the show and started to think about what the rest of the year might look like for us now. We had planned on being on tour with the other artist for the rest of the year and because of that not happening, we now had a huge blank calendar in front of us. We had no plan and no income. But at the same time, anything was possible! We had a wise friend/counselor (Al Andrews...LOVE you Al!) say to us: “Focus on asking yourself the question ‘Now...what does this make possible?’”

So that was the question we began asking ourselves as we started to think about where we were headed this year….

If you're stuck with an unforeseen road block or upsetting situation in your life that you weren't planning on…maybe now is a good time to ask yourself….

What does this make possible?

The journey continues tomorrow...tune in and follow along.



PS. Thanks for all the love and support over our blogs the past few days. We knew we needed to share our story and the fact that you all are sharing it, telling us your own stories and helping spread a positive voice about being brave is bringing us so much joy.

Tis the season indeed…


Kruger Park Pictures

On our last day and a half in Africa we went to Kruger Park for a little bit of quality time with nature and the beautiful African animals. It might be one of our favorite spots on the planet. There is something about driving around and seeing these giant animals in their natural habitats. The giant sky. The sunrises and sunsets. Everything about this place is magical. During this time we saw tons of huge elephants...and so many baby elephants...they were adorable.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time and wanted to share some pics with you guys.




Early morning sunrise & fog.



 One of the entrances to the park.

photo 1


 A huge group of elephants walked right in front of our car and down the hill into the river. So cool!




The only place you are allowed to get out of your vehicles is on this huge time!








I (kate) loved spending quality time with my dad :) He's the best.

photo 3-1




This is a series of  pics entitled: "Carolyn steals Ryan's camera. Selfies ensue. Ryan's butt makes a cameo."




Windy with the window open.  14402388458_73ee15da77_z

Breakfast under a tent. SO excited about coffee!





Trying to take a selfie with an elephant in the background.

photo 1-1

There's the pic!



Open aired vehicles are the VERY BEST THING.







photo 4




Vultures in the tree.



This was in the elephant museum. We were loopy tired by this point.


 Philip is the orphan home director in Zimbabwe and a dear friend. He's more like family actually. Love him!

photo 5



 So much love. 


Bill using his camera to take pics on a viewing deck. We saw hippos and heard the crazy noises they make.




photo 3

Cape Buffalo.

photo 5-1

Our last night in the park we enjoyed a dinner under the stars!