An Open Letter To Adele (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.


Kate here. So, did anyone else absolutely lose it in November when Adele released the 29 second teaser of “Hello?” No. Just me? It’s cool. I’ll own it. I lost it. I literally listened to it about a million times...which PS. ...thank you Nicki Manaj for filming it and tweeting it. After listening about 15 times, I cried. I did. I went up to my room, laid down on my bed, listened to it over and over and cried (not dramatic at all, right?) I cried because something in me resonated with the pain in her voice and with the simple words. But it felt like the words were resonating from so deep within me. It’s what I have felt so many times. “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over, everything. They say that time’s supposed to heal us, but I ain’t done much healing.” Ughhhhh, it hit me so hard. I listened. I cried. And I could not wait to hear the rest of the song and the whole album.

So the week the album came out and I listened from top to bottom, I wrote this letter to Adele and I thought it’d be fun/awkward to share it with you. Haha. Allow me this nerd-fan-girl-moment if you will. 

An Open Letter To Adele:

Dear Adele,

Thank you for making music that makes me feel like something is broken inside me and yet is being fixed simultaneously. The songs shed light on the darkest crevices of my heart and pour warmth back in, all at the same time.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us and reminding us that we’re all in this together. That we’re all living similar stories and feeling the same things. Thank you for being honest with your truths...I think it makes us all braver in telling our own truths.

Thank you for having a smashing, literal-record-breaking career and only having a 9 week old Instagram account. Thank you for not having distracting bells and whistles. You remind me that the best way to bring my art into the world is to be myself. To not bend to the status quo or “what has worked before," but to be me. Thank you for being you. All you. Your talent is bettering the world because it is authentically you. I know it couldn’t have always been easy, so thanks for easing the path for others.

Thank you for not sharing your each and ever-loving thought with us while you’ve been “off the grid.” Thank you for having a life, and living it, because of that I feel like you’ve been able to give us these songs. I don’t know what you ate for lunch two weeks ago, I don’t know what vacations you took over the last year or what other celebrities you’ve bumped into. Thank you for living your life. Thank you for not making your job suddenly “being famous.” Thank you for taking the time to fully live and letting these songs marinate and be birthed. You’ve set a good example for me. From living, is where the songs come from. The heartache, the joys, the surprises, the losses...if we aren’t living, we’ll miss all of this.

Thank you for singing. You’ve always sung and you’ve made people realize what a gift vocal chords are. You’ve honed your craft. I remember seeing you play to a sold-out crowd in Boston at the Orpheum Theater. You were so present and engaged on stage. You honored the audience. You stood there and sang...and it was wonderful.  

This new album is my favorite so far. The whole album has an effortless cool. It feels original and authentic and somehow familiar. And those alter-melodies...good God, they’re glorious!!! Well done! They remind me that while we think one thing is going on in our lives, there can often be a totally different thing unfolding simultaneously--sometimes we push against them but ultimately they make it better.

Thank you for making music that I can’t wait to play for my children someday. Thank you for being a classic.

I hope you keep living life to the fullest and writing songs that bring emotion to the surface.

You are a National Treasure Adele and I am grateful for you.

With much love,