Winter Accessories

To make it through the cold, bitter winter you need a few are some j&k winter-weather survival tips: 1. Aveeno Intense Repair Cream

This is not for the summer days folks. This stuff is the big guns for under-hydrated winter skin. It has oat essence so it helps calm any pesky dry skin irritations and will leave your skin moist and dreaming of summer.

2. A Warm Scarf

Any scarf will do...but his one Kate's mom handmade for she knit it from scratch!! Warm, cozy & we love the bright pink color...spruces up any drab winter woes. For some reason if your head and neck stay reasonably warm you can generally handle the cold.

3. Hot Chocolate...or really any warm beverage.

Nothing like warming your insides with a nice sugary cup of hot chocolate. Yes and yes.

4. Lip balm

You gotta keep your lips smooth & hydrated....New Years Eve is coming up ;) Nothing worse than chapped, cracked lips. Keep them kissable with Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

5. Flip-Top Glove/Mittens (combined!)

Not sure what the technical name for these is, but they are gloves where your fingers can breathe, but you can flip the mitten over for warmth. Highly functional. Also there are lots of cute options out there. Two thumbs up.

6. Beanie or Ear Cover

Don't think for a second that the ol' j&k are gonna forget our favorite winter accessory: the headpiece. Whether it be a beanie or ear warmer, ear muffs, or any other type of winter can bet it'll be on our heads during these cold months.

Stay warm! Stay hydrated! Beat the winter blues! :)