Valentine's day

L to the Ove. (LOVE)

Happy Valentine's Day. And with that statement some of you hurt. You sunk into your chairs a little deeper. You rolled your eyes. Some of you even read "Happy Singleness Awareness day" instead.

We don't have any magic potions or words of life-changing significance. Sorry. We just wanted to say that we get it. We have both spent Valentine's Days in relationships, other Valentine's Days not in relationships. We both have had periods of that blissfully giddy can't-stop-thinking-about-him days and days when we think "Will there ever be a normal guy to ask me out?"

Whatever situation you find yourself in...married, single, engaged, just broken up with, monk, nun, old or young--whoever you someone that you love them today. Show love. But here's the catch. Tomorrow and the next day too. And the day after get the point. And notice we didn't say tell someone you love them. We said show. While hearing that you are loved is important and powerful....we have learned from our friend Bob Goff that LOVEDOES. Love's an action word.

We are not saying to go buy a dozen roses to show someone you love them or to do something major...just a small action of love. Maybe it's picking up that piece of trash that's sitting out in front of your neighbor's lawn. No one might notice or even see but you will be doing it! Maybe it's babysitting for your friends who have kids who desperately could use a dinner alone. Maybe it's doing the dishes for your mom. Maybe it's eating lunch at school or work with the person who clearly has been isolated. There are a million things you could do. Let today be the launching pad for love.

Yes, we all want that romantic comedy love story to be ours. So yes, it's hard when you find yourself without that special someone on a day where you feel like it's constantly in your face. We get it. If you feel like you're alone, you're not. If you want to sit in your room all day throwing chocolates at the all means...we've all been there. But if you can muster the strength to propel it.

You are worth it.