Snowy Hikes, General Hooker and Some Guns

When we were up in New England I (kate) got up to a couple out-of-the-norm-while-you-are-on-tour things which were SUPER fun. I had a friend visiting so we made the best of doing some fun things up in New England. Here are some picture highlights :)

It was a mere 3 degrees outside but the sun was shining & it was beautiful!

Drove up the coast of Maine & stopped at this cute little secluded beach.

Found a path & hiked all along the cliffs. And yes...that's ice in the picture so in certain places I seriously did not want to have a clumsy moment & end up in the water. I took it slow :)

That's me in the distance.

Cute little lighthouse. I had actually been here before but it was during the summer months so it was nice to see it in a different season.

In Boston we scoped out what the New England Aquarium had to offer. My favorite part was the amazing jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. Whatever...I did a report in the 3rd grade on jellyfish...I felt we had a connection. Haha.

They were glowing. Right? #coolestthingever

Then there was THIS guy. I literally laughed out loud and could not get over how funny I thought this was. He didn't move...he was just chillen on the glass. Watching us. SO FUNNY.

These guys freaked me out. They are something like Dragon Fish found in Australia...they looked SO weird.


Walking around Boston we found this sign. I felt like I was winning.

Hit up a great breakfast spot, The Paramount. Yes, I said breakfast. Don't judge. This was my breakfast & it was delicious. Banana Caramel French Toast.

This pic was after we had left New England but I still thought I needed to share. I was on the bus in Johnstown, PA...talking to my dad on the phone...minding my own business. I stepped off the bus & was going to the bay to get something from under the bus when a security guy got my attention and said "I don't think you wanna walk that way...the policemen have their guns out." I had gotten off the bus and started walking RIGHT INTO four policemen with their guns drawn yelling at someone in a cab. It was crazy. I immediately whipped out my phone to take some pics...I know, I know...super smart. Anyway...they arrested someone in the back of a cab and the excitement was over. I know what you're thinking...best story ever. Haha.

48 in a 35.

Those are words you never like to hear.  Especially when coming from the mouth of a police officer.  Yes, because you're a smart person you've already put it together.  I got a speeding ticket today.  It's me, Kate. My first speeding ticket ever.  It all happened so fast--I had just turned onto a bridge and do not really see how I could have already made it to 48 mph but all of a sudden this motorcycle cop (which let's face it are the WORST kind) is coming towards me, turns around and pulls me over.  I had no rush of adrenaline, no fear of getting a ticket because I had NO idea I was speeding or doing anything wrong.  I was actually on my way to find a Starbucks because I was needing some major caffeine.  Being in an area of Nashville I do not know well, I had my iPhone in hand with my directions...and BAM...48 in a 35 happened.   All this to say--Nashville has the nicest police officers...well my officer was nice.  He even gave me very simple directions to Starbucks.  He also told me about traffic school so the ticket wouldn't be on my record.  Ahhh....so it really wasn't that bad.  It all happened so darn fast...I'm glad it happened in Nashville...

And I think Jill got her first speeding ticket almost a year ago to the day...weird.

So folks, slow down and save yourselves from hearing the words 48 in a 35. 

Love it.



Here are some pics from the past few weeks.... arch.jpg

This is when we were in St. Louis recording...the arch above :) jill-ticket.jpg Jill and I decided to drive from St. Louis back to Nashville because it was cheaper to rent a car and drive.  We were so excited and listening to the sessions we had just done in the studio that little Miss Jill forgot to look at the speedometer...which resulted in us meeting this fine highway patrol man (pictured above) who gave Jill a $75 dollar reminder not to speed.  Yet....we did ask him if he liked what he heard blasting from the radio...he did and asked jill to sign the ticket and then hoped she would become famous so he had her autograph.  Pretty lame...


The next two pics are us at our favorite coffee place in LA.  The Coffee Bean.  YUM.  Jill is posing and I look like a poser.  I'm holding the amazing vanilla powder....and I'm excited about it. Haha...


LA has great food.  The pic below is us at our favorite sushi place in LA.  Doesn't my carrot look fake?


This is how little space they give you on an airplane...


But the flight is worth it for this alone....