A Simple Way To Cheer Yourself Up

Sometimes, we go to Pinterest and look through the humor section to make ourselves laugh. Laughter is a cure for so much. Honestly, look through these, laugh for about 10 minutes and watch how you noticbly have more energy and a lifted spirit. Laughter is everything.  


You're welcome. 

Love and laughs,


Daily Odd Compliment - Christmas Edition (Day #21)

As you probably know, we are both obsessed with Pinterest. One of the things we love finding on there are "Daily Odd Compliments" because they are weird and funny. We saw this quote a few years back around Christmas time and we think it's a good Daily Odd Compliment--Christmas style.

"If a fat man comes into your room in the middle of the night and shoves you into a bag...don't be's because I told Santa I wanted a friend like you for Christmas! "

Hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas week!
Thanks for continuing to tune in to 31 days of blogging!


Holiday Hoopla (31 Days of Blogging Begins!)

Every year December rolls around and we do our annual 31 Days of Blogging *cue the theme music* Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! We will be blogging here every day this month so bookmark it, people ( and share this wonderful month with us :) We've been decorating for the holidays and have been in full Christmas go time mode! Ahh--it's the best time of year!!! We think Pinterest has changed holidays forever. Here are some hysterical and awesome and hysterically awesome things we found on Pinterest for the upcoming Christmas season:

1beeb6a57a4e6e5448756e38a5f406e6Melted snowman cookies? Come on....ridiculously cute but we fear if we made these they would look a wee bit different.

ee2aae9785584d0e0c73b06bb717f72cAny excuse for a cute, fruity cocktail is a win/win. Love a Cranberry mojito idea!

694d27f6130ef6bd754a4d7170506b07What a cute way to package things! So fun!


What? Haha. What does this even mean?




Yes. Bigger no.

6c77ec4b282385c734ca4764b01280d1This is why Pinterest is awesome...cause of gems like these. Hahaa....

Bring on the Holiday cheer....

And 30 more days of blogging!

LOVE and candy cane goodness,




Pin to the Rest

What's the dealio with this time-sucker called Pinterest? For reals. Are you on it all the time? Don't you love it? Gosh. You can find just about anything to do on there. Like...find a comforting quote when you are going through a hard time. Find a creative way to re-use your toilet paper rolls in 1,000 different ways. Make bath scrub from only 3 ingredients. Find your next perfect decorating tool. Re-decorate your next 5 houses. It's so crazy. If you want to see what Kate is pinning you can click here.

If you want to see what Jill is pinning you can click here.

Or if you want to see what we both are thinking and pinning at exactly the  same time you can click here.

Cause really, why have 1 Pinterest account when you could have 3???

What are your favorite boards?


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Have a great day :)


Things I Like (February 23)

"F-R-I-E-N-D-S." It's now on Nick@Nite...what's not to love about that? Flip-Flops. We have been in Florida for the past week and I've been able to wear flip-flops daily. It's like a dream. If I could wear flip-flops every day for the rest of my life, I would. They are far superior to my opinion.

The show "An Idiot Abroad." It's our favorite show to watch on the bus on this tour. It is AWESOME. If you need a new show to watch, check it out. I think you'll be glad you did.

Pinterest. Why was I so late to the party on this? It's brilliant and addicting and inspiring. What's not to like?

This hilarious skit from SNL last week:

Those are the things I like this week.