Christmas Project…That We Need Your Help With! (31 Days - Day #8)

Hey guys. So we have a little something we'd love for you to participate in…cause it's CHRISTMAS TIME…time to spread joy!

Here's what to do:

Find your very favorite Christmas photo of yourself. It could be one from your younger days….or a goofy one...




Or a nice family photo...



It's really up to you.

Send your selection to and we will be featuring as many as we can in a Christmas video!

Just a little something to get us all into the holiday spirit! We are excited to see your amazing pics. Make sure you send them to us by 12/15…you've got 1 week people….1 WEEK! Let us see your pics!

Yay. We're excited.




Selfie Sunday (Day #29)

So...since it's Sunday & pop culture has deemed it #selfiesunday I decided I would scroll through my iPhoto & see what pics I never posted from this year :) Get ready for Kate's face in 2013....


London baby!


One of my friends at the Houses of Hope Africa :)


Blurry pic (and not a selfie) of Ryan, Jill and my dad in the elephant museum in Kruger Park, South Africa.


Special Zoo souvenir cup...boy that thing comes in handy.


Got some new black rimmed glasses. Love them.


Trying on dresses for a "Downton Abbey" themed party...YOU ARE WELCOME FOR THIS PIC YOU GUYS!!

IMG_0117At the said party (not in pink dress) with my fabulous friend Kennedy.


If I had to pick a last meal...this would be it. No, both of those fries were not mine...but yes, they were animal style.


Little brothers flew to Nash to spend their Spring Break with their big sis.


Not a selfie but this was starting our first ever j&k5k...SO FUN!

IMG_0662Hanging with my favorite little baby.


Early morning. Beauty and the Beast mug...enough said.




Mischief in the Chipotle cup.


My favorite Nico.




Getting my hair did for our video shoot!


My dad brought me these earrings from one of his trips to Africa.


Big scary hair, don't care.




My favorite selfie with a Swede.


Enjoying a rusk with my coffee...another treat my dad brought me from South Africa.


Veggie straw car boredom.


I don't even know.


Sun roof.


Really wrinkled shirt. Sorry Tony, I didn't bust out the iron.


Wanna-be 1940's hair & make-up.




Drinking from my very cool Amber Sweeney mug.


Fancy ballet selfie with the brothers.


Cocktail hour.


Ugly sweater run.


My mom bought my whole family flannel shirts. And yes I was in a hallway and yes the toilet photo-bombed my pic.

Well folks, there you have it. A lot of unnecessary pics of me.

I decided I take a lot of pics in the car and while drinking things. Weird.

And if you don't you know :)

2 days left in 2013. Who's excited about 2014? I AM.



We Need You!! (and your photos/videos)

Hey hey hey! It's been fun seeing a lot of you lately at shows and what not. Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

We want to connect with you more and document all of our good times together, so we are asking for your help!

If you have any photos or videos of you and a show, after a show, at a Kelly show, at a random Karaoke party ;) or wherever it may be, and you want to share the love...please send them to our team at so we can post all of our good times together! They can be old or new or whatEVER!

DO IT TO IT!! :)

much love...and more to come soon....


Britain, Baggage, and the Biebs.

Some pictures from our recent travels across the pond...

Our flight to London was we flew from Detroit to Paris, then Paris to London...all ending with all of us arriving in London with absolutely zero luggage.

Landing in Paris...what's that you say?

That is the Eiffel Tower in the gray distance...


BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance

Jill rocking the mandolin...

We were up bright & early...Jill running in Regent Park...

So pretty.

Kate running...yes we are those people who say "Take a picture of me running!" Got to document people. Got to document.

Girlie shot on the set of "This Morning"

London London Bridge

This picture should be a whole separate blog. I (kate) wanted to introduce you guys to my new assistant, Kelly. The paparazzi snapped this shot of us getting out of a van going to lunch. Clearly, I look annoyed in this pic because I told her to hold the umbrella six inches above my you can see, she's slacking. She looks kinda scared cause when I get upset I throw my phone at her. I think the next time she'll think about holding the umbrella at the appropriate height.


People tweeted this pic at us with all sorts of snarky comments about how I should be holding the umbrella for Ms. Clarkson...couldn't not play along and have some fun with it :)

Diva's gotta have her watermelon juice.

Soundcheck at Wembley Stadium

Lots of laughter in this van ride. Like, LOTS.

Oh hey Coldplay. *kate dies*

Right before taking the stage after Coldplay...Kate's smile could not have been ANY bigger. She was on iCloud 9.

Performing with Kelly!

Woohoo. Butt shot.

A little "Call Me Maybe" photo with Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber

We sing her song all the time...she is so super sweet!

I'm gonna point at I'm gonna point at you...

Watching the rest of the performers with our gang. Good times.

British breakfast in the London airport before flying home.

When we got home, our friend Reva was in town...she came over and played some of her new songs for us. Perfect end to the trip.

Had a super fun time with y'all at our StageIt show last night! Will post all those fun pics over the weekend.

Off to Canada!!!



Checking In...

It's been a little while since we've blogged...sorry! Here's what's been going on in j&k no particular order:

SPRING!!!! The trees were blossoming in Springfield, MO and the weather was amazing. Love it.

Our AWESOME friends sent us a giant cookie cake and a huge basket of cookies, cake pops and goodies to our dressing room. It was one of the best days ever. Seriously, a giant cookie cake can really make any day great...Not to mention having the greatest friends around.

Jill and Miles were cracking themselves up by putting chip clips on their fingers. Lots of time to kill on the bus. Obviously Miles was extremely amused by this. Or in severe pain. Not sure.

Rockband in our dressing room! We never had time to actually play, but we did pretend to play...haha.

We went on a 3.5 hour walk with Cory in Sioux Falls, SD to find the falls. It was exhausting, but so fun! Also, it was our first time to South Dakota. Beautiful...and a great crowd!

Thanks for the Canada mittens! They are awesome!!

We decorated the bus with pictures from all of our travels over the years. Here is a picture of Kate in front of the pictures. She is wearing a scarf around her head...not sure why. Again, we have a lot of time to kill on the bus.

So that's a little peak into our last few weeks. Hope you've been enjoying yours. St. Patty's Day tomorrow...Wear green and catch some leprechauns!



Sunrise Over The Falls...

Randomly woke up way too early while we were in Niagara Falls....opened the shades & saw the sun breaking through the clouds...

It was pretty cool. Except all that fast, rushing water scares me a this time around this picture is about as close as we got to the falls :)

But let's not forget the last time we were there...ummm...awhile ago...we got this close:

That's right. We were CLOSE. So this time we stayed indoors and admired the falls from afar.

Good times in Canada...but more about that later :)


Snowy Hikes, General Hooker and Some Guns

When we were up in New England I (kate) got up to a couple out-of-the-norm-while-you-are-on-tour things which were SUPER fun. I had a friend visiting so we made the best of doing some fun things up in New England. Here are some picture highlights :)

It was a mere 3 degrees outside but the sun was shining & it was beautiful!

Drove up the coast of Maine & stopped at this cute little secluded beach.

Found a path & hiked all along the cliffs. And yes...that's ice in the picture so in certain places I seriously did not want to have a clumsy moment & end up in the water. I took it slow :)

That's me in the distance.

Cute little lighthouse. I had actually been here before but it was during the summer months so it was nice to see it in a different season.

In Boston we scoped out what the New England Aquarium had to offer. My favorite part was the amazing jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. Whatever...I did a report in the 3rd grade on jellyfish...I felt we had a connection. Haha.

They were glowing. Right? #coolestthingever

Then there was THIS guy. I literally laughed out loud and could not get over how funny I thought this was. He didn't move...he was just chillen on the glass. Watching us. SO FUNNY.

These guys freaked me out. They are something like Dragon Fish found in Australia...they looked SO weird.


Walking around Boston we found this sign. I felt like I was winning.

Hit up a great breakfast spot, The Paramount. Yes, I said breakfast. Don't judge. This was my breakfast & it was delicious. Banana Caramel French Toast.

This pic was after we had left New England but I still thought I needed to share. I was on the bus in Johnstown, PA...talking to my dad on the phone...minding my own business. I stepped off the bus & was going to the bay to get something from under the bus when a security guy got my attention and said "I don't think you wanna walk that way...the policemen have their guns out." I had gotten off the bus and started walking RIGHT INTO four policemen with their guns drawn yelling at someone in a cab. It was crazy. I immediately whipped out my phone to take some pics...I know, I know...super smart. Anyway...they arrested someone in the back of a cab and the excitement was over. I know what you're story ever. Haha.

Random Pics From The Start 'O 2012.

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Kate warming her hands over a toaster at rehearsals. Inventive, yes?

No caption necessary. <3

Jill's guitar rack at rehearsals.

From the sky.

Cold rehearsals in New Orleans. Brrr!

"No Errors" on the treadmill screen. Is that a word of encouragement or a threat?

SNL day!!

Group shot right before we went on live!

Kate's ear pack had Eminem's name on the back......pretty kick A.

30 Rockefeller Plaza!