Oh Ben Affleck.

So the Oscar's huh? We were with friends last night having dinner and watching the grand show...it was weird right? A few times it seemed like we were all in the twilight zone. Neither one of us can claim great knowledge and wisdom in the area of film-making but this Awards show seemed a little all over the place. But, all that said, it's still fun to see the dresses, the speeches, the falling on stage (btw...Jennifer Lawrence is numero uno in our books...if you can fall accepting your Oscar, still get a standing ovation and look like Cinderella doing it....YOU GO GIRL. We are in your corner and rooting for you.) Anywho...there was a show-stopping moment when Ben Affleck (wasn't he just the cutest) was receiving his award...and we wanted to say a personal thanks to Ben for reminding us of this: "Don't hold grudges." Those are wise words. Hard words to put into daily action. Why are we so predisposed to holding onto things? Let them go people. And by people we are by all means including ourselves. It's a daily fight to do.

If you see someone who is happy and blissfully walking though life, it's probably not because they've never been screwed over or hurt...they have....they've just learned to not hold onto it. By  holding onto the hurt that someone else has caused you, you are giving that person or situation power over your life and letting the hurt recirculate. We've all heard the old proverb that compares holding onto hate/hurt/anger/grudges to drinking your own poison and expecting the other person to hurt. Oh, but it's hard. It's hard to see unjust things carry on. It's hard to feel wronged. But, in the end...letting it go will set you free.

Be free. Sing free. Love free.

" And work harder than you knew you could."

Thanks Ben, you handsome thing you for inspiring us last night... -j&k-