One Last Thing

One Last Thing

We've done this before on another post called One Last Thing and it was pretty fun, so let's do it again.

The Last Time I Cried:

Jill: Believe it or not, watching the commercials during the Olympics. The actual events make me a little emotional as well, but those dang commercials get me every time.

Kate: The other night in my bunk. I was having an overwhelmed/girlie/crymy eyes out moment…I was listening to depressing music…aka…”Farewell” by Rosie Thomas…hadn’t cried that hard in awhile…kinda felt good to get it all out.

Last Greeting Card I Sent:

Jill: My brother’s birthday was July 31 and I sent him a funny Awkward Family Photos Card. I love those. I could stand in the greeting card aisle all day and read funny cards.

Kate: Well…I haven’t sent it yet…it’s been in my bag for months. It’s hysterical though. It’s got a girl sitting on a donkey on the front that says ” Nothing much happening around here.” Then inside it says…”Just sitting around on my ass and thinking of you.” Hysterical. I just need to actually send it to someone.

Last Indulgence:

Jill: We were home for 16 hours and I made Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownies. Delicious.

Kate: A Vitamix. I LOVE smoothies so having a Vitamix makes it ten times easier to make. They are kind of very pricey…but I see it as an investment in my health…haha…

Last Song That Made Me Rock Out:

Jill: Eye of The Tiger. We were on the Pedal Tavern in Nashville for our friend Ashley’s birthday (it’s a 16 person bicycle-powered party on wheels) and when that song came on we all rocked it out and made it up the giant hill. It was quite a moment.

Kate: “Eyes Wide Open” by Gotye..I was driving by myself. I cranked it up and sang along. Maybe not so “rock out” but still fun!

Last TV Show I Watched:

Jill: Bunheads. It’s my new favorite show. If you liked Gilmore Girls, you have to watch this show. That Amy Sherman-Palladino knows what she’s doing.

Kate: The new Matthew Perry show GO ON. I LOVED IT!!! It’s free on iTunes right now! Check it out.