Ohhhhh Lympics.

Hellllloooo Again.  Jill here. I am currently completely captivated by the Olympics so this will be quick. 

We wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been leaving us comments and messages here and on myspace. We love it and although we can't reply to everything, we really appreciate it and get a kick out of hearing from you guys. 

 A lot of you have been asking about "Finding My Own Way"...It has been recorded and will be released shortly...glad you like it. 

Ok--Commercial break: Does anyone else get as excited as I do about the Olympics? I mean...these guys and girls have been training their butts off for years and years and they are the very BEST at what they do and I just find that very inspirational. How cool for them...and how fun to watch. 

Off to Men's Gymnastics. Lates.

ps: kate says: "hellllllooo Michael Phelps"

she would.