New Year's Eve

You Gotta Know You - Day #31 #31DaysofBlogging

Guys, here it is, the final day December, 2018!  Another #31DaysofBlogging in the books. We hope these blogs have made you smile, made you think, given you hope, encouraged you, made you LOL and maybe, just maybe made you feel less alone during this crazy month called December.

Here’s the thing, in all honesty, most times January 1st rolls around, we feel a sort of relief after blogging every day and then somehow we forget and don’t blog again until March. YIKES. Well, that’s not going to happen this year. We are wanting to make some changes in 2019, and one of them is blogging more often and engaging more in this space with you guys. Who’s HERE FOR IT? We are.


(somehow this became one of our phrases this year: WE HERE...not sure how or why but the walkabout definitely brought it out of us and now we laugh everytime we say it….and by “say it” we mean “yell it.”) We digress, anyway, GOOD news: we are sticking around...don’t un-bookmark this page just yet.

Looking to 2019, one of our major goals is to ENGAGE more. This past year was a super necessary one for both of us -- personally AND professionally. We were running on empty and needed our tanks filled back up...and OUR TANKS DID IT FILL! During the walkabout, we learned so much, and SO many of you have sent us DMs, emails, tweets, and texts asking us really specific questions about what you were going through, and asking for our advice. You guys, we are SO HONORED that you think of us worthy of giving advice….seriously, we do not take that lightly. And answering so many of these DMs/emails got us thinking. We realized that a lot of you are wanting advice/thoughts/ideas in the SAME AREA of life, and we realized that you guys need to know each other more because there are likeminded people all around this “Jill & Kate community.” Which also means that you who DM’ed us about something don’t know that another person also DM’ed us about the EXACT SAME THING…which means that YOU don’t need to feel so alone.

We got thinking some more and decided that our fans need to know each other more. You guys, we are all going through the same thing. We’re not talking about becoming besties, (well, maybe you will!) but there are so many INCREDIBLE people who are a part of this community -- and you guys don’t know each other. So we were like, what if we created spaces for you to connect in smaller groups WITH US. Bringing together likeminded people who are also finding themselves in similar situations.

In 2018, we learned how to live more exciting, intentional, fulfilling lives, and if we can pass along ANY of that information to you, we want to do that!

Anyway, just some ideas to get swirling in your head. Be on the lookout for more ideas like this.

Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with us -- 2018 was an incredible year and we are SO PUMPED for 2019! YOU GOT THIS.


Love you all so much,

Jill and Kate

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A Letter To Yourself

So we started something last year...hopefully we will to do it every year and it will become a New Year's Eve tradition. Who knows...maybe you could start doing it too? On December 31, 2010 we sat down and wrote letters to ourselves and sealed them (with fancy red wax stuff) to open exactly one year later...on December 31, 2011. See exhibit A:

So here we find ourselves. Exactly 365 days later. On the eve of a new year. 2012. Who knows what exciting things this year will hold??

Don't be afraid to set goals because you think you cannot reach them. You can. And even if you don't reach them...trying for them might be better than thinking about them. You can do it. DREAM BIG. BIGGER.

We are excited to open the letters and see what we wrote (we have NO idea...ahaha....memory loss...yikes!)...and YES....we will be writing new letters to open on December 31, 2012...

This post concludes our 31 days of blogging...boy it's been fun...but don't of our goals for 2012 is to spruce up our blog. So stay tuned. Exciting stuff on the horizon.

Please don't drink and drive. Stay alive.

Much love to the bestest friends/fans these girls could ask for.


Winter Accessories

To make it through the cold, bitter winter you need a few are some j&k winter-weather survival tips: 1. Aveeno Intense Repair Cream

This is not for the summer days folks. This stuff is the big guns for under-hydrated winter skin. It has oat essence so it helps calm any pesky dry skin irritations and will leave your skin moist and dreaming of summer.

2. A Warm Scarf

Any scarf will do...but his one Kate's mom handmade for she knit it from scratch!! Warm, cozy & we love the bright pink color...spruces up any drab winter woes. For some reason if your head and neck stay reasonably warm you can generally handle the cold.

3. Hot Chocolate...or really any warm beverage.

Nothing like warming your insides with a nice sugary cup of hot chocolate. Yes and yes.

4. Lip balm

You gotta keep your lips smooth & hydrated....New Years Eve is coming up ;) Nothing worse than chapped, cracked lips. Keep them kissable with Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

5. Flip-Top Glove/Mittens (combined!)

Not sure what the technical name for these is, but they are gloves where your fingers can breathe, but you can flip the mitten over for warmth. Highly functional. Also there are lots of cute options out there. Two thumbs up.

6. Beanie or Ear Cover

Don't think for a second that the ol' j&k are gonna forget our favorite winter accessory: the headpiece. Whether it be a beanie or ear warmer, ear muffs, or any other type of winter can bet it'll be on our heads during these cold months.

Stay warm! Stay hydrated! Beat the winter blues! :)