New Year

You Gotta Know You - Day #31 #31DaysofBlogging

Guys, here it is, the final day December, 2018!  Another #31DaysofBlogging in the books. We hope these blogs have made you smile, made you think, given you hope, encouraged you, made you LOL and maybe, just maybe made you feel less alone during this crazy month called December.

Here’s the thing, in all honesty, most times January 1st rolls around, we feel a sort of relief after blogging every day and then somehow we forget and don’t blog again until March. YIKES. Well, that’s not going to happen this year. We are wanting to make some changes in 2019, and one of them is blogging more often and engaging more in this space with you guys. Who’s HERE FOR IT? We are.


(somehow this became one of our phrases this year: WE HERE...not sure how or why but the walkabout definitely brought it out of us and now we laugh everytime we say it….and by “say it” we mean “yell it.”) We digress, anyway, GOOD news: we are sticking around...don’t un-bookmark this page just yet.

Looking to 2019, one of our major goals is to ENGAGE more. This past year was a super necessary one for both of us -- personally AND professionally. We were running on empty and needed our tanks filled back up...and OUR TANKS DID IT FILL! During the walkabout, we learned so much, and SO many of you have sent us DMs, emails, tweets, and texts asking us really specific questions about what you were going through, and asking for our advice. You guys, we are SO HONORED that you think of us worthy of giving advice….seriously, we do not take that lightly. And answering so many of these DMs/emails got us thinking. We realized that a lot of you are wanting advice/thoughts/ideas in the SAME AREA of life, and we realized that you guys need to know each other more because there are likeminded people all around this “Jill & Kate community.” Which also means that you who DM’ed us about something don’t know that another person also DM’ed us about the EXACT SAME THING…which means that YOU don’t need to feel so alone.

We got thinking some more and decided that our fans need to know each other more. You guys, we are all going through the same thing. We’re not talking about becoming besties, (well, maybe you will!) but there are so many INCREDIBLE people who are a part of this community -- and you guys don’t know each other. So we were like, what if we created spaces for you to connect in smaller groups WITH US. Bringing together likeminded people who are also finding themselves in similar situations.

In 2018, we learned how to live more exciting, intentional, fulfilling lives, and if we can pass along ANY of that information to you, we want to do that!

Anyway, just some ideas to get swirling in your head. Be on the lookout for more ideas like this.

Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with us -- 2018 was an incredible year and we are SO PUMPED for 2019! YOU GOT THIS.


Love you all so much,

Jill and Kate

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Goodbye 2013! (Day #31)

It's hard to believe that another year is coming to an end today. What do you do with 365 days that are done? How do you bundle up a year's worth of memories, heartbreak and joy? It seems like a whirlwind and slow-motion tied together. 2013 was an amazing year. It was the first full calendar year that we spent dedicated to j&k since ending our time singing with Kelly. We learned a lot. We wrote a lot. We cried a lot. We got to meet a lot of our amazing fans ALL OVER THE WORLD. It was seriously magical and a true highlight for us this year. You know, we will never get these days/years back. The things you start and hope and strive only get those beginning stages's all a part of a journey. So we are thankful that you have been a part of ours. And if you weren't a part of it...our story would look thank you for being with us on this.

2013 was also a hard year for us. We lost our William. The bravest, kindest, most amazing soul you'd ever know. God chose to take him home. We still cry and ask why. In every decision we make in our career we still want to ask Will if he thinks it's a good idea. Our hearts broke a certain way this year in a way we have never experienced. He will be missed for a lifetime.

So, how do you hope for better in 2014? What dreams are you setting? How far will you push yourself to reach a goal? Write it down! Each Dec. 31st we each write a letter to ourselves and seal it and open it on the next Dec. 31st. It's crazy to see what goals you set and see what you've accomplished. It's eye-opening to see what mattered 365 days ago and to see if it still matters now. If you set goals and you know EXACTLY how to accomplish them all next year...we have bad news...YOU ARE DREAMING TOO SMALL. Write down one or two things that seem absolutely impossible. Dream big dreams. You never know!!!

Something we are trying to focus on in 2014 is love. How will you love the people around you more?  'Cause in the's not the #1 songs, or the accolades that's love. Sounds cheesy but we think it's true. It's how you love those closest around you. How you love the strangers among us. How we love ourselves. People need love. Simple.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."  Wouldn't that be crazy if we all did that?

Alright. 2013...we say bon voyage. All the mistakes...we're learning from. We are saying goodbye. We are deeming you in the past. All the things we learned...we are taking you with us to 2014.

We hope and pray YOUR 2014 is filled with unimaginable LOVE and light. Hope instead of fear. Lots of accomplishment. Wildest dreams realized.

Let us know what you are hoping for in 2014...we'd love to hear some things from you guys!

MUCH love and GRATEFUL hearts...

jill and kate

PS. 31 Days of Blogging over and OUT. (Can you tell we've been watching New Girl? Schmidt. Out.)



Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

A new year. A new beginning. Lovely. However, just because this grand 31 days of blogging will come to an end...have no fear...blogs will not be obsolete in 2010. Woohoo!! True story.

To kick off the new year, we are listening to you...that's right, you. You've asked and we're going to answer.

We've created an email account just for you, yes you.

We have gotten a few LOTS of letters/messages/comments asking us questions of ALL different colorful sorts and we want to answer., yes you, email us your question before January 7th and we will answer the questions (in no particular order) in upcoming blogs in 2010.

Who's excited? You are. We are.

We have been writing fools the last couple of days. Yes, writing fools. So excited about the new songs. Weeeee!

So that's the dealio.

As 2010 enters in, make some goals for yourself...easy goals. #1 on everyone's goal list should be waking up tomorrow. Haha. Then cross it off your list and you will feel more accomplished. Someone wise once said...lower the bar. Don't make unreachable goals. Push yourself, but not too hard. Haha.

Laugh. Cry. Kick. Scream. Hug. Breathe. Dance. Shine. Love. Risk. Ask. Answer. Pray. Thank. Give. Take. Be.

Thanks so much for coming to the blog, coming to shows, wearing your t-shirts, showing your means the WORLD to us and we are so glad that we get to make music...thanks for listening.

Here's to a New Year with ya'll. 2010, bring it on!!



Blog '08...

What up!?!? Welcome to our new blog. We've decided to get with the times and are going to try to post some videos, pics, etc.... we're sure some of you will keep us in line if we start slacking....=) We welcome it.  We are heading to the studio and are really excited about our new songs... We are enjoying some time off.... Kate went to Chicago for Christmas and got to see her new niece~you can just call her Auntie Kate from now on. I went home to New England.... home of the BEST sports teams in the Worrrrldddddd!!! Go PATS!  It was good to see family and friends and the Atlantic Ocean. =)  Look for a video blog in the next couple days..... stay warm, eat cookies, and play Scattergories. It's a fun game. Thanks for tuning in.  jill&kate
(the picture below is kate and i ringing in 2008 with some friends in Indiana!!)