*Orlando Magic*

Sometimes doing this job, we really have to pinch ourselves...because the other day we got to play a show at Universal Studios...and all day before the show we got to roam around the park go to the front of the line...don't hate us... and ride the rides. It was so fun!

Then the next day a bunch of us got to go to Disney World...the place where magic happens...it was super fun. Boy, by the end of the day we were wiped out! All day on our feet, lots of laughter and a super meet & greet with some famous Disney characters...phew...we all slept well that night :) Here are some pics...

We were affectionately known as the "Blue Team"...we had a cheer and everything. "B-L-U-E...you can't take my team from me...we're BLUE..." Something along those lines...

A little Beauty & the Beast action...how awesome is Kate's loop in her hair? Haha.

Mickey shaped ice cream was delicious!

Kate was the third wheel in the M&M love story.

Overall it was a great day--memories we will keep with us for a lifetime. We have one more show in Florida and then we head to Atlanta. I think we have officially fooled ourselves that winter is over...all this sunny weather...we don't wanna leave the sunshine....