Dr- Quinn

Little House on the Medicine Woman

Oh the simple life. I just finished a book that was set in the late 1800's and OMG I kinda wish I could live like that now. I realize they did not say OMG in the 19th century but still....there is something about that sort of simple life that TOTALLY appeals to me. Living off the land. Living in a tiny cabin with a fireplace. Being surrounded by undisturbed nature. Sounds so peaceful. Ahh...seriously...a time period where men got their muscles from hard work like chopping wood and harvesting wheat...come on!! And a time when women were proud if they had a good set of "birthing hips." And carrying a little extra weight meant a nice layer of fat that would keep you warm during the winter. That's what I'm talking about people. Skinny bitches girls wouldn't make it.

You would rise with the sun and sleep when the sun did too. I love the idea of everyone in a household coming around a fireplace at night. Just hanging together. Singing or storytelling. Simple entertainment. I love the idea of gathering food and eating it that same day. There must have been great satisfaction in that lifestyle.

People wrote letters. Not emails or texts. They took out a quill and ink. It took time and effort to write down your thoughts and feelings. How romantic is that? Don't even get me started on how cute I think those wax seal things are. You know when they'd light a candle, let wax drip down and then push their seal on it. Not gonna lie, I totally have one with a "K" on it and I get giddy like a school girl each and every time I have opportunity to use it. It looks like this:

Now, I realize that back on the Prairie with Dr. Quinn and friends life was not always the shiny version it is in my head...you know, full of romantic courtship and apple pies. But, there is something timelessly romantic about it to me. Women wore petticoats and bonnets. They read by candle or lantern light. Ahhh. Maybe it's my alter ego...I live on the road in a fast paced lifestyle so maybe the other half of me wants to hide out in the wilderness with only my loved ones and God's great big earth. Who knows. Maybe I need a vacation in a cabin. With a fireplace.

Haha. Just to get you in the mood, watch these clips...hahahaaa....they are horribly awesome. I mean come on, travel in a covered wagon? Yes!