Britain, Baggage, and the Biebs.

Some pictures from our recent travels across the pond...

Our flight to London was we flew from Detroit to Paris, then Paris to London...all ending with all of us arriving in London with absolutely zero luggage.

Landing in Paris...what's that you say?

That is the Eiffel Tower in the gray distance...


BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance

Jill rocking the mandolin...

We were up bright & early...Jill running in Regent Park...

So pretty.

Kate running...yes we are those people who say "Take a picture of me running!" Got to document people. Got to document.

Girlie shot on the set of "This Morning"

London London Bridge

This picture should be a whole separate blog. I (kate) wanted to introduce you guys to my new assistant, Kelly. The paparazzi snapped this shot of us getting out of a van going to lunch. Clearly, I look annoyed in this pic because I told her to hold the umbrella six inches above my you can see, she's slacking. She looks kinda scared cause when I get upset I throw my phone at her. I think the next time she'll think about holding the umbrella at the appropriate height.


People tweeted this pic at us with all sorts of snarky comments about how I should be holding the umbrella for Ms. Clarkson...couldn't not play along and have some fun with it :)

Diva's gotta have her watermelon juice.

Soundcheck at Wembley Stadium

Lots of laughter in this van ride. Like, LOTS.

Oh hey Coldplay. *kate dies*

Right before taking the stage after Coldplay...Kate's smile could not have been ANY bigger. She was on iCloud 9.

Performing with Kelly!

Woohoo. Butt shot.

A little "Call Me Maybe" photo with Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber

We sing her song all the time...she is so super sweet!

I'm gonna point at I'm gonna point at you...

Watching the rest of the performers with our gang. Good times.

British breakfast in the London airport before flying home.

When we got home, our friend Reva was in town...she came over and played some of her new songs for us. Perfect end to the trip.

Had a super fun time with y'all at our StageIt show last night! Will post all those fun pics over the weekend.

Off to Canada!!!